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iOS Ambient Reverb Shoot Out

YouTuber Nathan D Farrell did an impressive demo of a bunch of the most popular reverbs available on iOS! While he is quick to point out that this isn't an in-depth comparison, I think the video does a great job of revealing the character of the individual verbs.

Video Description:

Here’s brief demo of each reverb with a synth pluck sequenced in Drambo. This is not meant to be an in depth demo of each reverb, but a surface comparison for ambient purposes.

What’s your favorite reverb on iOS?

Reverbs used:
Atmosphere Cloud, Blackhole, Pro-R, EOS2, 4pockets Shimmer, Eventide Crystals, RF-1, Granular modular, FAC Alteza, Zero Reverb, Ultratap, Kleverb, Amazing Noises Reverb, Discord4, Drambo, TB Reverb.

Reader Comments 3

It's tricky because some of these reverbs are "special" and some are meant to be work-horses.

Blackhole, Pro-R, and TB Reverb stood out as smooth all-arounders.

4Pockets sounded good, but I'd want to spend more time with non-shimmer reverbs.

My two favorite GUI's are TB Reverb and Pro-R as I think that kind of direct EQ interaction is pretty critical. But I want to give a shout-out to Kleverb-- I didn't love the reverb, but the GUI is inviting.

I'll give honorable mentions to Amazing Noises, RF-1, and Blamsoft Zero which also sounded pretty nice.
My feelings exactly. 100%. Those were my faves as well. I completely forgot that I own Discord. It is definately one of those in the “special” categories. I love nerdy experiments like this, so i really enjoyed it.
July 02, 2020  | person burnalot

I wonder what qualities of these reverbs might be shared between them. Do these different plugins (and developers thereof) use pre-made reverb algorithms?

I can't remember what it's called, but it seemed like there was a reverb on Mac OS that lots of developers used to make their own DSP versions of.

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