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Groovebox: Beat & Synth Studio Update

Groovebox: Beat & Synth Studio, from Ampify Music, was updated with a new ambient synth, Horizon!

What's new in Groovebox: Beat & Synth Studio v2.1:

Horizon is the new ambient polyphonic synth for Groovebox. With lush pads, dreamy melodies and analogue organs, Horizon is the soundtrack to your dreams.

If you enjoy using Groovebox, we'd really appreciate a review on the App Store. If you find bugs or have any comments, drop us a line at support@ampifymusic.com.

Reader Comments 4

Groovebox is a lot of fun - it’s clearly aimed at more entry level users but experienced users might find it useful as an idea machine.

One thing that’s kind of annoying: I bought the Pro Features Upgrade (deeper control over instrument parameters) but apparently it doesn’t apply to this new Horizon synth - it has its own IAP to unlock those features.

C’mon guys. Don’t try to juice me.
May 22, 2020  | person_outline nos4A2
Ouch! I didn't realize this wasn't part of the Pro pack! How much is it?
It looks like it costs $6.99 to buy/unlock the full functionality of the Horizon synth.

FYI - I love their apps, however I just wish this developer would be more transparent when they drop support for older IOS versions, and not cripple their apps and loyal users in the process.

I just noticed this app crashes on IOS 10 now when browsing the sounds. Likely due to some change in store API they made upstream, and not released a bug fix for users < IOS 12.

A few weeks back I discovered that their IAP/soundpack store is now completely disabled for Blocks Wave users on IOS 10. So if I reinstall the app, I wont be able to download any soundpack IAPs that I purchased over the years. :p At least the app itself still works, but no notice was given. One day the IAP store stopped working, only after sending an email to support, I found out whats up.

It really makes me hesitant to invest in buying sounds and expansions if say in 2 years time, I get dropped if I don't update to IOS 15 or whatever.

Oh well. Thanks for reading if you read this far :)
May 22, 2020  | person_outline Joe
instrument is payable for pro fueatures users? It is not ok!!!!!!!!!!
May 25, 2020  | person_outline mfp

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