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Racism in the 21st Century

I've been avoiding posting anything about the riots in America. This turns out to be quite easy, because this is a music app blog. I don't want to post something that feels like I'm just interjecting my hollow support for a popular cause that I'm bandwagoning on. Now I'm beginning to feel like by not posting something, I'm somehow demonstrating opposition to the movement.

Racism is really fucking dumb. I shouldn't have to say that in the 21st Century, and I'm disappointed that I find myself in a position where I feel that I have to. I grew up in the melting-pot of Northern California suburbia, watching Webster and wearing knock-off MC Hammer parachute pants. I honestly grew up thinking racism was one of those things that was solved before I was even born, like Polio. But, like Polio, there seem to be an awful lot of people who want to bring it back.

So here is my formal declaration that I am in opposition to racism. And Polio. If you're a racist, think about how stupid anti-vaxxers look. If you're an anti-vaxxer, think about how stupid racists look. If you're a racist anti-vaxxer you win the prize! You get to eat the whole bag of dicks!

Unfortunately I don't think we're going to see anything positive come out of any of this. Just as with the protests in Hong Kong, or Occupy Wall Street, the bureaucracy we are opposing is simply too endemic. Systemic racism is as much a part of America as McDonald's. In fact, it is institutions like McDonald's that will continue to perpetuate racism under the banner of capitalism. Employers need cheap labor, and corporate prisons need bodies. Systemic racism ensures that both needs are met, and corporations can fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities to investors. If you want to change that, then we're talking about an entirely different kind of revolution than the one we're seeing today.

Dr. Cornell West gave a very heart-felt interview that discusses the problem. The professor points out that "Black Lives Matter" arose at a time when the United States had a Black President, and a Black Attorney General. Yet there was nothing done for African Americans. Democracy is a farce. If you expect the majority to uphold the rights of the minority you haven't been paying attention. You should have voted for me.

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I hear you on this not wanting to just go with some popular thing but this is the right type of popular thing! There will never be too much saying we are antiracist. ive been thinking to get a tattoo, havent even contemplated ink for years too, but this is a special time, we are about to say good night white pride, and the motherfucker not wake back up in the morning cuz we kneeled on its fucking , all of us, even the app bloggers :)
June 06, 2020  | person_outline Cyp3
I too formally declare myself strongly opposed to racism.

A LONG time ago I read some dumb book that made me question vaccines. A LONG time ago, I realized the book was full of shit, and fully realized not only the importance of vaccines, but what a gift they are to humanity.

My tiny ray of hope is that people can learn new things. But people who don't want to learn can indeed chow down on that sack o' weenies.
Racist and antivaxxers go hand In hand. Ignorance and prejudice and they walk hand in hand. Like Neil Peart told us many years ago.

Bold change is possible but you need to root out the bad eggs and that could be impossible because some of those bad eggs have a lot of money.
June 07, 2020  | person That guy
The problem is Capital and has always been Capital. Everything you know or fuel about racism is because some man at sometime wanted to pay less for labor. Race was never supposed to be a thing beyond hair color or handedness. Acid violence upon the babies of parachute CEOs
June 07, 2020  | person_outline Kyle

First, Tim, you made so many great points, I don’t know which one I liked better! I’m just happy that you had the courage and took the time to share these valuable insights!

Second, everyone who has chimed-in has also raised some fine points!

Third, great video with Dr. West! He is soooooo right when he points out that we should be scared when we’re so desensitized to racism and hate that we don’t see anyone on the streets!

Finally, anybody that knows me will tell you that I am a logical thinker, and that I hate racism (and pretty much every other -ism out there)! Logical thinking is the opposite of ignorance, racism goes hand-in-hand with ignorance, and by opening up your brain and heart, racism will frankly make no sense! It is true that ‘our generation’ may have thought that the problem has become so minute compared to where it was in the 60s per se, but as Dr. West said, it’s not going away anytime soon! This also has a lot to do with a culture of bad parenting, and how one would think that as a society we would have evolved to have more common-sense in the last 60-or-so-years! It starts by attaining those three simple things that they sojourned for in The Wizard of Oz: A brain, a heart, and some courage. Interestingly enough there are some incredible underlying messages opposing Nazi fascism that the writers had in mind when they released The Wizard of Oz. “Belief” is and will always be a core concept in overcoming both hate and adversity even if we know that it will be a long war to win. Once we can harden those modest core traits within ourselves, it is not good enough unless we foster these values in each new generation. Sure, there will be corporate greed, and it will continue to exploit minorities, but that’s been around since the world was created. Maybe we could curtail greed somewhat, but love is a much more innate feeling that has also prevailed since the beginning of time. Perhaps if each new generation is engrained in these positive values, they will find it in their hearts to want to be less greedy, and exploit less. I have faith that the problem could be figured out, much like polio, and be eradicated, but it won’t happen unless we as a society push for it. Perhaps other than a few simple thoughts regarding what I think could strengthen our society, all I could otherwise say is this: COMMON-SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON.
"Unfortunately I don't think we're going to see anything positive come out of any of this."

