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moodunits Update

moodunits, from Rob Jackson, was allegedly updated with new electric guitar instruments. Allegedly is journalist speak for, "Fuck man... I don't even know." The App Store is not being very helpful today.

The IAPs are probably there, and they're probably $1 each.

What's new in moodunits v1.4.7:

New electric guitar-based instruments available in the MU Store as IAPs:

• Clean electric guitar with atmospheric twang (CLEANELECTRIC)
• Emotional 'electronic bow' guitar instruments (EMOEBO)
• Evolved 'electronic bow' guitar with effects (EVOEBO)

Hope you like (or are tempted by...) the new instruments! This update also includes some iOS 14.2 specific shenanigans relating to instrument downloads - really sorry if you've been having issues with downloads. -Rob

Developer Rob Jackson used the new guitar sounds on this cover of U2's With or Without You.

Video Description:

I used my E-Bow for some of the new sounds available as In-App-Purchases in the latest 1.4.7 update for moodunits. So...

I had to have a go at (arguably) one of the most famous tracks featuring this amazing gizmo. All the instrument sounds are from moodunits, and with the exception of the bass (moodunits basicbass) and drums (GarageBand 808) all the other parts are from moodunits "clean guitar", "emo ebo" and "evo ebo" - even the string type track, which is actually multiple E-Bow parts with added reverb and modulation.

Hope you like it! Please let me know in the comments.

The 1.4.7 update and new IAPs should be available now(ish)...

Reader Comments 1

Loved this, off to add to my moodunits 😎
November 20, 2020  | person_outline John

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