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Undulator by Eventide

Eventide released Undulator, a elaborate new tremolo effect from their H3000 effects processor! Undulator's signal chain includes feedback with detuned echoes through Amplitude and Frequency Modulation. Undulator can be used standalone or in IAA and AUv3 hosts.


Undulator is Eventide’s classic modulated tremolo effect from the iconic H3000 effects processor. This unique, rhythmic effect combines ethereal feedback and detuned echos, run through an AM / FM modulated tremolo. Whether used for manipulating samples or adding movement to strings, pads, guitars, and keys, Undulator is a muse for creative musicians. Add Undulator into your plug-ins collection for the most playable tremolo-style effect on your DAW or iOS device.

Undulator excels at evolving pads, sync’d chops, and time-lapsing dreamy soundscapes. Combined with a multi-tap delay and powerful tremolo, Undulator’s controls give any sound sustain and shape. This is perfect for transforming ordinary synths, keys, guitars, and even vocals into evolving pads, tempo synced production elements, or ethereal and fluctuant delays. Simply put, Undulator can make shorter sounds into longer layered effects, and give sustaining sounds shape and rhythmic character.

Use the Ribbon to morph tremolo patterns into vacillating and varying rhythmic territories. This can be effective for calling attention to synth pads and creating a state of flux or rarity which is otherwise arduous to achieve.

- Turn up the MIX to increase the dry/effect ratio
- Utilize multiple modulation waveform shapes and sources to alter the rhythmic feel
- Subtly finesse detuning of delays by using SPREAD
- Add FEEDBACK to accentuate delays or create infinite loops
- The Secondary LFO determines how fast the depth and speed modulation “wiggle” their targets
- Lock the tremolo to tempo using SYNC
- RETRIG at the top of the waveform for a more predictable effect
- RIBBON lets you ‘play’ the effect in real-time and provides dynamic and fluid control to morph back and forth between the settings of your choice
- SLOW/FAST button toggles on a “Slow LFO” mode. Holding it down to “BRAKE” temporarily slows down the LFOs at a constant rate until released
- Update the tremolo speed in real time using the TAP button
- iOS version available on App Store works as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 plug-in, or Inter-App Audio effect

YouTuber Gavinski’s Tutorials did a very timely demo of the new app!

Reader Comments 53

On another site, I saw a notice from Eventide's spokesperson to SonicState:

"Eventide Audio is committed to supporting the fight against systemic racism and violence. We hope that you will join us by listening, learning, and taking action. We embrace diversity and seek equality, justice, inclusion, and dignity for all. We stand in unity with the Black community and will take action by donating to organizations that support justice and social change. Eventide will be donating 100% of the proceeds of the Undulator desktop plug-in to the Equal Justice Initiative & NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund."

I will be picking up the iOS version, but might just to ahead and get the desktop version to support their efforts (and get a cool plugin in the offing).
Ah man was about to pick this ho hum plugin to support Eventide but then I saw thanks to the above post that they’re political now. Thus I won’t be supporting Eventide till All Lives Matter. Maybe when they come off their high horse. It’s a pity when music companies become political, and my dollars are right now supporting Goya’s canned foods instead of Eventide.
July 14, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
On July 14, 2020 - @Metalizer said:
Ah man was about to pick this ho hum plugin to support Eventide but then I saw thanks to the above post that they’re political now. Thus I won’t be supporting Eventide till All Lives Matter. Maybe when they come off their high horse. It’s a pity when music companies become political, and my dollars are right now supporting Goya’s canned foods instead of Eventide.

Yo, dude. You realize that saying you “won’t support Eventide til All Lives Matter” is political also, right? I’m not gonna try to educate you on what BLM actually means, because if you don’t get the concept by now you ain’t gonna get it.
Eventide: Recognizing systematic racism, tries to make the world better.

@Metalizer: Says, "There's no racism problem."

Sit down.
So I'm guessing, Metalizer, that since you're only an "All Lives Matter" kind of woman, you also find it politically unsavory to wear a mask while in public.

As this is most likely the case, ma'am, I'll simply share with you the same comment I make to others I see in public not wearing a mask:

"Hey, nice "mask!"

"Hope you die!"
July 14, 2020  | person_outline Scott

"We embrace diversity and seek equality, justice, inclusion, and dignity for all."

