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Wotja Pro 20: Generative Music Update

Intermorphic Ltd. released a major update to Wotja Pro 20 adding a lot of new programming options. The update includes a ton of new "rules" for how the generative music maker generates music!

What's new in Wotja Pro 20: Generative Music v20.7.0:

NEW FEATURE: Support for Mix-level Rules that can be used by *all* Cells, making it quick and easy change how a mix sounds.
NEW FEATURE: 30 extra “Standard Rule” Scale Rules (see Rules > Scale Rule > Action > Use Standard Rule value) e.g. Chord Minor 6th, Chord Suspended fourth etc.
NEW FEATURE: Mix rules editor table now shows Mix-level rules (the first is always called Default).
NEW FEATURE: Cell/Generator rules editor bottom table split into two sections to show both the Cell rules and the Mix Rules.
NEW FEATURE: Mix-level Scripts are now supported and they allow a mix to be remixed while playing.
NEW FEATURE: Cell-level Rhythm Rule “default” settings added to provided symmetry with the new Mix-level rules.
NEW SCRIPT FUNCTIONS: Added various new script functions (with example usages)
- mixCellObjectParameterSet
- mixCellObjectParameterGet
- mixParameterSet
- mixParameterGet
- mixVolumeSet
- mixVolumeGet
- mixTrackVolumeSet
- mixTrackVolumeGet
- mixTrackPanSet
- mixTrackPanGet
NEW SCRIPT METHODS: Scripting API methods related to looping and mixing
- mixColumnLockSet(columnIndex)
- mixColumnLockGet()
- mixTrackCellLoopSet(trackIndex, columnIndex)
- mixTrackCellLoopGet(trackIndex)
- mixTrackRuleGet(trackIndex)
- mixTrackRuleSet(trackIndex, ruleValue)
NEW SCRIPT METHODS: Scripting API methods that allow mix-level scripts to query objects owned by cells (e.g. “Generator”, Rules...)
- mixObjectParameterGet
- mixObjectParameterSet
- mixObjectNameGet
- mixObjectIndexGet
- mixObjectCountGet
- mixCellObjectNameGet
- mixCellObjectIndexGet
- mixCellObjectCountGet
IMPROVED: Mixes and Albums/Playlists are now displayed in separate areas (Documents).
IMPROVED: Rule editor Action menu items replaces rename/cut/copy/paste/delete buttons.
IMPROVED: Rule editor Action menu item to replace current rule value with “Standard Rule” value.
IMPROVED: All templates where previously referencing “Default” rules now instead reference the new “Mix Default” rules.
IMPROVED: Added “Use Standard Pop-Up Menus” option to Settings on iPad (it may solve a rare issue with unresponsive menus).
IMPROVED: Added support to open Noatikl .partikl files.
FIXED: Crash that would occur if mix file path were very large (> 255 bytes)
FIXED: Several scripting related bugs.
FIXED: Allow Rules to be deleted/cut, except Mix Default rule which cannot be deleted/cut/renamed.
- wj20/Cell Triggers/onImeBar.wotjascript
- wj20/Generator Triggers/onImeBar.wotjascript
- imeObjectParameterGet, which wasn’t working for “Cell” objects (where you shouldn’t have to provide an index)
- Renamed imeMixElapsedPercentGet -> imeCellElapsedPercentGet
- Renamed “Cell Triggers” to “Cell and Mix Triggers”
- Renamed “Cell Cookbook” to “Cell and Mix Cookbook”
- Updated list of default Scale rules that are presented in the Rule editors and Mix Cookbook scripts
- Various Cell and Mix Cookbook / Trigger examples
OTHER: Various other minor improvements and bug fixes.

If anything is not working right then please do get in touch via our Help Page 'Contact Us' options.

P.S. Enjoying Wotja? Please do leave or update a positive review and rating - your love means so much to us! Thank you :).

Reader Comments 3

this could be such a great app, but unfortunately the developers change their prices (for the inscription version) way too often. this alternative here- if you want to have an up-to-date version- to buy the „1 year app„ for 20 dollars every year is just a rip off.
July 16, 2020  | person_outline NoMoLo
Hmm, that is a strong sentiment :(, especially as some users have an opposite view saying things like "the price is way cheap, for the use I'm getting out of it". You are of course entitled to your opinion but there are options to use Wotja to suit any budget, starting with FREE. if you want the facts about what is involved, what has/has not changed and what the options are then have a look at this FAQ: https://intermorphic.com/help/#faq-wotja-pricing.
July 18, 2020  | person_outline Developer

Wotja certainly isn't an instrument designed for the masses. But for those of us who like programming generative music, there is nothing that compares and to price is very reasonable for all they say it does and what you can push it do!

It's not a rip off... it's just not something for you. It would be a rip off if they told you it did one thing and didn't deliver. Everything they say is in there... is in there!

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