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Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Update

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro was updated with MIDI export and iOS 14 fixes.

Contest: mDecks sent over 5 copies for me to give away! Winners will receive Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro, and they'll also receive codes to unlock all of the IAPs! Comment here for a chance to win. Winners will be selected randomly on Thursday.

Contest closed! Congratulations to Matthebobcat, thepinkelefant, RAIN, jimhanks, and Dumle23!

What's new in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro v8.4.1:

Export voicings as MIDI. Works on iOS14 iPad & iPhone.
Bugs fixed in the editor (insert beat, delete beat)

mDecks posted this demo of the new Stage Mode and Playing Cursor in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 8.

Contest Entries 24

I'd like to spend some time with this app and learn its voodoo.
September 23, 2020  | person chellman
Oh Tim, I would love to get codes for all the IAPS.
I already have purchased the app but I'm so broke I can't afford purchasing those IAPS.
I found out they are essential to use the app- if you play Jazz, that is.
Oh well, I'll cross my fingers -really hard.
Cheers from France, JB
September 23, 2020  | person JB
This is a very interesting APP, even if I asked more an more times to developer to implement MIDI OUT ..that would be a great feature. He replied it will be done but I'm waiting since 2 years now..
September 23, 2020  | stars Dumle23
Interested. Thanks Tim.
It would be nice to get just the IAPs. Perhaps you could approach the developer and see if they'll throw in some IAP codes a la carte.
September 23, 2020  | favorite_border stub
I’m a certified jazz snob
September 23, 2020  | person B.Skaigh
This is just beyond me. I need to go to music college.
September 23, 2020  | person Charlie
I could live a little better with the myths and the lies
When the darkness broke in, I just broke down and cried
September 23, 2020  | favorite_border Laarz
Looks interesting but so complicated ! Hopefully the workflow is simpler ..would love to take it for a spin
September 23, 2020  | stars thepinkelefant
Ok, this looks -- and sounds -- fun!
September 23, 2020  | person Digger162
Count me in for this one, please. I can always learn something new.
September 23, 2020  | favorite_border aufde
In to win for the IAPs
September 23, 2020  | stars jimhanks
I would love to try this!
September 23, 2020  | person Teg Ylow
Hey hey! Thanks for the chance Tim! Useful stuff, it seems, most of all for jazz musician, who is just starting or wannabe, alike.
September 23, 2020  | favorite_border eVr
Hi Tim !

I’m super fond of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro and I would love to get the IAPs (jazz jazz jazz).
I’m super fan of Discchord too, my reward after a day’s work.

Cheers from Marseille !
September 23, 2020  | person Dandibot
Looks like a winner! Hope I'm one too.
September 23, 2020  | person Shamanmoon
This is a great app.
Bought it months ago (at a discount). Still finding it quite confusing. Will watch some of the more recent videos, as there might be more to this app than this weird approach to harmony.
So I’m here for the IAPs.

Please, random number generator! I’ve been good to you!
September 23, 2020  | favorite_border Enkerli
First comment, hope I’ll be Lucky!!
September 24, 2020  | stars Matthebobcat
This is a really great app. It's useful for auditioning diatonic harmonies with extensions. I haven't used it lately because I'm trying to learn non-diatonic harmonic concepts that this app isn't designed for. I wasn't aware there were IAPs, so I'll have to check whether those seem useful.
September 24, 2020  | person Roikat
This looks like several steps up from iReal, which is already awesome
September 24, 2020  | person moomism
September 24, 2020  | stars RAIN
Amazing app. Any help I can get understanding music theory is most welcome.
September 24, 2020  | person kden
I’m in, looks interesting. Although it being Thursday now I’m likely too late.
September 24, 2020  | person Stacy Puckett

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