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Oh Vennila (Kadhal Desam / Prema Desam)

Navneeth Sundar was joined by Abinandan David on guitar for this cover of Oh Vennila. Navneeth is using the Saarangi inside of SWAM violin, which is being controlled by GeoShred.

Video Description:

A soulful cover on the iPad of "Oh Vennila" song of A R Rahman, from the Tamil film "Kadhal Desam" (Prema Desam in Telugu). Played using Geoshred app & iPad Saarangi sound from SWAM violin. Edited using Lumafusion app.

iPad - Navneeth Sundar
Guitar - Abinandan David

Navneeth Sundar social links
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Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/navneethsundar
Website: https://www.navneethsundar.in

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The first time I watched this I got choked up. Had just finished reading an article about the reality of "herd immunity." The "reality", mind you, not the mindless crap gun toting Trumpsters spurred on but the sick-f**k-of-a-POTUS are spewing, about the possible price India may have to pay to reach "herd immunity" status. I guess that was about a week ago? Right, 8 days ago. I was so pissed-off I couldn't put the words together. If the MORON's in this country would just STFU, and stop treating everyone else on the Planet that doesn't look like them (and it goes without saying, all people obviously smarter than they are) like bugbears, and instead cultivated some contacts with folks in cultures like India (obviously), the f**k**g idjits just might learn something. Something that could save American lives. Apparently that's to big an ask with our homegrown weak sisters. We'll know in a few more days, a week at most probably, if the Covid-19 can spread fast enough for the positive effects of herd immunity to take hold before many of the more susceptible people get infected when the R factor is still high in India. The thing about India is that the density and living conditions are such that there is no other hope than that the best possible herd immunity creation scenario plays out! This is really dark-sh*t. Haven't even begun to scratch the surface. All I'll say is this: just consider the current list of known risk factors that contribute to the infection causing ARDS, and anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together ought to grasp what's at stake there, and how whatever happens going forward in India, it can/should inform what we in the OECD club do regarding reopening our economies. Ah, f**k me! If any silly white privileged bernie-bros are reading this I got some advice for you: vote for whatever Democrat lives long enough to get past election day! It doesn't matter if Biden is on life support. It doesn't matter if they're a freaking Zombie! Get off your f**k**g pink arses and vote for them, whoever, it is. Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed for India. We'll know soon about the feasibility of gambling on herd immunity to save our butts. Of course, we''ll never know the half of it when it comes to India, but that's another very long story!

Sorry about the WeBB Master!? 😬
April 30, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
Crowfly, while I enjoy most of your rants... can you please avoid politics? While I may agree with your sentiment; by allowing it, that opens up the opportunity for people who disagree to have their rants too. Let's just try to avoid politics here.

No one has ever changed their political ideology based on a random Internet comment anyhow.

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