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What is NDI? - Why you NEED it for OBS!

YouTuber JohnPaul Music UK brings us a tip that won't mean a thing to 99% of you. For that 1% that does care, and uses OBS for your video production, this is an amazing tip! Get these apps now while they're free! I've wasted a lot of money trying other iPhone OBS streamers and they're all fucking garbage. I haven't tested this one out, but John Paul is actively using it in this video so you can see it working for yourself.

Video Description:

In this video we go through What is NDI and look at the two NDI iOS apps, NDI HX Camera & NDI HX Capture.


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I've been teaching video lessons with my mid 2012 MBP. The camera quality isn't very good, and my set up really limits how much I can move my MBP.

There've been times when I want to use my iPad as the camera- remotely and still use my MBP as the Zoom/Skype host. I'm running a pretty complex audio path from the MBP, so my audio is on point. This could allow me to show my hands on the keyboard, etc.

The first hitch I ran into was when I went to the github site, I didn't really understand the install directions for Mac OS. I wonder if I'll be able to figure it out.
@stub: Do you have Homebrew installed?

Thanks, @Tim Webb

I don't have Homebrew insalled, but even that is a little intimidating. Again, I don't mind doing some reading about it. But I'm a little worried. Would installing something like Homebrew and the NDI OBS plugin do anything risky/wonky to my system?
@stub: I'm not sure how to answer that responsibly. All of my macOS installs are either wonky Hackintosh or wonky Virtual Machines. A certain amount of wonk is just a given in my world.

I do know that just about every developer who uses macOS has to install Homebrew at some point. There's just too many useful packages in there to go without.

On the subject of wonk though. I just noticed my main PC has been running for over a month!


This is through recording, editing, and rendering 5 videos. Countless hours in Doom Eternal. PyCharm is always running, and that's a Java abomination. This is my main rig; it gets abused all day long. Yet somehow Windows 10 is keeping it together for over a month!
@Tim Webb

One month of trouble-free uptime? That IS impressive.

I hit a sweet spot of trouble free computer action at some point. Let's see, it was DP 7.24, OS 10.6.8 (snow leopard, 32-bit). Those were the days. Before and since, not a shit-show, but not great.

OS: "DP has quit unexpectectly. Would you like to send a report to Apple?"

Me: "sure."

Apple: "Here's Jon's crash report. ... DRINK!"

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