What part of "all" are you struggling with? (Wait, don't tell me.)
Michigan man refused service for not wearing mask stabs customer, is fatally shot by deputy - NBC News
July 14, 2020  | person_outline Scott
_Don't Feed The Bears_

I was agreeing with The MeNtalizer. Then he had to stick in his big "but" head-first again. So, up until the first "but" he and I can find some "common ground" on this Eventide app. Maybe, TW can find a better video that runs thru the presets more creatively. That said, let's not pull a Neville Chamberlin here every time a reactionary post-conservative posts. The best way to manage systemic racists is to go full Winston Churchill on their pink arses when you have the 'resources' ready to see the campaign through to victory. Otherwise, 'shut-up' and play your cards close to the vest. For me this is his second and last strike. Why? their arguments originate from their emotions. Their hate and fear is impervious to reason or logic. They only respond to what they respect. Force. Observe how your logic and reason, however exquisite, is ignored? That's your clue, take it (if MeNtalizer is having a good laugh reading this, then yes, he will respond to what I wrote, don't fall for it)!

Does it sound like MeNtalizer has upped his syntax game this time? Maybe it is his Troll-Master or older brother is working the flame-thrower this time? Upped the Ritalin dosage maybe? Who gives a flying fuck really? Vote in November, if you can, cuz it's about the Power. In the meantime, let's learn from their "Reactionary Minds." Learn and deploy their tactics the same way they Jiujitsu the political tactics of their adversaries. They do this over and over again, if it means the difference between winning and losing in their zero-sum mindset, they will readily adopt the tactics of their opponent. Those who are obsessed with the Ends will repeatedly get pawned by those who are agnostic about the Means. Pay attention to the incredible speed the Republican Party elite jettisoned fifty years of 'values' if it meant the difference between losing power or holding onto power! They, the old conservative/post-conservative reactionary mind obsessed with gaining and holding onto power and privilege, has been doing this for centuries! So smarten up guys. Get the POWER. Then demand it be used. Don't tolerate another milk-toast establishment administration that may have noble intentions but lacks the fight to get things done and refuses to adjust it's tactics despite repeatedly getting pawned.
July 14, 2020  | person Crowfly
Can we trust statistics? African Americans are some where over twice as likely to be killed by the police per capita than European Americans. Also over 20% of African Americans live below the poverty line as opposed to around 10% of European Americans. This is an obviously great disparity. We all agree crime and violence go up in poverty stricken communities, but I could not find any statistics regarding death from police by race in poor communities, although that would be a better test sample than the entire population of the US. The BLM movement though is concerned with the disparity of death by police as it has been so far statistically compiled and published. But this is a grim disparity to point out, because it implies that if the percentages of death by police were more equal to the percentages of the general population by race, then there wouldn’t be an issue to protest. So if more people of other ethnicities were killed by the police then it would be evened out. Problem solved? Of course less African Americans killed is the right answer. But if the current number of deaths of African Americans by police were to reflect that reduction in the here and now, around 130 people instead of around 200, and the current disparity was still apparent with overall deaths around 650 rather than 1000 per year, the issue would still exist. So what is the consensus on there being too many deaths by police overall? What is the base line of normal number of deaths by police? It is true that the response of all lives matter is a reactionary distraction, but BLM’s concern with the disparity of death represented in their own race does not explicitly express a call for a reduction in the number of deaths by police overall, even though the social changes it has helped to initiate may eventually reflect that in the end.
July 15, 2020  | person_outline Bret
@crywolf well at least your post is entertaining and I love your Imagination with the Jujitsu here. This tells me that you’re genuinely creative and might have half decent music to offer. After all, that’s what we’re here for essentially. Yeah, I don’t like the way USA is headed and the movie Idiocracy comes to mind. Artists are usually expected to be lefties, but somewhere we have to responsible when the Left is headed for full blown Stalinism with their cancel culture, doxxing, and just open blackmail with looting and anarchy. Order, gentlemen.
July 15, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
I just can't wait until November when all the retardican (R) snowflake pussy girls go crying back to their apocalyptic bomb shelters to hide in fear for the next eight years.

The horror!


Liddell Lying Donnie Dumbass is history due to his incapability to have even a monicum of compassion for anyone but his pathetic demented self.

"So sad!!! So very, very, unfair!"