As long as we dwell in cynicism and negativity, certainly nothing will. So, you're in "opposition to racism", but obviously don't feel the need to act positively in any way to end it?

Yesterday California ended PD's use of the chokehold. Is that nothing?
June 07, 2020  | person scodav
On June 07, 2020 - @scodav said:
"Unfortunately I don't think we're going to see anything positive come out of any of this."

As long as we dwell in cynicism and negativity, certainly nothing will.
This part at least is fair criticism. I think you went a bit far after that.

I am too cynical. A 10 year younger version of me would be disappointed with how cynical I've become.

This isn't the first unarmed black man to be killed by police. It isn't the first unarmed black man to be choked to death by police. This isn't even the first unarmed black man to be choked to death by police on camera. All the protestations that followed did nothing to address the systemic causes of this abuse. It's hard not become cynical.

California's gesture treats the symptom, not the disease.
I think the thing that this whole thing might do is draw the eyes of those who have up to now chosen to keep theirs tightly shut.. When they turn on the news looking for that new fix they'll see rioters, yes, but also cops just fucking people up. Maiming peaceful folks, drive by pepperspraying and flashbanging.. It's so incredibly in your face this time around. AND the president wants to wage war on domestic soil.

If nothing else, enough people has now seen what the cops are, what they do and how they behave. They don't give a fuck about your rights or your safety, they wanna dominate and harass.

Good people become doctors and nurses and stuff.. Good people don't become cops, because good people don't work a job where so much of their job is just dominating other humans. Making people feel insecure, interrogating, pestering the same people over and over again for years.... This is the dream job of any shitbag... The exact type of shitbag Cops have been stereotyped as forever.

The whole fucking orchard is tainted.
June 07, 2020  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
I feel that's a bit reductionist. I too have questioned the motivations and personality of someone who would want to be in the position of policing others. I know I certainly wouldn't. Hell, I don't even like moderating comments here.

I don't think they're all monsters though. I'm a middle-class middle-aged white guy; so my experience may be unique. But cops love me, I quite like a lot of the ones I've interacted with too. In my misspent youth I had a LOT of interactions with San Jose's finest and only one of them seemed like a hardass. The one crooked cop I met worked out in my favor! I could have gotten a felony for the amount of weed I had on me, but he just took my shit and didn't even ticket me.

Sheriff's Deputies are kind of a different animal. My first run in with them was when I was kid "trespassing" in a place no one cared about, just fishing with friends. They were such dicks. They were convinced we were hiding someone else and threatened to loose their dog on all of us even though we were fully complying. I've never met a pair of cops as mean and angry as them since.

In my 20's I had a surprising interaction with a Deputy that could have given me a speeding ticket for doing 40 MPH (65 KPH) in a residential area, but he was super chill and just said, "Could you try to keep it to less than 30 here? The residents are complaining."

When I had that shooting behind my house last year, I got to meet a lot of Aurora's PD. They really ran the gamut of every kind of person you'll ever meet here. Some well-educated, some much less so, but all with a reasonable and pleasant Midwestern disposition.

I think the culture of the department is a huge factor. If you have a department that is hiring assholes that think choking unarmed people is cool, then that speaks volumes about their department's culture. It doesn't make every cop everywhere a shitbag.
Thanks for speaking out against racism, Tim. I am totally anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-capitalism, etc. after knowing how much damage has been done at the expense of white supremacy. I'm also a brown queer 1.5 gen immigrant in America, so I've been fighting systems all my life.

TBH I was a little worried about your potential stance after seeing a week of app articles without a mention of anything. Relieved to see that you were being thoughtful and patient about your response. This is my favorite music blog, so thanks for NOT taking that away from me lol.
June 07, 2020  | person bencruz
After the endless and gapless stream of brutally violent, racist police actions going back to the beginning of police-- there is something different about this event. It touched off protests that we are now seeing way more loudly, unanimously, and brightly, ALL AROUND THE WORLD. That feels like a shift.

It is quite easy to say, yea, we've been here before, and we'll be here again. The same can be said for mass school shootings. And we can ask, "What will it take for this to change?"

We can all agree it isn't one thing. We need to be engaged. Yes, VOTE but also be active, and be brave in our words (like Tim!). We need enlightened citizens. LEARN, LISTEN, but carefully. I.e. QUESTION.

"They say, when you die, it isn't hard for you, it's hard for everyone around you. It's the same when you're stupid."
I found the shared video of Prof. Cornel West to be very insightful. However the quoting of Samuel Beckett caught me with surprise. Because after reading the near completion of his works I would not associate any of Beckett’s ideas or themes to the nature of what Prof. West was addressing.

