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Fuck Tangible Instruments

Wannabe manufacturer Tangible Instruments posted this demonstration from NAMM of their elusive Arpeggiator. Originally funded on Kickstarter back in 2015, they expected to ship their cute arpeggiator instrument out to backers in April of 2016. They failed to do so.

In fact, they have failed to deliver at all in the nearly 5 years since the Kickstarter campaign started.

At what point does a campaign get flagged as fraudulent? You can see a lot of frustration from backers on Kickstarter, yet somehow Kickstarter is content with their users being bilked like this? This is an important cautionary tale. I don't want to be liable for libel, so I've got to be careful here. But if you ask for my money in exchange for something and fail to deliver on that for nearly 5 fucking years, wouldn't you call that a scam?

I'm extra mad at these guys because they personally scammed me. Back in 2017 they released a shit app without any kind of MIDI or Audio connectivity. Ordinarily I wouldn't have posted it, but the guy emailed me saying he was one of of the guys from Tangible Instruments, and promised that Audiobus and MIDI were on the way. The app has never received a single update since its release. These are con artists, not developers.

Video Description:

Shot live at NAMM 2020, this video demonstrates features of arpeggiator mode and MIDI connectivity including MIDI over Bluetooth LE.

more info:

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And you punish them by linking to them? Your outrage sounds TimWebbish enough (and legitimate, obviously). Not sure linking to their NAMM2020 is what Tim Webb would normally do. (WWTWD is an important question.)
Was DiscChord hacked?
February 05, 2020  | favorite_border Enkerli
With Science/R&D negative results may not get headlines but they nevertheless contribute to the overall knowledge-base.
In the Stockmarket know one ever picks winners every time unless they only pick one or twice and get really lucky.
It is useful to examine the track record of things like Kickstarter campaigns. Laying out the facts in calm clear concise fashion is all that should be necessary (easy for me to write since the %#%@'s didn't get any of my money ;)) to inform your readers of the possible risks of buying into 'ground-floor' pitches. Including the link is useful for study as well since it reminds readers that all that glitters is not ...
February 05, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
Thank you fo pointin out the fakers homie. It’s half the reason why I frequent discchord.
Sorry you feel scammed because the app hasn’t been updated. We gave you a free app download code. It was your choice to post about it or not. Things take longer than expected sometimes. We’re not trying to scam anyone. The product is real as you can see from this live demo. Lots of more videos on our YouTube channel and more to come. Please read through the Kickstarter updates. We’ve been honest in all our updates and made an honest effort to deliver on our promise despite the setbacks detailed in the updates.
February 05, 2020  | touch_app Tangible
I’ve never found this model of developing and marketing to be sane, but hey, no regulation is what the majority of tech geeks seem to want... lots of libertarians in tech.
February 05, 2020  | person dysamoria
I don't know anything about this instrument...but I know I've had some fun with my Yamaha RM1x when it's come to making some live arpeggios from a hardware sequencer...
February 06, 2020  | favorite_border jzn
@Tangible: Here is our complete email conversation...

First Email:
Hey just wanted to share with you my new app called Accordo. It's similar to an autoharp or Omnichord. Built in reverb, wah, rhythm machine, and adjustable oscillator tones

My Reply:
Hi Charlie, I saw this last week, but didn't report on it since it didn't seem to have a lot of features. Do you have plans to include support for MIDI, or Audiobus?

Second Email:
Thanks for the reply. Yes those and other features are planned for the near future in an update. I realize it is fairly barebones at the moment, but you can still achieve some diverse timbres with it. I'll also be adding the ability to edit/select different chords than those currently displayed, and more features! Stay tuned.

You are either a compulsive liar, or working on a glacially slow time scale that is unfamiliar to me.
@Tim Webb

Yes those features are planned and I still plan on adding them after Arpeggio ships. I am just one developer. And yes I am slow. Not a con artist. "near future" was optimistic. Again, I apologize for disappointing.
February 06, 2020  | touch_app Tangible
On February 06, 2020 - @Tangible said:
@Tim Webb

Yes those features are planned and I still plan on adding them after Arpeggio ships. I am just one developer. And yes I am slow. Not a con artist. "near future" was optimistic. Again, I apologize for disappointing.

I recommend never setting a public time frame for anything, even a vague one like “near future”. If you’re new at development, I can appreciate naivety there.
February 06, 2020  | person dysamoria
I think there is an important distinction between a company that deliberately rips people off vs. a company that runs into snag after snag and is up front about it.

Its fair for you to feel disappointed, and even misled. But I don't think it's fair to call them "con-artists". That is assigning a level of malice that isn't there.

None of my business, just my two-cents as a casual observer.
February 07, 2020  | favorite_border stub
you are "only one dev" as if it takes a team of people to add the most basic of things.

not coming through on a kickstarter for five years? how the fuck is that ok?

So where is this progress youve made? What DID you actually do?
February 07, 2020  | person_outline Cyp3
On the kickstarter it was not " just one dev" it showed four faces, and used words like " we" AND these folk talked like this device would be delievered in months not years! They actually been on this since 2013 suposedly so its very OLD tech too, but the main thing to note is the way they worded the kickstarter, its worded to seem like they were done with most of the product and just needed to get funded to manufactor it. So right now they say they ship this SUMMER 2020 when they said they would ship SPRING 2015? Am i dislexic all of a sudden, do my eyes play tricks or am i missing somthing ? I didnt see any explanation mentioning the delay. So its not like Tim is making shit up or even stretching his imagination, I would be out for my money back plus something for my wasting my time.
February 07, 2020  | person_outline Cyp3
Ok i found the 79 updates of them explaining over 5 years the step by step process of doing what they advertised as having already done.
February 07, 2020  | person_outline Cyp3
Ok. Sounds like a legit criticism then.
February 07, 2020  | favorite_border stub
On February 07, 2020 - @stub said:
Ok. Sounds like a legit criticism then.

You brought up a fair concern though, and I appreciate people calling me out! This is a weird job, and my own sense of self-importance can easily get out of hand if people don't challenge my assumptions.

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