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Chopping Vocal Samples in VirSyn ReSlice & Giveaway!

Les Productions Zvon has released a new collection of vocal samples from Julie, a Jazz singer from Montreal. He imported some of those samples into ReSlice for some creative playing while he demos the samples.

Contest: I have 5 copies of the Julie Vocal Collections to give away! Comment on this post for a chance to win!

Contest closed! Congratulations to vasre, Cuscolima, Knoepfe, belibat, and Tony!

Video Description:

In this video, I am importing a few samples from the Julie Vocal Collections in ReSlice.
I have simply used its automatic detection to create the slices, adjusting the start and end points if needed. Each slice has, among other parameters, its own panning and pitch controls. Pitch can also be transposed with the arpeggiator.

Only 1 sample plays at once in all examples.

I have used ReSlice here but there are other slicers that can achieve good and fun results too.

Julie is a Montreal's professional jazz singer and her voice is beautiful and very expressive. The 3 sample collections are:
- Julie's Scat collection, beautiful collection of scat singing, includes complete phrases, sliced phrases and shorter sounds.
- Julie's Vocal FX vol. 1 collection, scats to percussive noises to special vocal FX.
- Julie's Vocal FX vol. 2 collection, covers a lot of sonic ground, from laughs, cries, funny sounds, vocals to percussive noises to special vocal FX.

The 3 collections bundle has over 1,235 one-shot samples (89 MB).

Visit this page for more info and a free demo of 155 samples:

Contest Entries 18

We need more voices to play with ! Please Tim, consider this as my official subscription for the contest
May 06, 2020  | stars Cuscolima
very nice chopping
May 06, 2020  | person dismay
Voices! Count me in pls Tim. Cheers
May 06, 2020  | stars vasre
How much track would a track chopper chop if a track chopper would chop tracks?
May 06, 2020  | person bcomnes
Beautiful voice, at least when it's not burping all the way :-) Count me in
May 06, 2020  | person Cosmo
I love samples!
May 06, 2020  | stars Tony
In these dire times, let the chopping begin...
May 06, 2020  | person nreyes
I’d like a copy. Daniel is the master of quirk!
Looks like a lot more variety of samples than I expected.
Sounds lovely...Let’s chop! I’d like one!
May 06, 2020  | person Humbuzz
Oh cool, looks very useful. Would love to try it out.
Thanks for the reminder. I have this plugin but because I live and breathe BeatMaker 3, I never use it. I totally forgot the arpeggios on this app and can be using that. Samples sound quite good BTW. Cheers.
Since we’re not getting FIJM, this Summer, this pack could make for a bit of jazzy musicking. (Wonder which Julie this might be. It’s a pretty common first name, here.)
I’d like a copy! Les Zvon always do interesting things.
And Eve was weak!
Not in for the contest, because already own that sample pack. But i can say that it is awesome and inspiring, just like the Memory Collections from Les Productions Zvon!
May 07, 2020  | stars belibat
If I win I‘ll create a free ringtone ;-)
May 07, 2020  | stars Knoepfe
Thanks everyone for the nice comments, they're much appreciated... and good luck to all!
Note that the Julie Collections bundle is currently on sale at $9.99 (50 % off).
May 07, 2020  | touch_app Zvon

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