However the line “Try again. Fail again. Fail better”, which comes from a late novel called “Worstward Ho”, has apparently become a meme on it’s own. But in the context of the work, and Beckett’s greater oeuvre, it is not equal to “if at first you don’t succeed” or “fake it till you make it”, but rather that failure is sure as is the continual effort to overcome it and finding failure again. The wording of failing better is rather closer to failing more spectacularly. And is in fact an example of Beckett’s humor, since if all there is is failure, how can its success be rated? Calling his work Irish blues is very apt, if not understated!

Beckett didn’t see himself as an abstractionist, but was trying to describe the human condition, which he saw as blindly and compulsively grouping for advancement where advancement could never been known even if achieved. if we use this context to look at the common notion that we as a society are what we are taught, we see there is nothing upon which this notion will stand because we can’t really know or understand whatever it is we are taught. But what still stands in this equation is the compulsion towards being taught and teaching others. And this is what I think is the basis of group dynamics, and what is called “tribalism” these days.

Going outside the blackhole of Beckett’s model a bit, I assert that the formation of the group is one of the strongest psychological forces within us. Groups may be formed around specific ideas or values, but the group integrity is always held higher than the unifying notion. The holding of the group’s integrity leads to reinterpretations of core values and justifications for diverging behaviors while being intolerant of and demonizing alternate or conflicting views. The touting of core values become a promotional tool for the group to retain itself and gain new adherents, as Americans will tout freedom to promote America, Christians will tout salvation to promote Christianity, Buddhists will tout enlightenment to promote Buddhism.

In this time of social media we get to see in real time the flow of the language of group making. It is an exercise to see in posts the existence of coercive and manipulating elements. The labeling of widely shared items as viral is appropriate, as there are elements in such posts that try to adhere to your thinkings to be propagated further. This is essentially the essence of containing and growing the group. These coercive literary devises often supersede the effectiveness of the inherent logic of what is being said. And unfortunately these devices are compulsorily redistributed outwardly. Try to see this in your own language and you will soon realize you are compulsively thrown to coercive and manipulative speech, giving out the linguistic viruses you have internalized that create you and your group’s identity and cohesion.

On the initial formation of group, the most fundamental groups are not based on ideology but on shared genes and geography, that is, what you were born into. i will state it is a basic tendency to want to promote and protect your home group as a primary function of identity and survival. And of course all the psychological devises described above are all still in play, compulsion towards coercion, justification, and intolerance. Truly some individuals and cultures may be more or less susceptible to these compulsions, but the biological imperative is to solidify the group in a struggle for resources and behavioral influence.

This brings me to questioning the notion that intolerance and racism is a learned behavior. Without going into a criticism of the clean slate concept which currently is held as an unstated truth, to view racism, hate and intolerance as a learned behavior would lead to a misguided approach on how to overcome it in our societies, if in fact it is an innate tendency to maintain group and social cohesion. It cannot be merely relegated to ignorance but must be addressed in a more encompassing way, that is to teach ourselves and others to identify and overcome our more primal tendencies. Dr. West himself acknowledges his own tendency to being a “thug” and his need to overcome it. The eradication of racism and intolerance won’t come like riding a bike, where once it is learned it stays. Certainly the efficacy of protests will only go so far towards that change, and as Prof.West asserts, the struggle will be ongoing.

Poking outside of Beckett’s portrayal of the human condition is the notion of from where this wisdom and benefit to overcome our divisiveness and intolerance eminates. That is the mystery of insight and empathy arising. And placed in contrast to the compulsive and coercive language of tribal dynamics I think we can see how the two affect us and come into our personal psychology very differently, and we can begin to gravitate to the enlightening influence. However in the lack of this distinction is a danger, in that where as “Black Lives Matter” is a poignant value statement that was wisely given as the name of an organization, the acronym of BLM, as it may be tagged on a wall, suddenly changes the context from a poignant idea by objectifying it into the name of a club to rally around. The question is, do you protest so you can be a member of a club? How is the value you hold actualized?

