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The Mobile Music Minstrel: apeSoft's Accordion Vintage

Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel took a look at the new accordion app by apeSoft.

Video Description:

Bring out your inner Italian with apeSoft's new incredible Accordion Vintage!

Come with me to check out some of my favorite phasers for iOS and compare them against my hardware MXR Phase 90 guitar stomp box!

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Reader Comments 5

@iOSTRAKON: Are you out there? This might be your kinda sound?!? Hang in there till Daveypoop starts running Accordion thru Guitar Amps before you give up.

Never say never of course, but personally, I think I may be holding out for the Bagpipes release.

Now in the video, and I'm paraphrasing, it is pointed out how we should be glad, if not grateful, that the envelop control has been added so Accordion.app doesn't have to sound like an accordion...okay :). So it is $9 for an accordion app we can be thankful doesn't halve to sound like an accordion in the event we want to play an Accordion.app? I'm dumb as a post, so I'm gonna have to think about that for a while, at least, until I hear what @iOSTRAKON squeezes out of the app. If any one can find the plaint protestations of an Industrial process or machine spirit condemned to some post-industrial hell-scape for all eternity still residing inside this instrument of the Industrial Era working classes, I'm putting my money on @iSOTRAKON, to summon it forth for my listening pleasure!

Now for something completely unexpected. Accordion and Bagpipe jokes in the unlikely event you haven't heard any of these before! Their funny again if you wait an hour after reading them.

How long does it take to get a accordion in tune?
Nobody knows.

An octopus came into a bar where a lot of musicians hang out and said to the bartender, “I’ll bet fifty dollars that I can play any musical instrument in the house.” So a guitarist handed him a guitar, and he played it just like Segovia. A trumpeter handed him a trumpet, and he played it just like Miles Davis. Finally, a Scotsman handed him a bagpipe. The octopus started poking around at it but didn’t play it. “Aha,” said the Scotsman. “You can’t play it.” “Play it?” retorted the octopus. “I was trying to have sex with it, if I could figure out how to take off its pajamas.”

Why are politicians good accordion players?
They’re used to playing off both ends against the middle.

What’s the difference between a bagpipe and a chainsaw?
You can tune a chainsaw.

What do you call an accordionist with a beeper?
An optimist.
What is the accordionist’s most requested song?
Play “Far, Far Away.”
What do an accordionist and a true music lover have in common?
Absolutely nothing!
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get away from the accordion concert.

What’s the difference between an onion and an accordion?
People shed tears when you chop up an onion.
What’s the difference between a concertina and an accordion?
An accordion takes longer to burn.
What is a bassoon good for?
Kindling for an accordion fire.
If you throw an accordion, a banjo, and a bagpipe off the Empire State Building, which one hits the ground first?
Who cares?

How many accordions can you fit in a phone booth?
One hundred and one, if you chop them up fine enough.
July 13, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
It is interesting to wait and watch how long Karma takes to get around to me. In the case of my recent flippancy about accordions and bagpipes it was one of the fastest kicks-in-the-butt Old Karma has ever delivered. This feels like it was expedited! I'm now the proud owner of some Hohner apps. I got bagpipes (who knew how many kinds of bagpipes there were?), accordions, harmonicas and some other weird stuff. I got it all! :) Anybody know where I can get an iPad neck strap for the full squeezebox experience?


I realize now if I want to see/hear my dreams come true I have to take the initiative. Sorry @iOSTRAKON I just could not wait around for you! But I'm telling you @iOSTRAKON, if you are listening, there's a connection in the accordion's spirit box that'll let you tap into the ancestral angst of your Industrial progenitors! The accordion never really gained entrance in the high-brow orchestra halls. It tried but was always rejected eventually! Yet, the accordion remained undaunted, for It's roots are more vaudevillian, more raucous tavern and beerhall, more working class. It had such a rowdy reputation even the freaking Nazi's 'banded' it in the late 1930's from their 'youth' movement =:^D ! Gotta respect that!

Lots of old time tidy Teutonic industrial images of an instrumental early son of the Industrial Musicking Revolution here:
July 13, 2020  | person Crowfly
Hahaha @crowfly

I hear you loud & clear! I will investigate further and see if I can torture the accordion more than it has tortured its listeners. We’ll call it a sonic revenge of sorts!
July 21, 2020  | person iOSTRAKON
Nice etheric post crow fly.
I want to hear how 'non' accordion like we can get this ape soft to be. We all know it can as all ape soft can. I am counting on crow or some floating head to release the spirit in that box.

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