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touchscaper Update

touchscaper, from Rob Jackson, was updated with a Chord Navigator to help you find interesting progressions. The update also adds some other goodies, like a 5 dot probability option that sounds like fun to explore.

What's new in touchscaper v1.3.6:

Hi Folks,

So… this release is mostly about chords. Chords is a big part of what touchscaper is all about, so I wanted to explore that a bit further with the new chord “explorer” - hopefully you might find it an interesting source of inspiration. Also, lots of other little fixes and tweaks. MIDI support is in progress, but not ready for release just yet - thanks for your patience. Hope you enjoy this release, and look after yourselves and others! -Rob

-New stuff-

• New chord “navigator” to help you create interesting progressions
• Added bass cut and boost EQ options
• New touch sequence option for chords
• Added new 5 dot probability option
• New “idea” dialog to open recent or create new scenes
• Option to audition chords when editing scenes
• Option for arrangement to change patterns (or not)

-Changed stuff-

• Deprecated color orb and pan swell settings (color is now a global setting)
• Removed root note sustain feature (was causing issues)
• Sequence gate times tweaked
• Touch sequence generation tweaked - should sound more “tasteful”
• Few samples cleaned-up
• EQ settings tweaked

-Fixed stuff-

• Fixed copy and paste sequencer pattern weirdness
• Fixed issue with arrangement manager getting stuck sometimes
• Fixed issue with playback glitch issues when changing swing settings
• Various fixes relating to chord suggestions


• Ableton Link SDK update to 3.1.0
• Numerous other small fixes and enhancements

Here the developer shows off some "interesting chords" in the new update.

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