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MuseLead Synthesizer for Android

MuseLead Synthesizer is an Android knock-off of GeoShred! I feel super-mixed about this. It is such a clear ripoff of someone else's work, but now more people get to play with GeoShred. In addition to its own built-in instruments, MuseLead can be used as a MIDI controller to play with others.

MuseLead Synthesizer

MuseLead is a multi-touch synthesizer performance surface to play music. It's a musical instrument that simulates the electric guitar. It has an interface similar to the IOS instrument GeoShred.

With MuseLead, you can play solos and achieve guitar sounds such as continuous bends, sweepings, shredding, tappings and more..
You can edit presets with a complete list of guitar pedals to achieve original tones.
In addition to that you can select a preset with a synthesizer interface and play around with the knobs to create unique sounds.

MuseLead can also act as a midi controller that can be used with other midi software (Available for Android 6.0 and higher).

This app is already popular in India. Here Vishal Rastogi recreates the 1981 classic, Chookar Mere Man Ko.

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That’s so android...

On the flipside, the dev will make exactly zero dollars off of this clone, cause literally no one pays for android apps when pirating is almost as easy as paying. Victimless crime punished by karmic justice essentially.
February 20, 2020  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
On February 20, 2020 - @VGA Port Authority said:
Victimless crime punished by karmic justice essentially.

The circle of life!
I'm an outlier in that I have an android phone that is not connected to google in any direct way. So if I want apps, I get them through Amazon's app store.

If they post this on Amazon, I'll buy it.

I never got GeoShred, but for $4, this seems pretty harmless.
February 21, 2020  | favorite_border stub

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