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Belibat - Uplifting Live Jam

Reader Belibat did a much needed Uplifting jam with his collection of gear, an iPad, and an iPhone!

Video Description:

Hey everybody!
Just wanted to make some uplifting music, something danceable, something that can help during these times. Major chords, a driving bass, cheerful vocal chops and an exciting rhythm. I sincerely hope you and your beloved are well!

Here are some info about the setup:

In the beginning you’ll see and hear a live recording/looping of a paper sheet and some handmade clicks, thanks the the Røde NT1000 microphone.
The Roland TR-8s plays the drums with a kit made of heavily tweaked stock sounds + some foley percussion i recorded. The onboard shuffle control is used to add groove to the pattern. I created a custom Ableton Effect Rack, controlled by a pedal, to create the snare fills. There’s a lowpass filter cutoff, mapped on a Nanokontrol 2 knob, to bring in or out the whole drumkit.
Decided to dig deeper into Patterning 2 Probability feature (on the iPad) to create a soundscape of random and homemade water drops. But this time i used it also to underline the drum fills, with an additional snare sound, controlling its volume with an expression pedal.
The iPhone app is TC-11, where i used a touch controlled patch to add something to the watery texture in certain moments.
The Minilogue XD is used with a Sine Bell patch i created, to play an arpeggio that can be changed into a flutey pad turning the filter envelope counter-clockwise. Midi Notes are played on its keyboard and recorded/looped into an Ableton Live midi clip.
The Minibrute plays the sub-bass, using its own sequencer with the trig feature so i can play its keyboard and record the midi clip in Ableton.
The Waldorf Rocket doubles the Minilogue XD with a supersaw sound, the filter cutoff is controlled by a pedal, to underline transitions and fills.
This time i used Push 2 to record/launch clips but also to play some vocal chops i created putting samples in simpler or in drum racks. These vocals are modulated using their delay/reverb wet parameters and some filters, all mapped to the Nanokontrol 2 knobs.
Finally, there are a pedal controlled noise sweep, and an impact sample mapped to one of the Nanokey Studio pads.

The two expression pedals control these elements during the performance:
- Minilogue Xd filter cutoff
- Waldorf Rocket filter cutoff
- Patterning 2 app snare sound volume
- Snare fills Effect Rack wet/dry
- Noise sweep bandpass filter cutoff

As usual Ableton Live is used as a master clock, as a midi and audio sequencer and for effects.
All audio tracks are passed through an Mbox Pro 3 soundcard or using usb audio, and then recorded in Ableton.

Effects are Ableton stock plus Soundtoys and Native Instruments plugins.

Video is a continuous take from two cameras (an iPhone and an iPad) plus some added shot of the pedals.

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