A pathetic excuse of a human being...
July 15, 2020  | person_outline Scott
shut all up you hypocrite americans! what is this „all lives matter vs black lives matter“ stupidity about anyway? just fuck racists and make art! please dont play those retarded moralist games (who is the biggest victim who is good and who is bad-blablaba) and dont pretend all these companies are angels now when they just jump on the train of selling stuff by adjusting to their customer‘s zeitgeist ;)
July 15, 2020  | person_outline NoMoLo
@metalizer: where do you see anything like a full blown stalinism? where is this so called left or „anarchist“ danger? at the moment there are only right wing politicians and dictators destroying our societies all around the world..
July 15, 2020  | person_outline NoMoLo
@nomolo Aber leider , das ist USA jetzt mit Kancel Kultur. Vernichtung auf Der Jura, historiche monuments, und mehr. Gleich diese Brandenburger Tor am feur bei Anarchists. Das ist USA leider jetzt. Die Linke terroriste Sind hier in die groß stadten des USA. Eine richtige katostrophe höfnen hier heute. Wir Sind immer gegenteil Marxismus, SDP, und Sozializmus. Entschuldigung für mein Deutsch. War ein langes zeit wann ich war da.
July 15, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
@Metalizer: Hi. Glad you are back and took the hint, or was it bait? Anyway. The BLM morphing into ALM is a 'classic' reactionary post-conservative tactic. It, like most conservative thought, actually requires little or no imagination to unwind. Establishing a simple timeline of events will reveal the 'truth' of the "Jiujitsu". "Reactionary minds", as a mode of Thinking, as I'm using it here, shouldn't be interpreted as nothing but an insult. Some "creatives", as in individuals that do not fear the new or the "other", are perfectly capable of being "reactionary" thinkers, but, more likely are merely mimicking temporarily it when conditions require. The response to any minority/'other' group that threatens the thing post-conservatives care most about, namely power and privilege and holding on to it, would be the same for the most part. This time it is BLM. Next time who knows. Could just as well be ALM (of course, in our current circumstances, ALM is really WLM, where "All" is just Racists trying not to scare away more of the constituency, White Suburban Women, stampeding for the exits of the Trump post-conservative Republican Party make-over) being countered with BLM. For all I know, that probably happened, or something close to it, many times in the history of our species. I'd have to imagine white holders of large tracts of farm land in parts of Africa would probably claim so today. Forget about the colors and reduce (Reductionism, the most powerful mode of thinking our species has refined yet for the acquisition of knowledge, or, do you think 747s, Polio vaccines, and Moon landings are imaginary too?) the 'problem-domain' to it's simplest. What remains? Homo sapiens struggling over POWER amongst themselves. Bronze-age Europe is full of mass-graves and more are found ever faster each year. So let's be real or what's the point? The polite phrase then for "what remains" in America would be Party Politics, although, just "politics" suffices usually. Another way to appreciate the conservative-mindset is to review the archeologic papers documenting sites where our ancestor sat and knapped the exact same stone and bone tools for hundred's of thousands of years without change. That IS the conservative-mindset! Guess what? It is a part of all of us! No escaping that. Obviously, it had survival value evolutionarily speaking as long as 'conditions' were very stable. When times become uncertain, that same advantage, may rapidly become a profound liability. We have at least two population bottlenecks coming perilously close to extinction in our past. The most recent being a mere ~70k years ago. We have survived as a species because we have alternative mind-sets other than the conservative to draw upon. Sadly, Metalizer is a pathologic expression of conservative-mindset Thinking.

I'm really not writing this for The MeNtalizer. I write to throw out a different way for some that might be interested in understanding "what went wrong with Republicans/Conservatives?" we hear so often lately. If you think about what I wrote here and above you might realize that NOTHING "went wrong!" Their mind-set is doing what it has always done. The shocking speed with which the conservatives threw away many of the iconic values they professed to hold for about 50 years before November 2016 is typical of Homo sapiens when they feel their power and privilege is under threat. What makes the post-conservative so dangerous is we are actually in a period of rapid change again that demands flexible minds and responses.

