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Samplr - Touch the Music Update

Samplr - Touch the Music, from Marcos Alonso, was updated for the first time in 5 years! This is amazing news, and completely unexpected. No one even predicted this in the New Year's Prediction thread.

What a weirdly wonderful week to have 2 classic apps suddenly get their first updates in 5 years. Thanks to Gaz Williams for the heads-up on this one!

What's new in Samplr - Touch the Music v1.4.2:

• Ableton Link support
• Fixed audio recording and file import issues
• Enhanced UI for new iPads
• Improved MIDI Sync

Carloalberto Rigo posted a video of the update having some serious glitching on an iPad Pro, which he suspects is related to the iPad Pro's 48000 sample rate. That seems unlikely to me, given Macros would be aware of 48000Hz devices. So perhaps this is a different problem?

iOSTRAKON isn't having any problems at all on his iPad. This jam starts off slow, but I love the second half of it. It's like a cross between Clock DVA, Nine Inch Nails, and that orgy scene from Eyes Wide Shut.

Reader Comments 8

Finally! Hope they’ll keep up with updates. A lot of thing happened since 5 years ago! : )
February 05, 2020  | person belibat
Nice jam by the way!
February 05, 2020  | person belibat
You’ve heard of Clock DVA?!
February 05, 2020  | person DrüMünkey
Hooray!!! Finally an update for SamplR. It's a great app, and I'm glad to see it is being supported again.
February 05, 2020  | person_outline Marc S Langelier
Clock DVA, really? Love it! Not to mention NIN
February 05, 2020  | person Cosmo
With all the talk about Samplr over the years, it’s surprising that nobody came up with a full alternative. Especially one with AUv3 support. Sure, there might be challenges in creating this kind of app. Is there something very specific which makes it impossible to reproduce the experience in a frequently-updated, fully-supported app?
At any rate, nice it’s getting an update. Hopefully, enough people will buy the app at its increased price so that further development is funded directly through sales instead of crowdfunding or other forms of support (say, foundations, arts-based grants, patronage…).
February 05, 2020  | favorite_border Enkerli
On February 05, 2020 - @DrüMünkey said:
You’ve heard of Clock DVA?!

On February 05, 2020 - @Cosmo said:
Clock DVA, really? Love it! Not to mention NIN

Hell yes! Love Clock DVA. Of all the early proto-industrial bands, I think they've been the most influential on me as a musician. Even more so than Throbbing Gristle.
Hello, Marcos has already find a fix for this bug and I think that all will be working good in the next update of Samplr.
February 06, 2020  | person_outline CaroAlberto Rigo

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