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Everything is Cancelled

I love April Fools. Even the jokes that don't land are at least a break from the norm. It is the one day that makes us all seriously question what we read on the Internet. I think that's a healthy annual reminder that we should be this skeptical on all the other days of the year. Unfortunately I have to agree with the many people who have called for April Fools to be cancelled this year.

I know this won't come as a blow to the many of you who don't give a shit and just want your regular sites to give you your regular content. You're getting it today. If you scroll past this post you'll find lots of new articles. There are 3 new apps today! There's lots of stuff to take your mind off the crisis.

You should also scroll past this if you don't want to read a political rant on your favorite music app blog. Just go straight down to all those new apps and videos. I don't want to force my opinion on anyone. I frankly don't believe anyone can convince anyone else of a political opinion on the Internet. I also don't want to bum you out. I never post about sad personal shit here, because that's not what you're coming to read. But this shit has hit way too close to home, and I'm super sad right now so I want to rant. Please just scroll past to the new apps if you don't want to hear it. Endless finally came out of beta, and BeepStreet's Drambo is even more amazing than we ever realized. There's lots of fun stuff below this post.

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Scroll To Here

My husband works at a hospital. He's in IT, not medicine, so he is not directly interacting with the many Covid-19 patients there. He still has to go into a building he knows is full of a bug that is killing people all over the world. None of the other people in that building are feeling particularly great either. Quite a lot of them are at their breaking point. These are the modern mundane heroes of the health care industry, and they're being wiped out by a host of villains.

If you're looking for a career change, or have been furloughed indefinitely, you should make use of your free time to start studying medicine. There is going to be a drastic shortage of nurses and doctors in America very soon. It shouldn't have happened like this, but it did. It is still happening! It is a slow motion train wreck that is killing the very best of us, and it is leaving the survivors feeling hollow and betrayed.

It's almost laughable now how easily Americans have looked down on the rest of the world for decades. Now places like India are actually dealing with the threat, while we fumble this at every turn. The shortages of personal protective equipment were easily avoidable. The mass infections we see all across this nation were avoidable. We just didn't avoid it. We hemmed and we hawed and we didn't take the threat seriously.

Shit rolls down hill, so let's look at the top of this mountain of failures. I don't know how you felt about the President of the United States of America 3 weeks ago, but I can't imagine how anyone feels good about him now. His response to the crisis has been irresponsibly inconsistent, and dangerously narcissistic. Meanwhile we continue to have states that are still not on lockdown. As I write this, a quarter of all Americans are living in states that are acting as if this is a normal Wednesday. This is going to needlessly prolong the infection throughout the whole country, because they're more concerned about their fucking tax revenue. Trump has signed a lot of executive orders in his term. He's failed to sign the one we needed most. If he shut this all down 3 weeks ago, we wouldn't have hospitals bursting over capacity.

Even in states that are on lockdown, there are a disturbing amount of people ignoring the order. I'm actually way more pissed with these folks than I am with Trump. Assholes ignoring the order to stay home are the real villains. These are the people who are putting everyone at risk. Especially hospital workers. This whole shortage of personal protective equipment is appalling, but the situation is made much worse when people are unnecessarily getting themselves infected. These idiots are using up the resources that protect the lives of healthcare workers and their families.

Every single day my husband comes home from the hospital he's shaken. He's had a grueling work day, and on the drive home he is devastated to see so many people outside and still congregating in groups. Is this really just a country full of dangerous narcissists? How are so many people more concerned with their fucking petty social nonsense, than they are with the well-being of the healthcare providers they are endangering?

If you're a threat to the heroes, you are the villain in this story.

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What you wrote, Tim, resonates too much with me. It shows how much the scenario here in Brazil and up there is the same. In some ways we can blame our presidents, but there are too many people not taking this seriously, gathering in home parties as if that wouldn't hurt everyone else.

