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Roland Zenbeats 2.0 Update

Roland Zenbeats has seen a lot of updates since its release, and they celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the app with the biggest! The update brings the ZEN-Core Synthesis System to iOS! This is the engine behind their recently released Jupiter-X; combining all Roland synthesis techniques into one package.

What's new in Roland Zenbeats v2.0.1:

Zenbeats 2.0 is here!

What's New:
ZC1 Synthesizer brings the power and compatibility of ZEN-Core Synthesis System to Zenbeats (64-bit OS required)
-Includes over 800 tones and 90 MFX (in-app purchase required)

Zenbeats Chorus (in-app purchase required)

Additional Enhancements
New MIDI and Drum Editor improvements
-Simplified MIDI editing with quick functions for adjusting pattern size, time signature and more
-Drum and Instrument patterns can now be up to 64+ bars
-Dedicated menu for quantize, note value features and more
-Quick access to instrument presets, parameters, and channel strip

Updated Track Panels
-Rec Arm behavior: Manually arming a track will now disable arming via track selection.
-Can now record into LoopBuilder cells on multiple tracks simultaneously.
-Added Track Freeze icon to Track Control panel for quick access

Option added for floating plugin windows on iPadOS

Browser Search: Can now search presets, track templates and more.

Store Enhancements: New search and filter options for instrument packs

Reader Comments 4

That demo tune was awful.
September 25, 2020  | person Re5etuk
The demo's final part sounds aphextwinnish a lot, that contrast with previous half time part. Well worth a smile.
The app still not available in Russia. I'm curious, what evil plan Roland have while doing that?
September 25, 2020  | favorite_border eVr
I tried this app. Hated the UI. Deleted it. Won’t being trying it again. Also, all these apps claiming to be free by requiring a ton of IAPs to really do much pisses me off.
September 26, 2020  | person dysamoria
Everyone here probably got the free iOS unlock offered last March so you can see for yourself, but I find this to be a full featured DAW with a fast and flexible clip arranger which lets you record your performance to audio or the timeline for further editing. The ZC1 Synthesizer adds a fourth synth engine and which seems to be a preset player having very minimal parameter control with the V2 unlock giving more presets and access to effects that look to only apply to the synth engine and not track effect inserts. The synth unlock might be fine for those who have already invested in the Roland Zen synth environment where you could transfer over presets you have made in other applications or bought from Roland cloud, but for me already having the V1 unlock the V2 unlock doesn't add much. As a first iOS DAW though $10 is a decent price, especially if you have a few choice AUv3 synths and effects you can use with it.
September 27, 2020  | favorite_border Laarz

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