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Roland MKS70 & JX8P with iPad Programmer iPG-800

The guys at Take the Fear out the Gear have a very clever YouTube name. Here the duo are surprised and delighted by the iPG-800 app. They connect the app to a JX8P and a MKS70 rack unit to test it out.

Video Description:

Here we discuss ways of making new sounds for your Roland vintage synths using the IPG800 ipad app as a programmer to make new sounds. This is a great option as the Roland PG-800 hardware programmer now costs around £500 on ebay.

The Roland JX8P setup uses an ipad with IPG800 app, a line 6 midi mobilizer II (as a midi interface) and this connects to the midi in and out on the JX8P.

The Roland MKS70 rack unit setup uses an ipad with IPG800 app, a line 6 midi mobilizer II (as a midi interface) plus a Yamaha YMM2 midi merge box and Behringer Vocoder as a midi keyboard. The merge box takes the outputs from the behringer and mobilizer and merges them to the midi input of the MKS70. The midi out of the MKS70 goes to the midi in of the line 6 mobilizer.

iPG-800 is a MIDI Controller iPad app emulating the functionality of the PG-800, PG-300, PG-200 and PG-1000 Synthesizer Programmers that were built by Roland.

It only works with a Roland JX-8P, MKS-70, JX-10 (with Colin Fraser OS or Fred Vecoven OS), Alpha Juno 1+2, MKS-50, HS-80, JX-3P with Organix or Kiwitechnics OS and D-50/D-550.

The IPG800 app is £4.99 on the apple app store what a bargain.

Thanks for watching hope you found this helpful. All the best Chumley and Bangers. please subscribe and tap the bell.

Reader Comments 1

Great video. 8-) But I wanted to hear those two classic Roland synths!
February 19, 2020  | favorite_border Sarmad

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