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iVCS3 Update

apeSoft updated iVCS3 with an Ableton Link fix for iOS 14. The update also includes a new $2 IAP offering 256 presets by James Edward Cosby.

What's new in iVCS3 v3.4.1:

- New In-App Purchasing: JEC mega-bank of 256 presets. ‘Captivity’… Designed entirely during lockdown.
- Ableton Link Network Permission enabled in iOS 14 and higher

Reader Comments 2

Hi Tim, the other IAPs are indeed on sale, the newest one by James Edward Cosby, ‘Captivity’, isn’t. In the UK it’s listed at £4.99. Totally worth it though, he does very interesting things by employing the sampler module as a source of control voltages.
I watched a video where an older gentleman compares the iVCS3 to a real hardware unit. He's way more impressed at the similarities than I am listening to his experimentation. The real hardware sounds much dirtier and brighter, which I think are good things. Seeing the iVCS3 on sale makes me think again about whether or not I want to risk this thing being for me or not, and I've really come to feel like I need to start getting some real analog hardware to play with, because software is somehow always cleaner and less lively. Everything I do is in digital, so it's not like I'm against digital, I just have come to dislike the low resolution of MIDI in adjusting synth parameters (stepping... once you notice it, you can't stop noticing it) and the lack of really good feedback loops and "lively" distortion.
November 27, 2020  | person dysamoria

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