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Gavinski’s Tutorials: 10+ Cool Things to Do with Klevgrand Skaka

YouTuber Gavinski’s Tutorials explores creative ways to play with Skaka in combination with other apps.

Video Description:

Klevgrand’s Skaka (iPad/desktop) is a really useful sample-based sequencer for shaken instrument sounds, from the shaker and tambourine to the more exotic sounds of the caxixi, calabash and ghungroos. In this video, rather than doing a step-by-step walkthrough as I usually do, I explore ideas for using this creatively with other apps. If you are watching in the first 2 days of release, I have 3 copies of Skaka iOS app to give away - details in the pinned comment in the YouTube comments section. If you find this video useful, please give it a like and consider subscribing. If you would like to show your appreciation, PayPal donations are gratefully received! https://paypal.me/GavinskisTutorials

00:00 Intro
01:36 Pt 1: Using Fugue Machine generative midi as input, using AAS Objeq as a resonator, Delayrium as delay, 4 Pockets Slowmo for tape stop effect.
09:06 Pt 2: Using FAC Envolver to create an envelope from Skaka to modulate NFM synth's parameters. Using Tonality Chord pads to trigger Skaka.
17:47 Pt 3: using MuteMaster to sequence muting effects.
22:42 Pt 4 Using with Gauss to play with speed and reverse fx.
24:49 Pt 5 Using with Looperator
26:05 Pt 6 Using with Dual VCF, Audio Damage Replicant, Bram Bos Perforator. Outro.

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