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NuRack Auv3 FX Processor Update

NuRack Auv3 FX Processor, from 4Pockets.com, was updated with a new TalkBox module and can now be run on older devices down to iOS 11. The update arrives with another video from developer Paul the MusicMan.

What's new in NuRack Auv3 FX Processor v1.07:

Reduced the minimum requirements to iOS11 to run.
Fixed some interface issues running on smaller iPhone devices.
Added a new TalkBox module.
Fixed a issue editor issues (including layering of images).
More elements are now semit-transparent by default.
Added a stock-objects feature to allow you to add jack plugs, air vents etc.

Reader Comments 3

Seems to crash if I try to remove a module. Ive only been using it a few minutes and it’s crashEd quite often.
Running in aum (yes I ran it stand-alone 1st to get presets to appear ).. on iPad Pro with latest iOS

Would be nice to have triplets etc for delay tempo stuff, developer does seem to be updating regularly so I expect it’ll quickly get sorted.
July 13, 2020  | person Re5etuk
@Re5etuk: Hope you sent your observations to 4pockets (4p) via whatever options they may present on their Contact page as I doubt we can reliably expect the developer to read these comments. My apologies if that is obvious. I "feel you" though. Software bugs could disturb the Buddha's sense of calm if he had ever had to use a computer. Lucky man. How much of our Happiness is actually a product of what is never pursued? 4P usually seems to follow this pattern of release and then very quickly following up with updates. Maybe their access to the plethora of potential test-machines we lusers might happen to be using is limited ? In any event, so far, 4p has been pretty "good to me" if I'm patient. I admit I'm a tad perplexed about some aspects of this new NuRack app. Mostly, just along 'philosophical' lines so it probably doesn't matter in any practical sense, nor, when it comes right down to it, it isn't anything I've got much of a 'right' to squawk about. Other than the possible notion that my prior purchases of 4p apps may be affected adversely by some remotely possible implications NuRack might raise if I over think it. In reference to such a concern I'm just going to throw out one hyphenated-word and leave it there: self-cannibalism. Perhaps? As to my supposed 'rights', that's a dead-end, as, I have no illusions the money I spend in the App store is and will always be best thought of as a "sunk cost."

_ Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Lucky Man_
July 13, 2020  | person Crowfly
Is it common for people to use TalkBox and Vocoder interchangably? This is a vocoder. A TalkBox is that thing where you send a signal into speaker/driver that is directed into a disgusting hose that one puts in their mouth ("Do you Feel Like I Do? Framptom Comes Alive)

On July 13, 2020 - @Re5etuk said:
Would be nice to have triplets etc for delay tempo stuff

I had the exact same thought. Would love to see 1/3, 1/6, 1/12 in those options.

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