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sEGments by Elliott Garage

sEGments by Elliott Garage is a new sampler instrument releasing June 26th. The timing here is interesting since it immediately follows Chomplr. While both are catering to a similar market, with a lot of sample slicing features, sEGments lets you import your own goddamn samples! You can pre-order sEGments now for $8.

sEGments by Elliott Garage

With sEGments slicer/sampler app you can Import any loop/sample/audio file and find the best samples inside it, using the automatic transient detection or manually adding markers.
You can play the slices with any MIDI external controller or with the builtin pads and keyboard layout; also each slice can be played chromatically as in a real synth with mono or polyphonic voices (up to 12).
Each slice has independent parameters (all automatable in any AU host), such as reverse, level, attack, release, start point and length and individual fxs (reverb, delay, bitcrusher and filter) that can be changed on the fly thanks to its flexible audio engine.

sEGments automatically detect BPM and root key of your audio file and it can adjust its tempo and pitch according to your project settings.

It can be used both in standalone or hosted as AudioUnit AU3 inside apps like GarageBand, AUM, BeatMaker3, NanoStudio2, n-Track9 and others, and it supports AU Multi-output.

- Stand-alone, AudioUnit, AudioUnit Multi-output & AudioUnit FX
- Universal app for both your iPad & iPhone
- MIDI in /MIDI out
- AU3 multi-output
- AU3 Fx to record samples from other apps
- import your sample in multiple formats (wav, aiff, mp3, mov, caf, m4a)
- Samples Drag & drop from File App or via airdrop from your Mac or other iOS devices
- Up to 16 slices each one with individual parameters, ADSR and effects (delay, reverb, bit crusher and filter)
- 6 triggering modes - one shot, gate, loop, ping pong, link, thru
- BPM & Key detection
- Record from device mic, usb audio devices or other apps
- Transient detection
- Transient beat division
- Import/export presets
- Open slices directly in EG Pulse
- Support Apple loops transients recognition
- Lazy chopping
- Realtime time stretching and pitch shifting
- Mono & polyphonic up to 12 voices
- Downloadable sample pack by Soundtrack Loops

Please remember that is just the first version of the app, so if you have any feeback, request or suggestion please write at info@elliottgarage.com

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All of the videos I’ve seen on Facebook look fantastic! I preordered as soon as i saw his post on Facebook.
Currently beta testing this app and it is FUEGO!!!!!! closest thing to serato sample on ios!!!! For the WIN!!!
June 18, 2020  | person Redoom
Sounds very similar to Egoist, isn't it?
I can see the differences now:
- iPhone support
- AUv3 Multi-out for each of 16 sample chops
- Samples drag'n'drop in Slide Over on modern iPads
- Playback parameters, including sample length, are controllable as AUv3 parameters, - again, for each sample; so we have MIDI controllable sample length (good for clicks and cuts) and sample position and pitch (two latter as in Playbeat, very useful) to play on the fly
So, it feels like instrument of another level, for spontaneous playing in direct way; quantity > quality!
BTW Andrea posts in fb that he is working on support for velocity multi-layered samples in EG Pulse, super long awaited.
Yeah, and sEGments has no sequencer (Egoist has one).
But, whatever, - we have several good AUv3 seqs now.

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