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Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: MIDI 2.0 - Tech Talk with Roland

YouTuber Nu-Trix The Synth Guy talks with a couple of the guys from Roland about what MIDI 2.0 will bring!

Video Description:

What is coming in #MIDI 2.0 - Tech Talk with #Roland
MIDI has been around for more then 30 years. In 2020 an upgrade MIDI 2.0 will now complement the original MIDI 1.0. It will not replace it. It will coexist and offer more. What will MIDI 2.0 offer exactly? We discus this in this Tech Talk with Dustin and Brandon from Roland.

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Still chomping at the bits to get some practical things running through MIDI 2.0. While that one Roland keyboard controller officially supports MIDI 2.0, it actually sounds like a step back from MPE.

These discussions tend to focus on hardware, where release cycles tend to be rather long. Can’t we expect software devs to start releasing apps making use of the officially adopted MIDI 2.0 specs, even if specific profiles still need to be finalized? After all, that’d be a parallel to the early history of MIDI 1.0, with the DX7 implementing an incomplete version of the protocol. With software, it’d be easy enough to release an update once things are finalized. In fact, with hardware, they could allow us to play with prototypes and use firmware updates to implement tweaks based on usage patterns.

Without any disrespect to the “M2WG”: it still feels to me like MIDI 2.0 is designed through a very top-down/waterfall approach while agile methodologies and Human-Centred Design sound increasingly appropriate for this exact type of radical change.
I agree on all that, @Enkerli

With MIDI 2.0 possibilities in software, I'd like to see some virtual instruments and DAW's be the first adopters. That way, even if there's no hardware to generate the high-res control streams (for example), they could at least be accessed via automation vectors from the DAW.

Also, older controller hardware with rotary encoders could transmit 14-bit RPNs and NRPNs control streams via MIDI 1.0 -- but at that slow baud rate-- then the DAW could interpolate before the data after the fact. (Or-- perhaps the recording could be done at a slower tempo!)

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