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Down With The Sickness (WAAAY TOO HAPPY COVER)

The Melodicka Bros have been doing "WAAAY TOO HAPPY COVERS" for a while now, but I think this latest video is their finest yet! It is amazing how happy it feels, despite the lyrics!

Video Description:

Hey there fellows! This is the summer hit nobody asked for.
A very happy pop/reggaeton cover of @Disturbed - Down With The Sickness, made for you with love and a bit of insanity.
Hope you guys will enjoy and dance. A lot.

This is just a parody so don't get offended. Despacito don't sue us please.

Join the Melodicka Family: https://www.patreon.com/MelodickaBros

Listen to our covers on Spotify:

You can also find us on
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melodickabros
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelodickaBros

Dave: Vocals, Guitars.
Joe: Keyboard, Production.

Reader Comments 2

At last Arizona is first in something! As of yesterday we were 1st in "positivity" in Covid-19, possibly even in the World, not just the USA! I'm going to send a link to this inspirational music video to our Governor in hopes he proposes it for Arizona's new anthem! After all, our Governor is one of a mere handful that had the insight to cast aside the obviously flawed models of epidemiology built and constantly tested and updated over years by the best minds in that field of Medicine, not to mention the strident objections raised by every professor in our medical schools and institutions, for Trump's black-box epidemiological model that always spit out happy scenarios just in time for the next 'press-conference'! Brilliant!

Yes, it is true I'm dumb as a post, just ask our benevolent host. I'm sure he'll collaborate this fact. Even so, I can hardly contain my joy after a lifetime of searching 'Deserts' I've finally found my People! I've found my Promised-land! I'm no longer wandering in the Wilderness seeking out my Community! At last I'm just another dumb-post in the midst of many. I'm not special anymore! I'm a new-Normal, at last, in the midst of equals! So very very proud of our young-folks holding Covid-contagion parties! Such fearlessness! Fearlessness, whether the result of Bravery in the face of insurmountable odds in pursuit of noble ends or just plain old Cluelessness, it matters not, the Ends are all that matters here in AZ! Especially proud of my fellow young citizens and their stalwart parents and their willingness to put their reproductive futures on the green felt numbers and spin the wheel of Viral Sequela! In fact, their bravery is such that they don't even mention the possibility of Viral Sequela! Ignorance is bliss I suppose. Never been to a PTA meeting here as of yet, but, I'm sure it will be inspirational when I do! I know what you are thinking, how can I get my children enrolled in such an obvious superior education system? Not sure I can help you with that, as apparently, I've not heard of anyone being able to bride their children into our schools! I sure it must be because they don't even try it, as they must be aware, we wouldn't tolerate such shenanigans in sunny Arizona!

So come one and all and visit us here in sunny AZ, the Grand Canyon state! Where else would you expect to find the biggest "(?)-hole" on earth! One little caveat I probably should mention. If you fall ill visiting our State of Bliss and enter our hospital system, as things stand now, you will wake up from your medically induced coma* in a random hospital in a random State** as wheeeee are running out of beds! Don't think of this as a bug (hospital bed-bug perhaps?) but as a feature! Like a mini-vacation surprise package nestled inside your regular vacation! A real "twofer" as we say in Arizona. AZ first in Innovation in all things!

* Please be aware visitors to Arizona are only allowed one complimentary medically induced coma per visit once every six months. Visitors must be able to provide qualifying documentation of out-of-state domicile. Visitors will be responsible for any additional transportation costs related to their bonus mini-vacation. Please contact the Arizona State Legal Services Department for more extremely small and twisted indecipherable legalize print designed to cover our pastie arses against every possible bit of Common-Sense that the Great State of Arizona could ever possibly be responsible for into the Endless Perpetuity. Welcome and come back soon :)!

** Sadly gentle visitors you will not wake up in the relatively rational health-system of Mexico as there are now reliable reports their citizens are wisely throwing their cars across access points to keep American tourists from entering! Of course, we in Arizona would never subject you to the horrors of Socialist medicine in Canada! Fear not, we know their apparent competence is obviously masking something far more ominous. We aren't sure what it is yet but the best AZ minds in QAnon are working around the clock to find a plausible conspiracy for you!
July 11, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
My bad. This link should clear up any confusion as to why Arizona is approaching complete Covid-19 Failed State status and what is fundamentally wrong with our top leadership:


Hope that encourages you guys to ponder carefully the choses you make in your local elections. Hope it helps you to think deeply upon what sort of men and women to put in positions of leadership. Hope it helps you all to weigh carefully who you are safer not granting powers of life or death to over your people. It is time to leave the trivial nonsense outside the voting booth and give the most weight to whichever candidate is actually intellectually and emotionally capable of keeping you and yours alive during their elected term. If you don't have your health you don't have much! Ever more people, piling into ever more crowded cities, ever greater disparities between the top and bottom, ever more irrational acceptance of fundamentalist belief systems, degrading quality of overall educational standards and expectations, in America right now Trump is trying to kill off the ACA which will throw millions out of their unaffordable HealthCare, etc etc etc and guess what? Maybe going forward in an impoverished brain-drained nation with a gutted Federal Branch won't be able to mount consistent nationwide Pandemic responses ever again. From here on out, will every generation on average have it's own version of a self-inflicted (like the current one is increasingly be recognized as) Pandemic going forward? If anything remotely like that pans out then the World may be about to be entering into an economic doldrum lasting much longer than any alive today is ready to wrap their brains around! If there is even a slight chance of that happening is it to much to expect enforced standards of behavior during outbreaks? Even if it takes a bit of 'head-knocking?'

Guess that is enough good cheer for one comment box.
July 13, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly

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