Coming back to Beckett, the Irish Bluesman, I see as accurate his portrayal of the blind compulsion to act, blind as we cannot really know the validity of most of what we believe and tell. We are all basically ignorant, and although some may have understanding beyond most of us, mostly we latch on to what we can out of compulsion and faith. This describes the rise of the Flat Earthers, who want to have some autonomy from authority on their beliefs. However this doesn’t affect us as a community as does the anti-vaxxers, or more so the proclaimed racial supremacists. As much as I dislike propaganda, as you could tell from my rant above, I have come around to seeing the need of an ongoing cultural curriculum to teach and promote tolerence. Hopefully the wisdom and benefit of tolerance will be understood by many, even if others may have to internalize it through indoctrination. It is a faith that people can eventually hold values that benefit us all as whole and can learn how to pass them to future generations.
The older I get, the more I realize how important education is. So far, the best solution I have seen, is to hire LESS police officers, and pay them WAY more. A hair dresser has to go to school longer then a cop does. In Canada, you just need a high school diploma, and about a years training. If they have to get a bachelor degree in something to do with Social Science, or Psychology, or Cultural Studies, it says, “I’m willing to sink myself in debt to do this job, that’s how bad I want it.” I, as a 35 year old man was harassed WEEKLY by a Taiwanese pig who thought I was growing weed in my apartment, in Taipei. The BIGGEST problem I had was that a) I wasn’t, but more importantly this little punk assed bitch was barely 20 years old. The brain isn’t even completely developed at that age. So there’s another idea: You need to be at least 30 years old. Thoughts?
June 08, 2020  | person burnalot
Thanks for your additional comments, Tim. I think you nailed it with those. This issue is deep and wide and won't go away just because a lot of people yelled at it. The hope is that a lot of us will go home from the protests and start organizing for actual change.
June 08, 2020  | person scodav
@TmWbb: You are in the business of culture, or call it the Culture of Business, or the culture-business, or whatever. However one strings the words/concepts together in this historical moment, keep trusting your readers/site-users to help you interpret the flow of events. Just as they trust you to build and maintain The Discchord. There is way to much in this article and subsequent comments for me to comment on in any depth without a whole lot more time to reflect. So, just one thing about two sentences specific (hopefully) to your post:

"Unfortunately I don't think we're going to see anything positive come out of any of this. Just as with the protests in Hong Kong, or Occupy Wall Street, the bureaucracy we are opposing is simply too endemic." -- Master Webb

Okay. DEEEEEEP BREATH...AAHHHHH. Just tossing this out. Setting a timer for 10 minutes (that'll be the day). It could well be this marks an important inflection point in the maturation of our fledgling, nearly unsupervised, and un-precedented in planetary history for that matter, digital-society. Your statement is something many feel. I know it has caused me to vacillate along a spectrum of negative emotions increasingly out-weighing the positive. This feeling can drive us to depression, rage, hopelessness, and so on. It need not. I see increasing comments in the public sphere that suggest to me the time of our wandering dazed and lost in a fragmentized digital societal-headspace structurally promoted and enhanced by techno-science monopolies, rapacious venture/vulture capitalists, and old-school neo-liberal political-power elites may be up for a little bit of 'renegotiation.' Our young of all epidermal hues, I think, unmistakably 'get-it' now (let's hope the Boomer's seriously rethink a few choices they've made too). Get that, in the REALITY of a two party system (a system that ain't a-going anywherez soon), they MUST make a choice between TWO EVILS and MUST VOTE for the lessor. It is a DUTY of CITIZENSHIP. Wash, rinse and repeat until the choices are something less dismal than the money-raising obsessed psychopathic con-artists the Parties have bequeathed upon us for to many cycles now! I hear our Future talking about how critical it is they don't flounder about without direction like the Occupy WallStreet movement because they lacked BROAD BASED POLICY proposals. So maybe, this is the beginning of effective national AGENDA formation by the 99% emerging out the fragmented mess FB, etc. have captured us in. Using the very same AI tools, but different ;), we were ensnared with? Who knows. Keep emailing/mailing and voice-phoning your elected reps and power brokers while we wait for results suggestive of something more like proof.

Words and music and thought are exorbitantly intertwined (obviously). This "digital-society/media" technology is just as potentially profound to Homo saps thought and societal evolution as the Gutenberg information bomb. Thing is, the digital-explosion is happening at near light-speed compared to the print-explosion. But, cheer-up, this is just the very beginning of the 'explosion.' May not feel like in the midst of it, but, it is, just the onset. If our Societies want to last as long again as they did post-Gutenberg then WE will have to take 'steps.' Most of the World, and "here in the USA" even CA, already has taken 'steps.' Some bad, some good and a lot in-between. It is America's turn to start tinkering with our laissez faire approach. This is typical of US. We tend to let our "experiments" run longer than other allies. We'll make it better in the digital-space soon if we engage the politically feasible policy tools we have used numerous times over the past CENTURIES already! :) The racism is a primate-problem which requires strong laws and institutions to help us overcome each individual's built-in "devils" (if that helps you conceptualize things). Maybe originally we needed society for defense or farming and gathering who's to say. But our reasons for needing society and it's laws and institutions constantly change and constantly need updating. I'm pretty sure the lion's share of our society can't just trudge home from work and then spend what's left of their waking hours zoning out passively in front of entertainment feeds, whatever their platform type, and expect things to improve any longer.