The virus + disease scares me a lot. But our fellow humans are scaring me way more.
I agree with the above article. We're mostly going to survive, but it's appalling how badly this has been bungled. Many many people will die alone for no good reason, and many millions will suffer for decades, due the the loss of friends and family members. Few of us will live long enough to see the once-strong economy recover to where it was a month ago.
Still, it is a wonderful world, and I'm delighted to be in it. God bless us every one!
April 01, 2020  | person_outline SlowlyITurn
Thanks for the article and video. I agree well said slowlyITurn! I pray God heals this land and give some of these morons some common sense!
Tim, we apparently differ greatly in our politics, but I'm just posting this here to say that regardless of our differences in seeing the world, I really enjoy reading your content and appreciate the work you do. And as a fellow developer I'm really impressed with you taking the initiative to code this whole site from scratch! Nice!
Hopefully this crisis means that we finally get it and make sure healthcare is prioritised right across this planet.
April 01, 2020  | person Charlie
Huge thanks to your fam for the work they do, the frontline medical workers have been taking a beating but the second line folks who prep the tech and infrastructure for them to do their jobs properly and safely are getting it only slightly less. I tried to explain it to someone that it's like going to war against a perfectly equipped army while we're armed with like four guns per hundred soldiers and the rest having to share hammers and rocks to fight with. Plus there are many of our civilians constantly strolling across the line of fire dragging their children and grandparents along behind them because they've been told the war is a big political hoax and the artillery isn't real.
April 01, 2020  | person_outline azazabacheche
Unfortunately the U.S. is now paying the price for our just in time economy and world supply chain and people like your husband are paying the price. There’s also a video going around by a Dr. Price from NY that seems to be full of very old and outdated information about personal distancing that’s making the rounds. He talks about only using a mask for his COVID-19 patients and how the primary method of transmission is through touching surfaces with the virus then your face. He totally discounts person to person viral transmission saying we’d have to be in close contact for 15-30 minutes to become infected. In contrast the CDC site on the corona virus (coronavirus.gov) emphasizes how person to person spread of the virus through the air is a significant way we can become infected and why we’re supposed to stay six feet away from each other.

The CEO of a local healthcare agency distributed the Dr. Price video to all of the staff and is now sharing it with their patients. I filed a complaint with the state licensing department after contacting this agency and getting no response. Hopefully the wheels of bureaucracy are turning faster than usual so they can retract and correct this dangerous misinformation. It’s especially disturbing that none of the staff questioned the video sufficiently to prevent it from being rolled out to their patients.
@azazabacheche: That is a perfect analogy!

@somnambulist: We probably do not differ as greatly as you think. I'm not a Democrat. I'm not anything. I'm a gun-totting meat-eating hippie. I don't fit neatly into any of the ways people have tried to slice us into teams. Fuck teams. There are aspects of my political philosophy that would seem conservative to Bernie Bros, while I also think that some version of socialism is going to be necessary in the future of automating millions of people out of a job. Political reality is way too vastly complex; with layers of nuance that are ignored when we divide into partisan factions.

This is why it is easy for me to avoid talking about politics... usually. I don't want to "rally the troops" or change anyone's political leanings, because I think leaning either way is unproductive.

@PLU Collective: The amount of misinformation in this mess is baffling. So many people seem to have a need to be an authority on a topic, that it overrides any rational pause to consider what they're even saying.
There's a joke in there somewhere...eventually...maybe.

A correlation of the old adage:

Tragedy - Comedy = Time

Or more appropriately:

Comedy - Tragedy = Negative Time

And Negative Time is where we find ourselves, as time has been squandered and the greater tragedy is still before us.

A poor effort at levity. Let's all flash forward to the future to a time when we are all safe again. And none of us has been made a fool for letting our eyes stray from the task at hand.
April 01, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
100% agree. The inability to sacrifice even a smidge of comfort to benefit the greater good is devastating to watch. As an industrial strength doomsayer I have to say that humanity has lived down to my expectations this time around. If they continue this path, there will be a clear path towards absolute fucking breakdown of all social norms the way that happens when order is lost suddenly.

