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Flynth by Fingerlab

Flynth is a new synth app from Fingerlab; the developers of DM1, Playset, and many others. Flynth is a 3 oscillator subtractive synth with a Moog-style Ladder Filter. The app is free to try, but requires a $5 IAP to unlock all of the features and presets. Flynth arrives with Audiobus, AUv3, and is Universal.


Flynth is the new versatile and intuitive synthesizer by Fingerlab, designed for musicality and easy use.
From Lead to Bass through Organs or Pads, Flynth has a large sound range and can do pretty lot.
Browse all its factory presets to get a preview of all its sonic capabilities.
If you prefer, just tweak the knobs and combine parameters to create brand new sounds, possibilities are endless.
Also you can use your favorite keyboard with MIDI, or load Flynth AudioUnit in your favorite DAW.
Finally, turn on the Arpeggiator, add some FXs, and your are ready to record a track using the build-in live recording module.

Flynth is an universal purchases, meaning once you bought it, you got it for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

In Flynth free version, you will get only 12 factory presets and some features are locked (see * in features list).
Get the « Full Version » IAP to get all the factory presets and all features unlocked.

• 6-voice polyphony
• 6 octaves
• 3 Oscillators (Sine/Triangle/Square/Sawtooth + Pulse Width + Sub)
• ADSR Envelope editor
• Low-pass Filter (MoogLadder) with ADSR envelope editor
• Vibrato
• 2 configurable LFOs
• Create your own preset*
• 80 Factory presets*
• Build-in Arpeggiator*
• 3 FXs (Distortion, Delay, reverb)*
• Live recording + export*
• Full Midi support
• AudioBus & IAA support
• AudioUnit support* (IAP required for LFOs)

Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback and requests at contact@fingerlab.net

We hope you’ll enjoy!

Stay tuned
FIngerlab team

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room explored Flynth in his latest live stream!

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Why ?
July 29, 2020  | person_outline Peter
Buying apps through IAP is a non-starter for me. Also, like the person above me said: why?
July 29, 2020  | person dysamoria
At first I thought, "YASS" (yet another subtractive synth) and "BOGYL" ("but ours gives you less")

In the case of Fingerlab, I was going to cut them some slack. With DM-1, it's an intuitive and quick drum machine, but the sound quality and pro features aren't there.

I was going to assume that Fingerlab's concept with this was to bring something user friendly to the synth world. Perhaps they have done this. I listened to a short demo vid. Was that a bunch of aliasing I heard? Or are there lots of presets with a sub-oscillator on? Sounded pretty unpleasant to me.

On the plus side, they appear to offer a Mac OS version of the synth so you MAY be able to share patches between them.

This option of a free app with an IAP to unlock is one of the ways a developer can give you an actual DEMO. The only other option Apple provides is refunds, and that's not so reliable, is it?

I'd be curious if Apple could one day offer an "App Trial Buffer"-- so you have options to Buy or Try -- you click Try, and it loads the app into RAM-- and you can mess with it for some interval of time. Perhaps the developer can decide: 15/30/60 minutes, OR indefinitely (user clicks out), OR until screen sleeps. Also the developer could set up: user can demo up to X times, or reset demo count with each update.
Yeah, I actually like this sales model, Sugar Bytes do it as well. Download an app, see if you like it and then pay for the full version. That being said, please not another subtractive synth.
On July 30, 2020 - @Philandering Bastard said:
That being said, please not another subtractive synth.

I don't even necessarily begrudge developers making lots of subtractives-- but at least they could ask themselves before they even start: "Why am I making YASS? What will my my synth different, better?
I guess this would be a great synth to learn how to use a synthesizer... I would have loved this when I started out and would recommend it to anyone else just starting out. it is clear, nicely laid out, you can see the envelope shape and the buttons move to you can see what/how the LFOs are modulating.

But it sounds so... boring... zzzz

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