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Telepapi - Celebrate 303 DAY

Reader telepapi is celebrating European 303 Day (30.3.2020) with Pure Acid! This one is a bit agro!

Video Description:

Made for this day:
303 DAY Livestream hosted by Siegfried Kärcher (FORCE Inc./MP)
LIVE STREAM ON 30.3.2020

Produced by Telepapi / Roland Etzin
303 Sound used in the video: JimAudio Pure Acid
Parts of the video made with: PixiTracker

Reader Comments 7

Here in Canada, it’s officially 2020/03/30 (especially for us in the Government of Canada). Yet several of us would put it in writing as 30/03/2020. That’s the format I’ve learnt as a child and teen and young adult. And that’s the way we say it in French.
(We only use US-centric MDY in writing 03/30/2020 when we have to deal with USians.)
The formats with dots are indeed pretty Euro… Same with phone numbers. We have (514)555-1212 and I still get weirded out by those French numbers spelled out like +33(1) or some such.

As for the aggroness of this piece, expected much worse. In fact, it was almost soothing compared to some of the “artistically-licensed” stuff on some other musicking sites, these days.
On March 30, 2020 - @Enkerli said:
Here in Canada, it’s officially 2020/03/30 (especially for us in the Government of Canada).
No kidding! I seriously need to become a Canadian. 2020/03/30 is, in my opinion, the only rational way to order the date. There is a very good reason that this is how your computer orders dates internally. Both my husband and I use that ordering for our own stuff. It just makes it so much easier to sort.

After sorting my List of Reasons I Should Have Been Born a Canadian, this is #7. Right after, "Saw the Great One play for the the Kings twice." and before "I respect the sport of Curling."

When you rule the world you must 'order' a decree, of some 'sort', that month and day require a leading zero to pad out the column to two digits. Thus we can dispense with the two /'s. Think of all the keystrokes saved. Boggles the brain.

I gather discchord.com is the brainchild (or redheaded stepchild?) of one mind. So our continued digitally music related enjoyment, and the reading all these highbrow comments, depend upon the continued health and wellbeing of said singular mind? So I'll just throw this out there. I've just spent the last hour or so reading some very authoritative sources and following up on their links. It seems Covid-19 has an alternative route of transmission beyond pneumatics which probably explains the rapid spread in general and those weird cases that seem to just pop up randomly in people who did not appear to have the usual/expected pneumo-contacts. The bug is in our sh*t. It is now been proven to have 'colonized' waste-water treatment systems silently prior to a following community outbreak. Danish researchers established fact experimentally and have published. Everyone initially, understandably, focused on the airway, but now the Chinese have been publishing more information about gastric complications.... OK. To get to crux of this. We now must consider the Oral-Fecal routes of transmission. Roughly speaking a significant portion of our "water cycle" is colonized by coronavirus. Another way of seeing this is to consider that vast regions of the world use "squat" toilets where sinks and soap are unavailable. Still very common in China it said. How many of these pit-toilets are there? A billion? Could/are (?) each one be potential reservoirs for the little nasties? One word comes to mind: Flies. Remember, like air molecules, water is part of numerous cycles. Might consider boiling/filtering your water for the coming weeks...
March 31, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
I've added Losers to my Netflix watchlist.

Thank you for your concern! You're right on both fronts.

discchord is entirely dependent on my continued well being... mostly. I've made attempts to make it outlive me. The servers are all paid for from the same PayPal account that gets automatic payments from Patreon and most advertisers. So as long as there is money in that account, the servers will continue to run. I am presently trying to teach an AI to select YouTube videos to be featured in the same way that I pick them. This is an ongoing process, and it will be some time before the AI would be competent enough to actually trust with generating articles. It is possible though. I could have a deadman switch that activates and puts the AI in charge.

However, I can't get the domain registration renewal to continue postmortem. The servers will still be here humming along, potentially very long after my death, but you won't be able to access them. I thought about trying to write a program to keep the domain renewal working. Unfortunately the variability in website designs is too great for any heuristics to keep that sort of thing working for very long.

I'm aware of the fecal-oral route of some Corona variants. I'm not at all a fan of rimjobs (never giving, and receiving feels super weird... I'm just not into it.), but apparently this has become a major problem for those that are.

My own water supply is very well treated. My city loads up the local water supply with chloramines. Holy shit so many chloramines. My TDS from the tap is over 400, and it is "clean"! It looks clear, tastes good, smells fine, but it is just loaded up with chlorine and chloramine to keep all the bugs killed. Because of that I had to invest in a Reverse Osmosis/De-Ionization (RO/DI) system for my reef aquarium. I drink and cook with the RO portion of that. The fish get the DI.

Good to know.

Maybe these H&M guys can help?
If it works out your readers might never know you are gone. Not sure my ego would like that if it were me (or mine?). What really is the value of our earthly toils if an Artificial can do it for us well enough to generate a continuous revenue stream? An immortal-commercial being? If you do create this perpetual profit machine, even if it is only a penny a day, or month, or even just one per year, each one of those pennies will compound until the Sun dies. Your Singularity will be so rich you could just buy us all a new solar system.

Perhaps the heuristics you have tested are to specific. Instead of trying to get quirky 'machines' to do your bidding in an ever Uncertain reality you should just simplify. Go general. All you need to create is a single Artificial that is Turing Certified. Then all you need to do is get one these guys* sign your checks. Then 'it' can Contract with corporate droids and assorted meatbags to perpetuate The Discchord (holy shit! I think I just described the entirety of Western Civilization in less than 25 words). This way you would not have to try and anticipate unpredictable technological changes after your demise. Humans are a stable platform compared to software and hardware. Our interfaces may be fairly complex but they take eons to change. Now, of course, you are going to point out that the trust-fund model exists in order to try and accomplish tasks in perpetuity. But the truth is, they rarely last more than a few generations for reasons (obviously, most impossible to anticipate) to numerous to list. Netflix has _Altered_Carbon_ (season one was stronger than season two) with a world partially inhabited by 'immortal' AIs.

* https://www.amazon.com/slp/robotic-arm-arduino/25crogkksm9oecy
March 31, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
I loved Altered Carbon Season 1. We haven't watched Season 2 yet because I've heard the same report.

BTW, you should register an account. Your comments keep getting auto-moderated by the limited AI that is currently running discchord because of your behavior as an unregistered user. It is a lot less strict with registered users.
We may be closer than you know to achieving some sort of very strange Singularity-immortality, or, maybe this really is a nightmare of unimaginable Cthulhu dimensions?



With this 'you' could assemble a corporeal form when an corporate officer was still required for quaint human legal ceremonies. But, if I may speak for the rest of unregistered Humanity, we would humbly beseech you, to turn your most awesome AI lose on eradicating C-19 first. If you've got time. It'd be nice. Thanks.
March 31, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly

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