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Let's Play with Electric Vintage

I love apeSoft but the last two apps did not excite me. I reported Accordion Vintage as a crime against humanity, and frankly ignored Electric Vintage. I just don't like Accordions or Fender Rhodes. I was planning on doing something with an effects app this week and needed a sound source. I saw Electric Vintage in my unused app list and decided to give it a shot. I was completely blown away.

Electric Vintage is capable of so much more than just a boring emulation of the classic Rhodes!

Video Description:

This is an unexpected Let's Play for me, because I hate the Fender Rhodes Piano sound. Fortunately, and surprisingly, apeSoft's Electric Vintage lets us go far beyond the classic into insane new territory!

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Reader Comments 10

I really love electric piano sounds, especially Rhodes, Pianet, and Wurlies.

A Rhodes has such a nice transition between a gentle soft bell like sound, then gradually morphs into a growling "bark" that is surprisingly musical. The dynamic range is limited, so it sits "up" in your mix, and most of the expressiveness comes from the timbral changes.

Another thing is that (to me) all chords, even weird-ass ones, just sound better with a Rhodes than with most other sounds. It's just makes chords sound so cool and deliberate.

Thanks for this demo. Definitely will pick this up!
September 24, 2020  | favorite_border stub
On ApeSoft apps, there's this symbol, a bowl-shaped semi-circle with two dots above, one dot below and an angle in the center. Can someone explain the significance of this symbol? (Maybe it's obvious?)
September 24, 2020  | favorite_border stub
A good way to get a "read" on the essence of a reverb is to turn it up, make it long, and play a hard short chord. Listen to how the wash sounds. Listen for diffuse delay taps, listen for complexity. Does it cycle through the same "shape" over and over, or does it have a random element that makes it feel more like a real space. I'd imagine a modern reverb to be like a convolution of a real space, and vintage to be like a lexicon algorithmic reverb.
September 24, 2020  | favorite_border stub
I just got this EP and the accordion one, too.

The EP sounds fantastic! Even just as a pure sample set, it's really well done. I counted 8 velocity switched layers! IMHO, that strikes a perfect balance of having very smooth transitions of dynamics without breaking the bank as far as app size.

For the accordion, I'm hearing 4 velocity layers which sounds more than sufficient since the timbre change is a little less dramatic than on an EP. There are even little samples that play when you switch the reed banks on/off. That's a nice touch. I think with a breath controller connected, it'll be pretty easy to get a nice accordion flavor. There's a switchable amp envelope, which is a nice touch.
September 24, 2020  | favorite_border stub
Stub is right about Rhodes and chords. Rhodes sounds are my choice when working out chord progressions, although I seldom use them in a track.
September 25, 2020  | person Roikat
On September 24, 2020 - @stub said:
On ApeSoft apps, there's this symbol, a bowl-shaped semi-circle with two dots above, one dot below and an angle in the center. Can someone explain the significance of this symbol? (Maybe it's obvious?)

That symbol enables and access the LFO.
Thanks, @Philandering Bastard

I was curious why it looks like that. Maybe there's some electronics symbol for an oscillator component?
September 26, 2020  | favorite_border stub
It might be worth revisiting the accordion app. It makes some pretty interesting sounds. I like everything this dev makes.
September 26, 2020  | person_outline Aaron
With both the accordion and the EP, I would have assumed a mediocre sample set and some synth capabilities. But I was dead wrong. Really impeccable samples, and clever/versatile synth capabilities.

What I want ApeMatrix to make is an upright bass.
September 27, 2020  | favorite_border stub
Thank you Tim for having demoed this fab-app. that I bought right after your video. And of course I bought the Accordion too because I deciphered the hidden message. To my ears, these are the best apps from this dev after ApeMatrix
September 29, 2020  | person_outline Hg

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