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Masta Hanksta - Wuhan Chops feat. Cardi B

I clicked the latest video from DJ Masta Hanksta assuming that he shared my love of garish transexuals with bad taste and worse nails. It was just Cardi B. There have been a lot of Cardi B remixes following an InstaRant.

Video Description:

Testing out djay Pro video mixing features
This beat was created by me on Logic Pro X
with Cardi B corona virus rants.
Video scratching with djay Pro by Algoriddim on IOS
iPhone 7 plus

Reader Comments 2

Someone recently violated rule #2 on another video, so I want to be very clear about what's going on in this post. There are only 3 rules here:

No spam, don't be an asshole to the people I feature, and no bigotry.

I am making fun of Cardi B in this post, not Masta Hanksta.

Also I'm super nervous about offending transexuals. I did genuinely click this thinking he was using a video of a transexual dancer for one of his DJ sets. Contrapoints did an excellent video on femininity where she discussed how transexuals feel a societal pressure to present themselves as ultra-feminine at all times. This has resulted in a lot of transwomen appearing in bizarre attire. My brain assumed anyone presenting as a woman while wearing a bikini in chainmail was probably transexual. I'm attracted to transexual women, so I clicked on it... and was disappointed. Please do not take my comments in the article as being in any way insensitive or disrespectful towards transexuals. I'd rather make "friendly" jokes about transexuals than avoid mentioning them at all for fear of offending someone.
So that's Cardi B? Wow am I out of the loop (sorry). I thought the video was satire? Whatever Cardi B's gender is I wouldn't get near anyone wearing that outfit in a rainstorm. Heck, I'd wager the static electricity would stop her heart within 15 minutes in some parts of the Owen's Valley in CA. Actually, kinda not joking. Ever hear of blue lightening? Landed-out in a spot there once and it blew a fuse in my glider's comm. For about half an hour, as memory serves, I couldn't touch anything metal. Locals strongly discouraged metal gas cans, etc.. Wait a second! Maybe that isn't a fashion statement, maybe she wants to be a human Faraday cage to throw the Paparazzi tracking her smartphone off her tail (sorry, again)?
March 26, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly

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