As for Hong Kong, I do tend to dip into your pessimism for historical reasons. Oh gawd, keep it brief Crowfly! Keep it brief! Please! Deep Breath... Mainland China has a 4000 year history, there a-bouts, off and on (mostly on), with "gateway city-states" having privileged, yet strictly tributary whenever they had the power to impose it (truth is, China's ruler elite has usually had the upper hand), access to their ruling elite for the purposes of trade and/or maintenance of often otherwise tenuous ties to the outside world (you know, the barbarians who were not granted the divine right to rule the world (I'm not joking. Read your history. Meaning, read the Chinese source documents!)). Hong Kong is just another one on a long list of tributary gateway cities that have pretty much outlived their usefulness for the mainland ruling elite. If one can't really wrap their heads around the Chinese ability to maintain relatively constant policy across thousands of years despite hundreds, or is it thousands(?), of different individual regime agents, passing the baton if you will, then maybe they should reevaluate with a slightly more critical-eye than the lame-stream-media the Trump-Xi-Rocketman dynamic ;) Just say'in =:^O Somebody here has gotten consistently played like a fiddle (there's your music tie-in)! Guess which one!?! Hint: the Old Orange One whose mind we are watching decompose in real-time on Twitter.


An aside for @TW not directly related to this article, and yet, there is a connection to this "article" and previous article threads:

Blackboxes are tools of suppression for all of us. Especially for minorities, or anyone "down by law" (interesting Tom Waits movie if you haven't seen it) without a suitably padded bank account, for that matter. The shame of it is, these things are utterly unnecessary and easily dispensed with for the betterment of all us. Sadly, today Blackboxes are relentlessly hyped by mega-techno-monopolies for proprietary gain (can't forget academics shilling for grants, etc) at the expense of nearly everyone else in society whatever their color, or ethnicity or religion, or politics, or darn near anything else I can think of where "high-stakes decisions" are being made or augmented for human beings. That is, if these "human beings" aren't a majority shareholder with voting rights in a large Corporation. I've observed multiple "AI winters" over the years. An AI winter is when the hype goes quiet and the AI community goes to battle amongst themselves over what is the proper direction to take to restore their relevance. If it weren't for the aforementioned Techno-science Marketing/Lobbying machines I suspect we would be entering another AI winter now. Consider, for example, the probable termination of Uber's self-driving program after BILLIONS of dollars spent. True, they just committed last year(?) to pouring another billion down that drain hole but there are some key personnel changes etc that suggest a wind down could be in the works regardless of the hype. What's funny is we have been chatting about this at cross purposes since the first. You are interested in possibly the one niche where simulated 'neural processing' use of black boxes can be justified. I pretty much have no problem with black boxes in that context since serving up videos on youtube is not a high-stakes decision process likely to have much impact on human beings. With the possible exception of radicalizing young men and indirectly destroying their lives and their victim's families if and when they act out. Obviously, I won't provide links to the horrendous examples of their act-out savagery. I understand and respect your intellectual curiosity as you explained it. Heck, if it helps you deliver your pages here more efficiently I'm all for a NP AI routines in this very specific use case ;) In fact, go to town with NLP on my comments! I think you probably understand better now why I revisit this topic, no?

Nice fact-packed anti-blackbox presentation by a scientist who is no slouch when it comes building the things and then tearing the things apart:

_ Why Are We Using Black Box Models in AI When We Don’t Need To? A Lesson From An Explainable AI Competition_

_ The age of secrecy and unfairness in recidivism prediction_
June 08, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
June 08, 2020  | person m_h_s_n
Im very much for defunding the police, and removing all the military gear. I hope governments of the world will be defunded. Racism is such an important topic im afraid people will overlook some other things because it is twisted togather with the policing topic, they are seperate complex topics that overlap. I would like to see more people of color in the various activist movements, ive met so many people who could not see the value of animal rights, or permaculture yet they were committed to antiracist action, its all connected, NOT in some conspiracy but in that our world is dieing, the brown folk are not the only case of exploitation, and as long as we return to these mindsets , fuck, lets wake up once and for all and tear this entire system down , start over fresh where we have some love and respect for life. Im not interested in switching to a different color of the same old shit, capitalism, consumerism, americanism, constitutions written by iliterate fucking biggots from the 1700s, not my leaders, voting? How the fuck have we not ran trump out rather than protecting it? Thebastard has erased progress right in front of the people for years surrounded by people who support allll these other things that are not exactly racist but completely untolerative yet toooooo many people know more about the fucking drama of tv stars than the basics of science and political theories, we are distracted morons running on a treadmill powering the whole system while we bitch and complain.
June 09, 2020  | person_outline Cyp3
Problems won't be fixed overnight, and they won't ever be fixed permanently. It's always going to be a battle. If the world was predisposed to be just and fair, it would have happened thousands of years ago.

All we can do is try to bend the arc a little bit towards justice every day. Yes, it's exhausting. Yes, it's infuriating. But we have to keep bending the arc, as best we can.
All species fight...My dog and cat and the birds fight. It's just the way it is and too many people dreaming of Utopia. In Utopia we would be rich! Famous! With babes! Unfortunately crash back to reality. CoVID...18 murders in Chicago's South SIde last night...I wonder where Black Lives Matter were? Taking a break from their Programmed Agenda...
June 09, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
@Metalizer: sure, man, all species fight. And if we have been doing something since the Stone Age, then it must surely be right. So if I come to your house/cave, whack a club over your head and tear your woman with me by her hairs, then everything is cool, right? What if I did shoot you in the head, because I didn’t like your comment? Sounds evil, but don’t forget: all species fight, so this must be OK, right?

