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Fortamento Update

Fortamento, from Yuri Laskin, was updated with the ability to lock chords and melodies. This allows you to browse through different chord progressions, while maintaining your current melody. Or you can go in the other direction and work on a melody for a locked progression.

Contest: I have 5 copies of Fortamento up for grabs. Comment here for a chance to claim one. Winners will be selected randomly Wednesday morning.

Contest closed! Congratulations to Saint Rider, Charlie, The other Brian, Speeder11252, and eVr!

What's new in Fortamento v1.4:

- New ability to lock chords or melody allows new use cases such as:
- Browsing through different chord progressions for an existing melody
- Coming up with a melody (or multiple melodies!) for a given chord progression
- Using Fortamento as a chord generator
- Minor algorithm improvements

Contest Entries 16

Comment comment :-)
Count me in please Tim!
August 04, 2020  | person Bob
Looks like an interesting app! Thanks.
August 04, 2020  | person antkn33
Looks pretty cool. Thank you, Tim. How's it going?
August 04, 2020  | person MikeV
Looks like a cool app. Musical idea generating apps are always good for breaking you out of a funk.
August 04, 2020  | person Baz
Thanks for the draw. Great stuff from Russian programmers!
August 04, 2020  | stars eVr
Cool app! I want this)
August 04, 2020  | stars Saint Rider
I’m curious about this app. Sign me up!
August 04, 2020  | person chellman
chords, progressions... all of us could use this
August 04, 2020  | person circuitbender
Could benefit from 9th and 13th chord variations and the whole thing as an AU plugin would be great. But still looks promising and really quite useful, nice.
August 04, 2020  | person Polyphonix
It looks promising
August 04, 2020  | stars Speeder11252
Why am I compelled to win !
August 04, 2020  | stars Charlie
I can't go on. I'll go on.
This looks like it would be fun!
I’m in. Hope you’re doing well Tim.
August 05, 2020  | person synfiniti

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