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Bit Maestro by David Blake

David Blake, developer of Jam Maestro, released Bit Maestro! This app is inspired by the creative hardware bit crusher effect OTO Biscuit. The Biscuit mangles your input by selectively muting or inverting small bits of your audio signal to create entirely new harmonics. Bit Maestro builds on this idea by also reordering the audio waveform through bit manipulation. It can do all of this in AUv3, IAA, or Audiobus!

I was quite impressed by the preview that demonstrated how the built-in filters help to manage the mangling. Bit Crushing can sound obnoxious to my ears, but with the filter smoothing things out; Bit Maestro sounds rich and interesting.

Bit Maestro App Store Description:

Bit Maestro is an AUv3 bit crusher that goes beyond regular bit rate reduction, allowing you to affect and manipulate your sound at the individual bit level. Taking inspiration from the legendary ‘OTO Biscuit’ it enables you to selectively mute or invert individual bits in your audio signal. As it does this it creates distortions in your waveform, introducing a wide range of harmonics. Bit Maestro pushes this concept even further, allowing you for the first time to even rearrange the order in which the bits are evaluated, reassigning their value and giving rise to waveform distortions not previously seen in any distortion module.

This sound can be further enhanced in a number of ways.
- Three filters are available (low pass, low shelf, high shelf) which can be used to tame or enhance the aggressiveness of the sound.
- A delay line to inject a different groove into a bar or provide a basis for interesting mod effects.
- A modulation panel to continually evolve your sound and introduce further aliasing effects.

The end result is a plugin that can introduce huge depth and power to your sound. One that offers you the nuanced control to design your perfect digital distortion, ranging from subtle warbling to huge crushing sounds that can transform any drum or bass line.

- AUv3
- Inter-app Audio
- Audiobus

There's a preset demo on the official YouTube channel. Embedded here is a new 30 second promo.

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This app is very cool / definitely worth the price of admission
February 21, 2020  | person iOSTRAKON

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