Irony aside: yes, all species fight. But nearly all species (except for humans) don’t kill when it’s not necessary, i.e. when they need to eat. Don’t tell me that black people have to die because white people are starving.

And as for “18 murders in Chicago’s South Side tonight...”: just because people are killed by criminals, it is OK to be killed by the Police? Seriously? And this is a “Programmed Agenda” (whatever that should mean)? Maybe you should check your own agenda first...?
June 09, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
@Granny Well I think that you by your argument necessitate the need for Police. You come to my house and take my woman.. Multiple homicides still happening all around us. Guess who you're gonna call....And it ain't ghostbusters. My advice is that Police funds and Police donations ain't gonna be goin' anywhere soon and neither is my gun collection.
June 09, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
we are changing the world!

“Having analysed 911 calls, they have already found that the majority pertain to mental health services, health and emergency medical services and fire services – and so, in part, are committing to redirecting efforts to social services instead.”


We need your help!
June 10, 2020  | person m_h_s_n
Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


The news-o-tainment show does as well as can be expected for the medium in exploring the component of anger and rage powering some of the American protesters. The best teaching-moment is at the end. When we want to really learn something new, a 'risky' endeavor by default, it is nearly always best to get as close to the source as possible. No toddler Homo sap will ever "really" learn not to be careless in the vicinity of stovetops by watching videos.

@Metalizer: provide links please when making incendiary radicalized smears couched in a juvenile understanding of biology. Otherwise you just look like a YAPPER (Yet Another Propagandist Puking Extremist Racism) and you miss a tiny and fleeting opportunity to teach/learn. You obviously have chosen to utterly ignore the 'roots' of the strife. Suggests you may be a child? Or maybe English is a second language and we just have to suffer through your learning process? The word choice "fight" to describe the interaction between species is sophomoric enough, but, to conflate the behavioral interaction of domesticated species with some pathetic mishmashed pastiche of Darwinism as if it were Universal Truth (only in your ignorance) to promote a Trumpian worldview is actually kind of a relief to see! It means you are not a product of an American public school education, or, you certainly have not graduated yet. TTL! If this is confusing you please ask your nearest handler for help. They will be glad to assist you! >:^D
June 10, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
@Metalizer: my point is not that we don’t need a Police , my point is that we need a Police that supports the law and the rights of everybody - yours, mine and also the rights of some black guy they stopped on the streets for whatever reason.
Killing people certainly does not fit into that description. And a Police that is killing people is even further from that description.
June 10, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
Metalizer: you’re going to be so disappointed when you finally need help from the cops. You speak as someone who has never really needed a crime solved.

Here are some examples of reality:
1: You get stabbed. You call the ambulance then pass out. You assailant was already gone when you called an ambulance or you couldn’t have called anyone. Calling the cops after the attack is over is pointless, you need someone to keep you alive, not a manhunt for a "average height black male".

2: You get stabbed, you call the cops, they show up, your assailant has once again left the area or you would not have been able to call the cops. Now you’re unconscious and bleeding because you decided to call the cops first. Cops arrive, they call the ambulance, you die because you made The wrong call. Cops will not find the perp, and you’ll be dead

3: You get stabbed in your own home, your dog gets knocked unconscious by the robbers before they stab your ass repeatedly. You’re in your living room, you call the cops. Dog is licking your wounds, you pass out. Dog barks, gunshots, chaos.. now you’re on the floor bleeding out while the cops who misunderstood the whole situation is working to cuff your guilty ass while your dog takes its last breath in the hall.

Why would you call the cops? All they can do is give you "justice" in the form of punishment for your assailants. Unsatisfying punishment even. 4 months for assault and then house arrest for a further 3 months. I’ve had tummy aches lasting longer than people serve for violent crimes.
I would also like to add to Tim: i did simplify it quite a bit in my previous post, but as a white male I have to agree, the cops have treated me very well. They’ve never solved a single case of violence and rape against my family, but they have been mild mannered and kind. I grew up in the countryside, and you know who else treated me super nice? The neo nazis and white supremacists. I am extremely white, a god in their eyes. And in the eyes of the cops I can do no wrong. I am not a threat or person of interest eventhough I’ve used enough drugs to kill all the whales left in the ocean.

Never judge whites by how they treat whites. To a white fella, the "good people on both sides" argument holds a lot more water than it does for a brown man. Never have I been in danger around actual nazis. My brazillian buddy, on the other hand has had quite a few run ins with those fucks and the cops... They really only show their true nature when afraid or angry.

A bunch of cops resigned in sympathy with the dude who got fired for pushing that old guy down and making his ear gush blood (the guy Trump tries to peg as an agitator who broke his head on purpose...) they resign in support of the dude who pushed the old timer....... that’s who they have sympathy for. The violent filth that got fired for being violent filth.........