Again, Metalizer's grammar and syntax is laughable for someone born and raised in America. Whatever he may claim to the contrary, English, is his second language. Metalizer, please up your game as I'm getting bored with you lack of sophistication. Try harder. Now here is an example of a reactionary response to the common digital attacks democracies face today: Firewall your country like our enemies do their's! Sometimes we "Creatives" must learn from our enemies, and quickly. A better movie to understand the ultimate threat The MeNtalizer's pose democracies is the original _Starship_Troopers_ directed by Paul Verhoeven. If it is new to you, just watch it, then, read the critical analysis to see how much you understood the first time through. If that is to big an ask then go to podcast episode #436 - Consider the Lobster, link below, for a pretty humorous current analysis that'll get you up to speed:


Time to smarten up folks. Playtime is over. Your people are already dying. "Would you like to know more":
Movie Clips (sorry, no gore):
;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5eIHxkLqyU
July 15, 2020  | person Crowfly
Ya'll are getting crazy in here over a post for a fucking effect.

While I personally disagree with Metalizer's sentiment, and frankly his context, he is free to express his opinion here without being attacked for it. You can share your counter opinion, if you must... again this is a post about an app, but please do not be disrespectful towards one another.
@Metalizer: sorry, but your German must have been pretty bad already when you were in Germany the last time. I don’t understand a single sentence of yours. And being a German, I guess I probably should?
Maybe you should try to get your thoughts straight before you post some nonsense?
July 15, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
I'm just gonna go over the Eventide and buy a ton of stuff now.
Sorry Tim, but you posted your comment while I was writing mine :-)
July 15, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
@eatcrow well you obviously were an intellectual at some point in your life, maybe when Starship Troopers was released, one of my fav movies, till you traded it to become a Bernie Bro. I do believe in the Polio vaccine... Moon landings too! Both the left and right have their share of loonies and Christians, though quite a few are right here. All lives matter. Even your’s!
July 15, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
July 15, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
Hahaha Tim!

Just like a typical day on the Audiobus Forum, eh???

I'll take the high road here and let things be. I just really get tired of people in the rest of the world caring about someone other than themselves and wearing a damn mask, while American Troglodytes view wearing a mask as an affront to their "constitutional rights.

They abide by the "no shoes, no shirt, no service" mantra, but add a mask and they go ballistic (sometimes literally)!

You can't go out in public nude without getting arrested, so why is wearing a stupid little mask such a huge affront to your freedom?

Anyway, back on topic, I'm not purchasing this pedal. If you add-up the cost of all the Eventide iOS releases thus far, you're well on the way to owning an H-9 Max.

Just spring for the damn pedal and save yourself hundreds of dollars...
July 15, 2020  | person_outline Scott
Crowfly, sorry to put a fly in your ointment, but I saw an artist activist friend of mine in a march a few years back when the saying first came out. She had a banner that said black lives matter along with various other skin colors mattering and also prominently all lives matter. She has recently put up a painting in the studio with the words white silence is violence. I think she would now be reluctant to bring that older sign back out though, because now the saying all lives matter is seen as an attack. And it is, except when it isn’t. We are taught to uphold the unalienable right to life. So black lives matter because we already know all lives matter, and it doesn’t make one a reactionary racist to think that. The problem is, as good as the value statement of black lives matter is, it is an easy target to be parodied. Unfortunately the branding now is too big to get an update.
July 15, 2020  | person_outline Bret
I guess. My uncle crewed in a B-17 over Nazi Germany and survived WWII. Hard to imagine the hell-fires he unleashed. Never was quite right after that I was told. IDK. Nazi's were trying to kill my ancestors so I don't much cotton to their kind. But being a good dose of German stock myself I try to separate the Man from the Uniform, from the symbols, from the Deathhead insignia, but that doesn't mean I'll sit back and allow that sort of shit to get a foothold in the land my ancestors, on my Mother's side, have fought for and in for damn near two centuries. What my Dad did in WWII and the Korean, you know, the country shit for brains POTUS was exchanging "Love letters" with its fucking murderous dictator, ain't nobodies fucking business unless I decide otherwise. In the last 50 years at least two close relatives spent time defending free-Germany against Communist invasion. WTF my Grandfather on my mother's side had to have his life interrupted for by old pompous muttonchops Bismarck may be a mystery to ignorant little Trumpster ditto-heads, but, ask any Englishman what happened to almost an entire generation of young men fighting proto-nazies? Keynes may of been right about Versailles, but, the vanquished let their democratic process go full-on Nazi. And now America's got more Nazi's crawling out their spider-holes than Germany thanks to a gutless repeat bone-spur cowardly draft dodger who at best is clinically a malignant narcissist! I am not wasting any more time on people to stupid to connect those dots. I'm not even saying anyone commenting here is a card-carrying Nazi or KKK white-sheet cross-burner sort, but, it has been well established, so well indeed, that every culture has a saying something like this, "he who lies with dogs gets up with fleas." We will be judged by the companions we keep. And yeah, I'm proud of my ancestors. Anybody got a problem with that they can suck my dick.
July 15, 2020  | person Crowfly
On July 15, 2020 - @Crowfly said:
We will be judged by the companions we keep. And yeah, I'm proud of my ancestors. Anybody got a problem with that they can suck my dick.

