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App Sales: DAWed Off

AUM, Cubasis 3, Auria Pro all went on sale! If you can read this, you probably already own at least 2 of these.

WaveMachine Labs, Inc. updated Auria with AUv3 side chain support for apps that support multi-bus routing.

What's new in Auria Pro - Music Production v2.24:

- Added new MIDI enable button
- Added Audio Unit side chain support
- Added support for iOS 13
- Fixed issue with AU plugins causing freezing when loaded into AUX slots
- Fixed issue with track naming when dragging audio into Auria from the Files app
- Fixed issue with AU plugins not being saved when freezing tracks
- Fixed issue with zip file decompression
- Fixed issue with restoring certain purchases
- Added support for recording busses
- Fixed issue with Audiobus names being cut off at the end
- Fixed issue with Audiobus port assignments not being remembered
- Added support for buffer sizes larger than 512 when using MIDI
- Fixed issue with Lyra keyboard not defaulting to its specific track
- Added support for Use Audiobus 3 (Audio only)
- Fixed issue with Velocity Rescale
- Fixed issue with dragging a stereo audio file into a track
- Fixed issue with freezing / unfreezing causing CPU meter to peak
- Fixed preset name issue when unfreezing an AU effect
- Fixed issue with bus recording being mono only
- Fixed bus recording latency issue
- Fixed issue with AU plugins in AUX slots not receiving audio
- Added side chain support for MIDI tracks

Reader Comments 7

Cubasis 2 is also on sale for the lowest price ever! So if you want to get in on the whining about lack of upgrade pricing, while enjoying greater stability than a full rebuild, your time is now!
March 25, 2020  | person Okeribok
Hmm, I had said I was going to get Cubasis 3 when it went on sale for 24.99. $34 huh. Hmmm.
March 25, 2020  | person jimhanks
I don’t actually have any of these.
March 25, 2020  | person dysamoria
Can somebody appointment to where is a video tutorial on how to load a instrument in the DAW
March 26, 2020  | person_outline Zenas Hopson
Which Daw?

I have cubasis 2 and satisfied with it, is there any reason to buy 3??
March 26, 2020  | person_outline Kees
@Zenas: Which DAW? There are 3 mentioned here.
On March 26, 2020 - @Kees said:
I have cubasis 2 and satisfied with it, is there any reason to buy 3??
Group tracks and better effects chain management were two features I was interested in. Am I $35 interested is what I'm not sure about
March 26, 2020  | person jimhanks

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