Hunker down. The worst among us are about to do their worst at the worst thinkable time. This is when people with nothing to lose reach their final form.
April 01, 2020  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
Pollution is down!
Idiots are voluntarily sacrificing themselves to disease!
Human overpopulation is...getting a tiny dent taken out of it!
Pets are finally spending time with their people!


April 01, 2020  | person_outline ..
Wow... so my gut reaction is to just immediately remove that comment, but I'm going to leave it up because I'm sure you're not alone in that view.

Pollution might be down temporarily, but this isn't going to stop any environmental damage in any meaningful way. China is already back to work.

If you want to take the super dark view of population control, then this isn't even helpful. The fatalities are just not remotely high enough to make any kind of impact. Instead we have people crippled by this disease and its damage to the lungs, along with generational heartbreak as children lose their parents and parents lose their children.

This is not solving any of the world's problems.
Thanks a lot for sharing, Tim!

If there’s one thing which gives me hope through all this mess: we all have different needs and we’re all in this together.
I live in Australia and I will say the Prime Minister is handling this well. I lived in Chicago for 45 years and I am an American. I am also an Aussie. I see the bungling errors being made in the US by everyone but the first responders who are woefully under protected.

Yes some of the really stupid and careless among us are causing this to skyrocket. Hopefully they are a large portion of who dies but unfortunately life doesn’t work like that.

Tim I have family in Chicago and I am genuinely fearful for them and one of my best friends who I have known for 35 years is in New York as a travel nurse at the busiest hospital there. I fear for her as well.

This thing will change our lives, these are unprecedented times.

Things could have been done differently in the US the whole world can see that.

I feel for you and everyone ,you and your husband keep your head down and hopefully it passes you over.

I truly believe that this is Mother Earth sending us a message and that message is to
Live in harmony with me or I will take you out. I can’t even blame her!

Much Love 💓 because we need a whole lot more of that. And Stay Safe !
April 01, 2020  | person That guy
Completely agree with you when you're saying about what should been done 3 weeks ago. Here in Moscow the restrictions are setting up, but slowly; I guess we are next to take the impact. Russia is a distant corner of the Earth so we always have a delay. As I can see most people around me taking things more or less seriously. Me personally self isolated myself with my family for about 2 weeks now. It's painful cuz no work for me at all from day one (no gigs); no money no ballooney, but we're keep practicing at home and my wife is giving infrequent vocal lessons via WhatsApp (!) so we're still afloat more or less.

Meanwhile some connection says that it's possibly there's second wave in China happens right now. Aaand we almost have a million infected around the world.

Very sad hearing that info on how bad it is going in America. God bless you and your fam and the Nation (and the World's people)...

Great moment to read some Henry Miller, huh? He's always sounds optimistic even there's no way to crawl out, one of my favorite writers!

Oh, and Endlesss is the future. Tim Exile found a way to make some juice out of typical network lag problem, and the app itself is intuitive and full packed. I would say it's a brave new world, Jam 2.0, precisely if you on a lockdown (and yes, we are).