Wow Crowfly... you really must trust your adversaries!
On July 15, 2020 - @Scott said:

Anyway, back on topic, I'm not purchasing this pedal. If you add-up the cost of all the Eventide iOS releases thus far, you're well on the way to owning an H-9 Max.

Just spring for the damn pedal and save yourself hundreds of dollars...

Hold up... isn’t an H9 MAX $700? I’m doing the math, and the price for all the iOS eventide apps don’t even get close to that.

All Apps Matter.
@Oldcrow ramblings best reserved for your podcasts. Heard some of them. Enough hot air there to lift many balloons across Chicago. Though atleast someone listens to you there, old man.
July 16, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
„Unfortunately the branding now is too big to get an update“ exactly that is the problem. everything is reduced to silly meanings when it gets branded. i mean you should talk and do stuff against discrimination and racism, but the american way of life turns everything into a commercial. commercials are always lying, nevermind the good intentions. it is a lie to make a saint out of george floyd just because he was a true victim in the end. it was also sad to see what happened after george floyd was killed by those policemen. more people (most of them black too) got killed when the protests turned violent. they got no branding, so their names will be forgotten soon by the public. i understand when people buy fair trade coffee and things like that which have a direct connection to how those things are produced but i dont understand when people want to buy a music app just because a company jumps on the most hyped social movement branding. coca cola is a social progressive company which now makes healthy lemonade just because their marketing team is doing the same?? another point: the US will never have a successful progressive left if they keep on doing their moral language wars ( proof are people like scott and stub)..
July 16, 2020  | person_outline NoMoLo
sorry i meant proof are people like stub and bret. you are doing fine for the right wing by simplifying things and working pro language dogmas.
July 16, 2020  | person_outline NoMoLo
I looked at the H9 a while back. It does have some interesting features, but dang, pricey. And no matter which version you get, the add-ons really add up. At least with some versions you can buy the effects a la carte. It has MIDI which provides some added control & usefulness on a pedal board.

But here's the deal breaker. One effect at a time. Granted, it'll sound nice, and be very tweakable. But even there, you'll want to edit on smart device and not the unit, as the display is just a few characters.

Guitar players with pedal boards are pretty used to buying high-end stuff and they might not balk at the H9 price. I have a friend with a massive pedal board and he's happy with his. He appreciates being able to recall presets via MIDI.

He got a Helix and hated it. He ended up getting another Line6 that just does multi-effects (sans amp sim). I'm not a huge fan of Line6 effects. They sound "off" to me. I digress, but I guess it's all relative.
NoLoMo - I think your analysis is astute. But what you don’t realize is that your two points, questioning the elevated status of George Floyd and the violence coming from the protests, are very much conservative talking points in the US. You would be criticized for being a right wing reactionary for making them.
July 16, 2020  | person_outline Bret
Well, BaseboardMatt, just consider home many hundreds more presets they have yet to release as "apps"

Also have you examined the H9 "controller app in the App Store???
H9 Control by Eventide

It has $200 worth of "In-App Purchases."

So, if I buy that, do I have an H9, or do I have to purchase an actual H9 and pay an additional $200 to use it on iOS???

Until they make their pricing strategy plainly clear, I'm not purchasing any current or future Eventide products.

I'd advise others to do the same.
July 16, 2020  | person_outline Scott
On July 16, 2020 - @Scott said:

It has $200 worth of "In-App Purchases."

So, if I buy that, do I have an H9, or do I have to purchase an actual H9 and pay an additional $200 to use it on iOS???

Until they make their pricing strategy plainly clear, I'm not purchasing any current or future Eventide products.

