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Korg MS-20 Patch in miRack

YouTuber RUn cELL seems somewhat disappointed by the fact that Korg has not updated iMS-20 with AUv3 support. So much so that he went through the trouble of recreating the original hardware inside of miRack, using the 1978 service manual!

If you also want an AUv3 MS-20, RUn cELL has been kind enough to share the patch for free!

Video Description:

A Korg MS20 recreation in miRack, from the block diagrams of the original 1978 service manual.

All 31 dials as Tact controllers..no patchbay, although I am considering a version 2 with the patchbay, if it’s possible.

Works well as an AU synth.

Free to download at Patchstorage.com.

Reader Comments 7

Is it supposed to sound the same, operate the same, or what? All I know is it certainly doesn’t look remotely as easy to grasp as an MS-20.
June 17, 2020  | person dysamoria
Hi dysamoria
It will not sound ‘exactly’ the same due to the fact that this is a digital recreation, for example the oscillators are not ‘exactly’ the same type used in the original MS20 as well as many other components, but the same waveforms are selectable just as the same principals apply with every other component.
It will not look the same, obviously but is laid out in a similar way.. each Tact controller is a dial on the MS20 and each section is labled ie-OSC 1..waveform, pulse width, scale. OSC 2..waveform, pitch, scale. MIXER..osc 1 level, osc 2 level etc..
It does however operate the same.. each Tact controller will do the same as the equivalent MS20 dial and most Tact controllers are labelled the same as the original.
I suggest plugging a sequencer of your choice into the 12KEY keyboard controller, to get a sequence going so that you can fully explore the controls. And probably best to select ‘lock modules’ in settings.
Maybe then you can fully appreciate its flexibility.
Take care
June 17, 2020  | person RUncELL
Thankyou Tim for posting. Hope you’re enjoying.
June 17, 2020  | person RUncELL
I have downloaded several of your miRack preset and I am very impressed by what you are doing. Just amazing job! So it is a good opportunity here to say thank you very much for what you bring to us.
June 18, 2020  | person_outline Goudha
Thankyou Goudha. Very encouraging. 👍
June 18, 2020  | person RUncELL
Looks like amazing and the wires make it so intimidating. Good work and this kind of thing inspires me to keep trying. I shall DL and then get back, RUNnCell also does sick patches!
Hi Oceans in space, very kind words much appreciated thankyou
Hopefully this won’t disappoint..

Yes all the wires do make it look a little intimidating, you have to ‘sort of’ see or look through the wires really.
If you get a sequence playing, either by AU midi or by plugging a sequencer into the 12Key controller (like in the vid) you can then just focus on the Tact sliders, moving those up and down to alter the sound..Like you would with any other synth.
There is the option to hide cables, but I prefer to see them for some reason !
The top 2 or 3 rows you don’t need to worry too much about, it’s like looking under the hood of an MS20, it’s all the bits that make the sliders work and you can zoom the screen to fit only the tact sliders.
Thanks again Oceans in space
June 19, 2020  | person RUncELL

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