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Dan Baker: Roxsyn - iOS Guitar Synth!

Dan Baker shows off the guitar synth Roxsyn. I need to include a couple of corrections to his blurb in the description. It's spelt Yonac, and it isn't new. The app hasn't even had an update since its release in July 2019.

Video Description:

Here’s the fantastic new guitar synth, the “Roxsyn” by Yonak.

It’s utterly fantastic and there is literally no delay, or lack of tracking - bends and chords are handled with ease, and you get many features, most of which I’ve describe here, but you’ll see more at

In this video, I talk about the main features of the synth, and with demos along the way. There is also AUV3 support here, for use in other apps such as iOS GarageBand. There are memory locations where you can store your sounds, much like you would use on a modern keyboard synth. There’s also a recorder function built in.

The filters sound musical and in no way “digital” or clinical - it does make full use of the sound capabilities of iOS, in addition to supporting many sample rates if audio interfaces are connected.

This app really does bring the amazing invention of the 1950s (solid body electric guitars and basses) into a whole new arena. No longer is it the pretend keyboardist synth for guitars - this is the real deal.

Apologies for the iPad screen recording not working towards the end, but you can hear the results perfectly!

At £0.99, this was a bargain, and (shh....keep it quiet from Yonak), I’d pay ten times this for the app. Very, very good...

10/10 from me, and I hope you’d score it highly too...

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Reader Comments 1

This is one of those apps I forgot I owned. Thanks for reminding me!
October 14, 2020  | person_outline El Jeffe

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