I agree it is confusing. Though it clearly says it is a remote for the H9, the description gets a little vague. The website makes it more clear that you can buy add-ons (algorithms) for the H9 via a store in the app. But even then the items listed for IAP's don't match the algorithms they show on the website. They should make that stuff more clear.
@Bretplease And here comes the Liberal Gestapo to make sure your talking points are PC. Folks the desire to conform, make each other Kosher, by any means necessary. Next, if the Liberals can, they will ship conservatives to Gulags for re-education. It’s happened before and the Liberals already will get you fired, doxxed, and destroyed today. It’s happening in USA now and it’s a very scary time. Take a look at the monsters you become to supposedly stop monsters on the other side. There was a very interesting experiment in the 70’s called the Stanford Experiment. The liberals are already there today with the partisan media leading the mice.
July 17, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
On July 16, 2020 - @Scott said:
Well, BaseboardMatt, just consider home many hundreds more presets they have yet to release as "apps"

Also have you examined the H9 "controller app in the App Store???
H9 Control by Eventide

It has $200 worth of "In-App Purchases."

So, if I buy that, do I have an H9, or do I have to purchase an actual H9 and pay an additional $200 to use it on iOS???

Until they make their pricing strategy plainly clear, I'm not purchasing any current or future Eventide products.

I'd advise others to do the same.

I owned an H9 a few years ago. Ended up selling it. But if it’s a MAX, you have every single effect they make, even future effects. If you buy a “Core” model you just get a few basics and have to add them individually. That’s what the $200 in app purchases are.
@Bret: you see, maybe i am too european to not give a fuck in which box i am put. its exactly what i mean. those pc policy is against true liberty and freedom of thought. it is an anti-philosophic way of thinking and it is dangerous. it is happening here as well, but this „either you with or against us“ is much worse in the USA, you can tell by just watching US-media for one week. i mean we are all supposed to think differently and to not agree with each other. it is a funny strange „contemporary“ definition of liberalism coming from a country which is the proudest referring to its ideals of freedom and liberty. i mean why should you care if somebody tells you you are a right wing dude, when you know it is not true..
July 17, 2020  | person_outline NoMoLo
@Baseboardmatt, so it looks like there are over 600 presets that can be used on the H9. Are all the H3000 effects included among those?

Also, if Undulator is just a series of presets and there are over 600 on the H9, I think one would definitely be better off just purchasing a max and using the free iOS app.

I made the mistake of purchasing Blackhole and wasn't impressed.There are many iOS reverbs out there that I prefer.
July 17, 2020  | person_outline Scott
@Baseboardmatt also, according to Eventide the H9 has 49 algorithms. Is Undulator one of those algorithms, or just a sampling of some of the algorithm?
July 17, 2020  | person_outline Scott
On July 17, 2020 - @Scott said:
I made the mistake of purchasing Blackhole and wasn't impressed.There are many iOS reverbs out there that I prefer.

I think you and I are in the minority. I think the Blackhole is overrated. It's good, and perhaps even "special" but it's a reverb (like many others) that I'd tend to want to keep pretty quiet/low.
@Nomolo Yes sir, refreshing when I travel to Europe. No women that you have be careful with. Flirting and expecting women to be good looking and feminine is something already in trouble here in USA. The whole “Metoo” Liberal hypocrisy never took off in Europe because everyone takes personal responsibility there. Here in USA, it’s become a sexual witch-hunt and no company is spared from it. People are turning into robots and the Red gum-chewing Republicans are the only ones standing against the Democrats from turning USA into one Socialist STASI Ayatollah country. I shudder to think if these people win in November. This election might just be for USA’s soul, but Blue values have still have inexorably gone into a horrible conformist statist deep-freeze. The devil does live in the USA.
July 17, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
Nomorelo, Bret and mentalizer: why don’t you clowns get a room of your own somewhere so you can suck each other’s cocks and bitch about the end of your pathetic white jerk asshole rule???

This is a music forum — yet you feel it’s a perfectly appropriate destination to promote your grotesque propagandist right-wing wing-nut thoughts and ideas.

Leave now.

I hope you all succumb to extraordinarily slow and viciously painful deaths....

[Tim Edit: What in the fuck, dude? This comment got Frank banned. Stop attacking each other for their opinions.]
July 17, 2020  | person_outline Frank
@frank you do seem to miss the whole point of the politicization of the said company selling the product above. Obviously you’re a foot soldier with a vile mind and a low pay grade in life. Even then I say, even your life matters, even as you wish ill-luck upon us. All lives matter, frank, yes even yours.
July 18, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
Whoa doggie, we got some undulations going on. Back to TV channel 2 and Sesame Street. Lets be floating heads and not meat bags.
Hi Frank -

I hope you bought the app. I did because the NAACP is a long standing and reputable organization and the Equal Justice Initiative seems to have a good agenda, including working for the abolition of the death penalty, which is an important issue for me because . . . even the lives of murders. You might disagree with my stance on the issue because it looks like you are very much pro death.

