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NuRack AUv3 FX Processor by 4Pockets.com

4Pockets.com released NuRack Auv3 FX Processor, which promises to let you design your own custom effects. The app provides 26 effects modules which can be rearranged to taste. You can even make your custom effects look pretty with an interface builder that includes support for custom graphics.

NuRack Auv3 FX Processor

NuRack is an AUv3 based multi-channel audio effects processor with a difference, it actually allows you to design your own custom effects using the building blocks provided. You have full control over routing which allows you to create complex audio paths in series or parallel. You can choose whether to use the stock interface or create your own custom interface using the built in Interface Builder which allows you to concentrate your audio components into a single customized effect.

NuRack can run in one of two modes. The first providing 3 customizable effects racks which can be switched (manually or via MIDI), providing seemless switching (i.e. delay trails linger whilst another set of effects are faded in). The second mode allows you to route audio through the 3 input busses to 3 seperate effect racks which are processed simultaniously.

A generaous number of audio building blocks are provided covering 6 different categories of effects. These include Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremelo, Delay, Tape Delay, Reverb, LP/HPFilter, Multi-Filter, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, Compressor, Pitch Shifter, AutoPan, Bit-Shifter etc.

We also provide the ability to split and combine audio signal using the splitter and mixer modules as well as a number of visual elements such as VU Meters, LED Meters, Graphs etc.

Some effects such as phaser and flanger are usually controlled by an LFO, but this can be detached and automated remotely. We have a number of modules that allow auomation based on direct touch (X/Y Pads), MIDI input (CC data), or peak/rms level detection. These automation modules can remotely control knobs and sliders throughout your rack.

Simply create a new rack and start adding modules to it. These modules are generally wired up automatically but these connections can be manually routed. Once you have your sound as you wish you can use it as is, or switch to Interface Builder mode where you can combine all your modules into a single interface. Elements can be dragged, dropped, resized and coloured as required. Add your own labels and image logos before saving your custom component.

Use the X/Y Pad to control your modulation effects by detaching their LFO's. Use MIDI CC data to automate knobs. Use the velocity of an incoming signal to control the cutoff/resonance of a filter (wah) or volume level of a gain control (swell), as NuRack expands, so do the possibilities.


○ 26 categorised modules.
○ 3 Input / Output busses supported.
○ Multiple automation options.
○ Seemless transition between racks.
○ Manual audio path routing.
○ Open in presentation mode (auto hides controls).
○ Interface Builder to customize your rack.
○ AUv3 plugin runs in MIDI and none MIDI mode.
○ Add your own Text/Heading and Image/Logos to your design.
○ Compatibility options for DAW's not supporting multi-channels.

Reader Comments 7

This looks AMAZING!
June 29, 2020  | person_outline Matt B
This is absolutely one of the coolest plugins that I’ve ever seen for any platform! 😎
Hands down! 🖐🤚

...and at $10 it’s a STEAL! This plugin is both HOT 🔥 and PRICED RIGHT! 👍 💵

4Pockets.com is getting better and better with each new plugin, and they will totally deserve every dollar they will make off of this goodie! 💰

The ONLY other thing that I could say other than the fact that they are really starting to set the bar on iOS Plugins is... Bravo, 4Pockets! 👏 Bravo! 👏

I can’t wait to get my paws on this thing!!! 🐾

~ Jay ✌️💙
@SuperFlyEDSguy: Does 4pockets.com have a Press Secretary or Attorney General job opening or are you just positioning for that eventuality? Look forward to your review after you get your paws on this thing!!!🐾
June 30, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
Loving this app. Real cool to play around with making your own effect combinations and layouts. Looking forward to some additional modules and design functions to make this a more complete suite. The effect modules sound pretty good too actually which is even more important.
June 30, 2020  | person Ed
How does this compare to pedalboard type things from Bias & Yonak?
On June 30, 2020 - @Crowfly said:
@SuperFlyEDSguy: Does 4pockets.com have a Press Secretary or Attorney General job opening or are you just positioning for that eventuality? Look forward to your review after you get your paws on this thing!!!🐾
I haven’t been able to try it yet, but puh-lease tell me that it doesn’t actually suck after using it! It looks sooooo damn promising in that demo video. 😢

You’ve surly seen my other ADHD-inspired rants, haven’t you??? I tend to get very ’into them’ whether they are of the positive or negative variety. 😂😂😂

Here, I think this one was my ’all time favorite’ rant, and wouldn’t be surprised if Lars over at Steinberg still wants to hunt me down and kill me for it (read: joke):


But, to actually answer your question, I honestly wasn’t thinking of positioning myself for an opening as a CMO at 4Pockets, or the like. I know, I know, you were just kidding (read: I hope :) but I did specialize in Digital Marketing in grad-school, but had to sadly leave my job a little over a year ago when my disability went ‘balls to the wall.’ It’s kinda hard to explain, but for several years before that I had to ”play well” (yeah, go figure) at work, so nobody caught-on to how sick I was actually becoming. But... maybe if they have a part-time position that I could do from home, 4Pockets, if you’re listening, I would certainly consider the offer! 😉😉

Keep making music... and really, please let me know your opinion on it after using it!
I’d really like to know. 🐾

~ Jay ✌️💙
On June 30, 2020 - @stub said:
How does this compare to pedalboard type things from Bias & Yonak?
Actually, I’d really like to know your thoughts on iFX Rack by MIDIculous LLC. 💭

I have found iFX Rack to be a useful tool all-around, and not just for keyboards as MIDIculous highlights it to be. Especially after unlocking it, you have a pretty comprehensive suite of plugins that could be used simultaneously on a given track (or perhaps a whole project, though mastering-type strips and plugins would most definitely be a better option to finish off an actual project).

I’m just curious what other people think. Like...

✅ For guitars? 🎸
✅ For vocals? 🎤
✅ For other uses? 🎛

~ Jay ✌️💙

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