#stayhome people! Wash your hands... You know the rules. But let's keep the fun coming, The art will save the world. I'm pretty serious. Let's get together via music.
@Tim Webb yes too much confusion and I’ve seen several media outlets have picked up the Dr. Price video story. The New York Times did an article today which included the hospital where Dr. Price works and reported about staff becoming patients there. Unfortunately Dr. Price’s optimism about not getting COVID-19 wasn’t warranted for some of his colleagues. Hopefully they can get better infection control and PPE they need to eliminate this.
This virus is now quite rightly known as the trump virus.
April 02, 2020  | person_outline Harry
It is incredible to see how politicians and citizens all made the same mistakes while starting to face this virus..
Denying the evidence, then running for cover.
Every single country did this, like if this whole Corona Virus issue was too much to be true.
Somebody said they tried to deny in the first stages because of stock markets. So they could not crash..
I sincerely wish all the best to you and your beloved. Stay safe! Also if your govern hasn’t said it yet. If you don’t want to do it for yourself do it for others.
April 02, 2020  | person belibat
Couldn't agree more. American exceptionalism has been thoroughly disproven over the last couple years but this is staggeringly dumb even for us.
April 02, 2020  | person ngarjuna
Thank you for sharing, Tim.
What is they say? "Adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it." Sad but often true.
I've had some learning to do myself through this. Probably all of us do.
In my case, even though I felt I've been pretty careful through this, I had to have my immune-compromised spouse slap me upside the head (figuratively) to get me to reassess my risk tolerance.
She was right; I made some significant changes. A minimalist solution is not a solution.
More generally, here in Canada we haven't seen much evidence of flattening the curve yet, even if it looks like most people are behaving much better. (Lest ye think Canada is much better than the US, just a reminder that the so-called "Patient Zero" for the AIDS epidemic in the US was a Canadian.) It's clear there are more than enough selfish idiots to go around.
April 02, 2020  | person Digger162
I’m with you, Tim, in this rant.

I care very much about the people I choose to have in my life, and they’re generally intelligent and reasonable people. Still, I’ve had to explain to some of them that it’s not about them and their own health risk; it’s about society, and about not overloading hospitals by being “part of the illness” any sooner than “inevitably”. It helps no one to “get it over with and hope for the best”. Social distancing is what we do for EVERYONE.
April 02, 2020  | person dysamoria
You hit the nail on the head. Thanks.
April 02, 2020  | person scodav
Well said :-) Good luck to you both. And please keep political/personal thoughts coming. There's room for that AND yet another synth ;-) Thank you.
Hi Tim
Sad to hear that. I wish you and your couple be in great health and energy during this period. Take care and many thanks to continue pushing hard in your work!! I enjoy to read and hear you.
My best blessings for both of you!!
April 02, 2020  | person abi
Judging by the thoughtful and heartfelt comments here I will stick my neck out and proffer the following, _A_Distant_Mirror:_The_Calamitous_14th_Century_ by Barbara W. Tuchman and skillfully narrated by Wanda McCaddon. The audio is worth the expenditure, but, you may miss some of the humorous subtle understatement your first listen if you are unfamiliar with the period. It reads as well as it listens though. The title metaphor is so apropos. The whole cast of characters on this stage we call a world is there. Human behavior hasn't changed, but, we can learn much new from watching how the same 'old' cast of characters dealt with what we must now face, again.

If we can peer back into the mists and see fundamental aspects of ourselves mirrored back at us, then predicting at least some aspects of our futures isn't that great a stretch of the imagination is it?

April 02, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
A heartfelt "Thank you" to your husband for being part of the front line in this giant mess.

I agree with everything you said. But one of my biggest fears is that the vast majority of these idiots will be just fine, contracting the virus but being asymptomatic or only having minor symptoms. They will be completely ignorant of the part they played in spreading the disease and killing older, more frail neighbors and thus their ignorance will be reinforced, their skepticism deepened, and when the next pandemic happens (and there will always be a "next pandemic") they will ignore the warnings because "COVID 19 was no big deal". Except this time, the pandemic is of a virus with an R0 of 9 and a 10% mortality rate....
On April 02, 2020 - @ajp said:
But one of my biggest fears is that the vast majority of these idiots will be just fine, contracting the virus but being asymptomatic or only having minor symptoms. They will be completely ignorant of the part they played in spreading the disease and killing older, more frail neighbors and thus their ignorance will be reinforced, their skepticism deepened, and when the next pandemic happens (and there will always be a "next pandemic") they will ignore the warnings because "COVID 19 was no big deal".

Yeah, I'm afraid that is exactly how it is going to play out. Covid-19 would need to cause unimaginable devastation to shake those kinds of idiots out of their own narcissistic bubble.

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