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Freebies to Restore Your Faith in Humanity!

KORG have taken an unusual step, following announced school and business closures all over the world. While everyone is stuck inside you can play with Kaossilator on iOS and Android, for free!

Thank you to Jakob Haq and burnalot for pointing this out!

Update: And Moog just made Model D free as well! Thanks, Bob and Belibat! Thanks to animalelder for pointing out that iOptigan is also on sale.

On a personal note, I'm really happy to see these developers offering their apps like this. Right now it feels like most companies are just trying to induce more panic buying. I was planning on making a cynical post today trying to sell people bidets on Amazon to deal with the toilet paper shortage, but now I'm a lot less cynical!

Monday Update: The iPhone version of SynthMaster One is now free! Les Productions Zvon is getting in on the giving, by making one of his sound packs free. The If You Think This Is Weird set includes a bunch of original trumpet samples available in WAV, SoundFont, and Native Instruments Kontakt.

Sunday Update: Reader eVr pointed out that abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is free. I have never heard of this app before, but it's another classic experimental app from the developer of konsonant. Here's a demo!

Video Description

for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad: http:/apps.piringer.net/abcdefg

Create and control tiny sound-creatures in the shape of letters that react to gravity or each other and generate rhythms and soundscapes. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz blends biology, physics, chemistry and art to create a unique and dynamic sound ecology.

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is a sound toy, a performance tool and an art work in its own right. You can play with the letter-creatures and watch and listen how they interact with each other or use them to produce soundscapes like you would with an electronic musical instrument.

This app is the result of jörg piringer's ongoing research of vocal sounds and their relation to dynamic typography in the form of performance, video and software art.

--- honorary mention prix ars electronica 2010 digital musics and sound art ---
--- honorary mention prix ars FILE PRIX LUX 2010 digital language ---
--- content award vienna 2010 mobile app ---

Reader Comments 15

And Moog have also made the Minimoog Model D free.
March 13, 2020  | person Bob
Also, iOptigan is free.
March 14, 2020  | person_outline animalelder
On March 14, 2020 - @animalelder said:
Also, iOptigan is free.

Hey thanks for the heads up on that animal! Just got it .. absolutely cheesy as heck in a very cool way 👍🎹
March 14, 2020  | person_outline Chris Strobel
This is very cool!

I was lucky enough to spend a couple hours playing with the first Minimoog to hit our metro. That was some big fun, I’ll always remember...but now I get to have my very own, to play with all I like!
March 14, 2020  | person Trilobyte
That MiniMoog Model D sure has some mini screen fonts. Nice that it's on offer for free. Can't complain about microscopic GUI when the price is nothing.
With social distancing in place let's all take some time to make and share tracks using all of these freebee apps together. It will be a wacky mixed bag of sound power.
This is super nice :) Good on these studios for being awesome.
March 14, 2020  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
Also, the app named adcdefghijklmnopqtstuvwxyz by the media artist joerg piringer goes free.
Despite the fact that the app doesn't support Audiobus (and thereby unlisted on Discchord) it's genius. It was one of my first ones to get into!
What is abc...? ...
On March 15, 2020 - @eVr said:
Despite the fact that the app doesn't support Audiobus (and thereby unlisted on Discchord) it's genius. It was one of my first ones to get into!

This oversight has been corrected! I even plugged it in on AppKaiju while I was at it. Thanks for the recommendation, the video looks fun.
Super cool for making all these apps free-too bad I own all of them already LOL.
I will say I did get the mini Moog on sale years ago and the drum kick apps for free.

The last app a-z I don’t have so that is exciting. Thanks for letting people know.

Funny because I have 3 Kaossilators and the iKaossilator does not have a gate arp (Something I’ve been complaining about for five years or more). Most of my friends have these apps but I’m still going to let everyone know in case they don’t have them. Cheers!
March 15, 2020  | person_outline Eve
abcd is back to $1. Bought it anyway.
March 16, 2020  | person nottooloud
Thanks for sharing!!! Im sending this link to a friend with a little one who realllly reallllly loved kaosilator on my ipad, so know you made a 4 year olds day over here on planet sweden.
March 16, 2020  | person_outline Cyp3
Hey guys! Just discovered that iKaossilator comes with a free Ableton Live Lite license. To get it you should tap on the paper icon on the upper left corner and select Create as Ableton Project, then you’ll find the Get free Ableton Live Lite option. Hope you are well!
March 17, 2020  | person belibat
Eventide apps are on sale now, with Rotary Mod for free!
Lumbeat’s Reggae Drummer is on sale and Auxy Jam is free!
March 17, 2020  | person MrFromage

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