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Tonality: Piano/Guitar Chords Update

Bryce Hostetler released a huge update to Tonality: Piano/Guitar Chords. Among the many features in here you'll find MIDI input and output, along with some impressive iOS multi-tasking support. Check out the demo video to see the drag-and-drop action!

What's new in Tonality: Piano/Guitar Chords v8.0:

One of the biggest updates yet! As always, if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions feel free to contact me at tonality.app@gmail.com.

+ Split layout for iPad
+ Option to view piano, guitar charts, or piano & guitar on the chord search page
+ Move chord charts to chord info page (one less click to get there)
+ Improved chord/scale recognition algorithms
+ Improved interaction with chord and scale results (piano views now act like chord pads in the results table and highlight the currently playing note)
+ MIDI input and output from the standalone app (in addition to previous support for AUv3)
+ Updated UI, better dark mode
+ Update for iOS 14

+ Guitar support for scales
+ Extremely fast guitar voicing generation, improved default results
+ Barre chord support
+ New fret range selector
+ View note names or intervals on chord charts if desired
+ Choose to view movable voicings only
+ Export chord charts as .png files
+ Chord chart palette – save your favorite voicings for easy access
+ Improved fretboard reverse search
+ Drag and drop support for chords and chord charts – even between main app and AUv3 extensions and vice versa! For example, you can drag chords from the ID audio unit directly onto a chord pad in the Chord Pads audio unit.

Chord Pads:
+ Strum bar: easily play or strum individual notes from a chord pad
+ Quickly alter/extend existing pads in edit mode (swipe down to alter, right to extend)
+ Ability to import/export pad sets
+ Quickly choose chords from suggestions, catalog, or fretboard
+ Ability to set the key for a pad set
+ Multiple velocity modes and curves
+ CC mapping in audio unit - assign a continuous controller to the X and Y axes of each pad
+ Patchstorage integration (download patches directly from the presets menu!)
+ Randomize note on/attack for a more natural sound
+ Drag and drop guitar voicings onto pads directly from palette
+ Use ^ in custom labels to add superscripts
+ Updated GUI
+ Easier scrolling in edit mode
- Fix bug where locked sustain would be deactivated when app is restarted from background
- Stability improvements, especially in AU

Chord/scale AU:
+ Ability to record detected chords and export as .txt/.mid
+ Guitar charts, scale info, and more from standalone accessible in AU
+ Improved lock mode
+ Fullscreen mode
- Stability improvements

+ Much faster response time
+ Improved lock mode
- Fix occasional display glitches on iPad

Circle of Fifths:
+ Better layout
- Fix lags

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