I am also giving monthly donations to the UNCF because education is a positive action for change. I hope you are currently giving your time and money to worthwhile organizations that give hands on support for the community, because moral superiority and a foul mouth isn’t going to change anything. Congratulations on the most ardent virtue signaling I have seen so far.
July 18, 2020  | person_outline Bret
@metalizer: i dont agree with most of what you are saying when it comes to your comparing with communism and socialism. pc and „liberalism“ going dogmatic has nothing to do with socialism.
@ frank: you are too stupid to see that people like you are actually the proof for everything i was saying about liberalism turning into dogmatic bullshit. in the end you are the right-wing motherfucker! and yes the starting point was the selling policy for a music app. so yes we can discuss it without someone wishing us death!
@bret: you are a hypocrite piece of shit!

[Tim Edit: I warned you guys to keep your cool. NoMoLo got banned for this post. Do not repeat his mistake.]
July 19, 2020  | person_outline NoMoLo
Come on people, can we please just settle down? All of us?

I mean, it is pretty obvious that shouting COMMUNISM FACISM NAZI!!!!111!!1!!! over and over again is just plain stupid. And insulting a moderate and thoughtful person like stub doesn’t help to gain credibility. It just shows that you can’t stand anyone who dares to differ from your beliefs in even the slightest way.

So please wipe the foam from your mouths and cool down. And behave like humans, and not like monkeys up in the tree. Thank you.
July 19, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
Nolomo - lol! You say not to care what other people think of you, so why do you even bother telling us all what you think about us at all? That’s hilarious!

I hope you are working and giving your time and money for the change you want too. Or if you like it the way it is then enjoy.
July 19, 2020  | person_outline Bret

you are right. i need to apologize for my tone. i dont want to scream like an aggressive monkey( though nothing against monkeys) and insult strangers via internet.

@bret: you see there is a big difference when i am saying „i dont care when someone dogmatic calls me a right wing though i am not at all“ and spreading my own political concerns and opinions via a forum like this. i dont really get your standings but it is really strange that you applaude someone wishing other people -whom he doesnt know at all- death and at the same time claim to be reasonable.

i still think it is important to discuss those issues. if i would be an american i would probably wish for someone like bernie sanders to become president, still many of his followers have a pc dogmatism problem. i was shocked to find out that cnn victimizing george floyd propaganda was in its absurdity almost as disgusting as fox news on the other side. so yes it is important to discuss those issues and also to disagree with people who have maybe similar political wishes and hopes for the future but follow totally different paths..
July 20, 2020  | person_outline NoMoLo
I really have no idea why you guys think this is an appropriate place for this discussion, but I've let it go on because I really am a free speech radical. I'm the kind of guy that actually sides with the ACLU in defending everyone (including NAMBLA and Nazis) when their free speech rights are endangered. I have the power to lock posts and prevent new comments, but I cannot bring myself to squash free expression like that.

This thread has now gotten one person banned, because they could not heed my warning and fucking common decency. If you attack anyone else here you are going to be banned too.
Thanks Tim for allowing this lightly moderated forum. This represents a unique cross section of the population. Lots of other forums are too polarized, so thanks for offering an outlet, for me at least. I guess nomolo got himself banned, but I think he misunderstood my congratulatory sarcasm, maybe because it was the first time I used it. It would have been nice if he just questioned it to the point. But I think this comment section is reasonable for the discussion as it is a response to Eventide's social positioning as well as thoughts on the responses of others to that. It is a microcosm of what we are going to have to work out in general.
July 20, 2020  | person_outline Bret
@timwebb I don’t anyone qualified for banning considering so many others used profanities here. NoMoLo is in fact a decent and intelligent person Considering what one commenter said wishing people death. Either you ban em all or you don’t ban. NoMoLo even apologized versus the other entitled dudes. Bad call, Tim.
July 20, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
You're even welcome to that opinion, Metalizer!

You're right about the comment from Frank though. I missed that one. He's banned too.
Was thinking about buying Undulator but then I discovered the people making it have an opinion about something. Outrageous! I refuse to support the having of opinions.
July 21, 2020  | person_outline Constant

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