Cops are there to protect white people from the rest. That’s why we white folks get to enjoy their good side while everyone else gets the knee.
June 10, 2020  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
Actually had an armed home invasion last year. Guess who was there in ten minutes. Cops. My guns were not in my room where I was trapped with the goons outside trying to beak in. Cop sirens made them flee but saved the day as they tried even a crowbar. My door was solid teakwood. George Floyd was a convicted violent felon and all his life revolved around crime and drugs. No sympathy for the old lady that he violently assaulted and went to jail for? He got what he was always going to get at the hands of the law.
June 10, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
@Metalizer: sorry, but you still don’t understand. NOBODY has the right to kill other people. Not even (and most of all!) a cop, whose job it is to protect the law.

George Floyd might have been a scumbag or maybe not - we all simply do not know for sure. But there was absolutely no reason to kill this man. And THAT is what all the discussions and demonstrations are all about.
June 10, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
@VGA: you made some very good observations in your comment, especially “Never judge whites by how they treat whites”. This is also very true here in Old Europe.
June 10, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
The history of the police is messy and ugly. Where reforms have failed miserably, there are questions about getting rid of the police altogether. It's a fascinating time. I don't know enough to comment on it. I do need/want to learn more.

It would not surprise me if priorities shifted in law enforcement and public safety, that moving resources into other programs would result in safer better communities. Seems like the reflexive "murder the scumbags" attitude that results in overly militarized police and use of weapons of torture on peaceful protestors is a big part of the problem.
If the goon is armed, he just lost his life.
June 10, 2020  | person_outline Metalizer
What is a goon? Good cop? Bad cop? Mentally ill person went to big box store and bought gun? Moron protecting himself with firearm (but not a mask) at the state capital? Kid armed with a toy gun in a park?

We get it. You were recently victimized. So you should kinda know what it's like to be a victim.
The “goon” Floyd was not even armed, like so many others...
June 11, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
it don't feel like as a uk citizen i've got a right really to be commenting on this thread, but in all the www this is only blog i read since plamsounds went down and what happened over there has seeped over here.

systemic racism, yup we got that (of course) dare i say not quite the same though, i was in Bristol and saw with my own eyes the crowds pull down the statue of the slave trader whose names all over the city and then chuck it in the river, good riddance, it was like a weight i didn't realise was there lifted, attitudes here have snap changed, it seems every single person was sick to fucking death of the stupid double standard, right now anyone who has anything less than a sympathetic attitude gets ripped into, somethings defiantly changed, it feels quite nice.

police brutality, seems to me if your police and you've got to be worried that everyone you approach is packing, it no fucking wonder you've got a hyper violent police force because they have to deal with violent thugs where carrying a gun is normal! like an arms race to hell. i'm sure you've heard it a million times, and i know theres absolutely no way it will happen, put down the guns people, but then first one who does gets shot right? sigh.

But hey, i don't understand the subtle rules that makes it work for you, just the sight of a gun fills me full of adrenaline, i do know your a good bunch, clever spirited and full of ingenuity and i defiantly wish you all the best.
June 11, 2020  | person_outline LastManStanding
"Actually had an armed home invasion last year. Guess who was there in ten minutes. Cops. My guns were not in my room where I was trapped with the goons outside trying to beak in. Cop sirens made them flee but saved the day as they tried even a crowbar. My door was solid teakwood. George Floyd was a convicted violent felon and all his life revolved around crime and drugs. No sympathy for the old lady that he violently assaulted and went to jail for? He got what he was always going to get at the hands of the law." -- The @MeNtalizer

"solid teakwood" you say? >:^D Seriously folks, take a closer look at the Narrative Metalizer presents and then try and convince yourself of it's authenticity. Trust your gut on this one. It is pretty much BS, with maybe the flimsiest scaffolding of truth, which any lie that hopes to be believed must have, that I've had to decode in sometime, outside of overtly partisan political rhetoric. For me, life long resident of the United States from the east, middle and west, both far north and deep south and points in between, it isn't his description of the odd 'living arrangements' giving it away. It's the "solid teakwood." Practically what we call a dog-whistle in these parts. I don't mean to suggest every word of his post isn't in service of the pure un(in)formed drivel swirling around inside Metalizer's childish mind, but, I'm just going to have some fun with the "solid teakwood" if I may. Where to start? Nobody has built homes in America for at least 50+ years that used pre-hung solid heartwood teak for interior doors. It has not happened in statistically meaningful numbers since the Great Gatsby era. That is a wood-type in home construction/restoration, if it is used at all, which will be found almost exclusively on exterior doors. Odds are, such doors are going to be found pretty much only in costal marine settings or maybe whereever rain is unrelenting, as in the Pacific Northwest perhaps or in a Great Lakes rain-shadow maybe, and only in a handful of zip-codes. Here on the fringes of the great Mojave and Sonoran deserts a local zip-code restricted online search of Home Depot on doors, both interior and exterior, using "solid teakwood door" and "solid teak wood door" came up with zero "teak" door results. Simulated "solid teakwood" products such as veneers and stains are probably fading, if not gone, from the awareness of the <95%er American consumers not exposed to yachting niche marketing (maybe @Practical(?)_Yacht can speak to this?). So this begs the question, just how far up his ass did @M have to reach, and for how long did he auto-fist himself, before he was able to pull out a "solid teakwood" door? As painful an image that may conjure up, please accept my apologies, I can only cringe thinking of the pile of objects on the floor he must of pulled out before groping upon his door. Hope it at least had a doorknob for purchase! OMG! the vision of him re-inserting all the objects in the pile just flashed by! The horror, the horror, .... So assuming one is foolish to actually believe whole-cloth any of @M's fevered-ravings (maybe his parents gave him covid after the last Trump rally they attended?), a little online searching suggests a genuine "solid teakwood" finished door of heartwood sturdy enough to deter professional smash-and-grabber's (this, of course, is a concoction, cobbled together, from watching endless loops of the minuscule proportion of door-cam 'footage' that actually has anything other than soul-crushing out-of-focus tedium or grazing ungulates to reward the viewer, and hence, deemed worthy of uploading into YourTubes of Shat) is going set the purchaser back somewhere around 10 to 50+ grand, USD, installed in 2020. The sort of houses that were built back in the day with solid heartwood teak doors are not just "money-pits." They are "black-holes" for money! Black-holes even if the structures have not been placed on 'historical' registers yet! How do I know this? ... Anyway. The single-family owner-occupants of these grand old relics, outside of very high-walled and extremely exclusive gated communities, today are going to be, broadly speaking, most probably, DINKs. To be frank, they are most likely going to be very successful professional same-sex couples in their early 40's at the youngest. Not likely candidates for the pitter-patter of tiny feet, at least, of the bipedal sort. The field just keeps narrowing. Let's get real for a minute and keep to the pretense @M is a child ;). No <99.5%er suffering parents, faced with prospects of educating a brainiac like little @M, are going to spend money on genuine "solid teakwood" interior or exterior doors, new or used, if they have any aspirations of pulling together enough 'influence' to bribe their progeny into mommy-daddy-dearest's alma mater. Back to the architecture of @M's comment: "My guns were not in my room where I was trapped with the goons outside trying to beak in." Having sort of established that the only statistically likely baseline case worth considering, is, his "solid teakwood" door is an exterior 'fabrication', we get an image of a very strange house indeed. The house @M lives in, inside of his mind, consists then of a single room!?! "How weird is that ...?" Of course, @M doesn't have access to guns. His parental-units, Republicans or not, couldn't possibly be stupid enough to leave guns, much less anything remotely qualifying as a sharp-object, unsecured anywhere in the vicinity an @M is likely to crawl or walk. This tends to suggest @M is now in his 'own' room and his mom, when she's not calling the police on black bird-watchers (NOT BLACKBIRD WATCHERS NUMBNUTZ), must of confined him there ...? At least this fits the architecture of the medium priced American home occupied by the legions of mortgage-slaves I'm familiar with. Again, we must turn away from our fears, the @M's are trying to stoke, and return our focus to the "baseline" Kahneman and Tversky tried, and failed for the most part, to make us all aware of when we practice critical/statistical thinking as best we can with the scant and fragmentary evidence our uncertain senses can gather. As for @M 'biography' of the deceased, it again demonstrates a willful and exquisitely cultivated ignorance (so tedious and common among Trumpsters) of the overwhelming mass of background evidence preceding the current events that even outsourcing @M to a top-tier inland Chinese re-education "summer camp" would be a waste of money. ;) Although his long "suffering parents" might appreciate the temporary respite.... I weary of this for now. Profuse apologies for confusing typos and admissions and any eyestrain I'm responsible for. Remember to use the "speak" function your OS provides more often, perhaps.

P.S., a tip of my virtual hat to @stub for another particularly insightful observation and to @g and everyone else, including our beneficent and benign dictator, and even to @M, on the basis of the theory there is no tool in the shed so dull even it can't be used to get some work done.

Looks like it may be time to prepare to surf the second wave already! This virus spreads like nothing Mankind has seen in historical times! We are so f**k**g lucky the mortality rate is as low as it appears to be so far! On the bright side of life, sometimes I think I'm living inside a Monty Python movie, POTUS and thousands of expectorant spewing rabid screaming Trumpsters will be gathering in large numbers inside closed spaces underneath the artificial winds of massive air-recirculating machines ... maybe Trump and his accolades are caught up in some sort of Jimmy Jones messiah death-cult psycho-complex? If humanity's plagued past is any indicator there will be some excessively large and ornate real estate structures, i.e., tacky McMansions, flooding onto the market soon. Any thoughts on that @MeNtalizer?


Happy Hoarding and Have A Riot While Your At It!
June 12, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly

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