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Borderlands Granular Update

Borderlands Granular, from Chris Carlson, was updated for the first time in 5 years! It is amazing to consider how popular this app has remained over the years. This is a huge update with a lot of great new features. One of my favorites is the "waterfall" looping mode.

What's new in Borderlands Granular v2.1:

New features

// Tempo sync

-Clouds may optionally sync their grain triggers to the global tempo with Ableton Link support.
-Tempo sync works with or without connected Ableton Link clients
-New sync division (1/256 notes up to 4 bars), beat offset (triplet, dotted, etc), and sync phase parameters when beat sync is turned on for grain cloud.
-Tap tempo control for beat synced grain clouds.

//New Parameters For Grain Clouds

-Semitone tuning option for grain clouds with 6 octave range (-36 to +36 st)
-Grain trigger probability
-Ring modulation
-Vibrato amount

///Envelope Mode

-Optional Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release (ADSR) envelope may be turned on and modified for each grain cloud.
-A trigger pad appears inside the grain cloud and allows simultaneous envelope triggering and dragging of the cloud.
-The trigger pad and envelope parameters are fully automatable via the same gesture recording method used throughout the app.

//Automation updates

-Sound file position, size, and rotation may now be automated with gesture recording.
-“Ghost clouds” now appear for automated clouds when they are touched. Primary cloud stays stationary, making it easy to capture/edit clouds actively moving around the screen. Ghost cloud continues to move grains down the automation path, merging with the primary cloud when editing is complete and the cloud is no longer touched.
- "Background touch modes” - touch screen background to activate ghost clouds for all automated grain clouds, second touch to pause all parameter automation, third touch to pause all position automation.
-Global automation speed can be increased to 40x original speed. New automation speed is recorded relative to current global automation speed.

//Input / Output changes

-New “Waterfall” input mode streams audio in from right to left allowing for complex granular FX. Original looping mode is still an option and can be set per sound.
-Files support allows easy access to the Borderlands documents directory.
-Overdub level allows sound on sound realtime input recording
-New audiobus trigger for adding input recordings.

Other Improvements
-Audiobus 3 support
-Borderlands Presets and Artist Scenes section added to scenes browser with example content.
-Longer max grain duration - 6 seconds. Older scenes will still load with 3 second max.
-48 and 96 kHz sample rate options
-Input can be monitored anytime, not just when audio is recording.
-Realtime input buffers now use double buffering to reduce playhead conflicts with grain playback.
-Tempo and automation speed values are now saved / loaded with scenes
-Clouds can be rotated and moved simultaneously by touching and dragging with two fingers.
-Cloud position can now be automated while cloud is in parameter edit mode.
-Automated clouds only delete when full path is offscreen (i.e. no accidental deletion of clouds that have been automated)
-Parameter automation begins playback on touch release.
-Two finger touch of automated cloud pauses automation when cloud is not in edit mode.
-Pitch, duration, vibrato, and volume now impact grains as they are playing (rather than being queued for the next grain), resulting in responsive, instantaneous parameter changes.
-“Open blank” option in settings allows you to load blank workspace on launch
-Drop folders of sounds into the documents directory. Folder becomes header in the recordings browser.
-Switched keys to dark gray
-Solo clouds by with mute button and cloud touch
-Input recording from line in / mic is working again on iOS 12.
-IAA loading issues fixed.
-Gravity / cloud edge mode functionality now works when app is in the background
-Fixed crash that could occur when deleting clouds while accelerometer is on.
-Pan automation values now update properly.
-Blank scene can now be saved without freezing the app
-Location services removed from app
-Removed airplane mode notification

There are several new demos on the official Vimeo channel, and I suggest checking out the Waterfall example.

YouTuber Jakob Haq did a docutorial about the update, including an interview with Chris!

Reader Comments 3

It seems you a word in that first sentence... ;-)
February 03, 2020  | person dysamoria
Only Samplr remains now, out of the old classic synths that IMO proved that touch screens were legit, and could offer things that non-touch displays would not do well. Borderlands is a great app and really did deserve to get an update to fit the current workflow. This is super awesome for ambient artists out there, I think he'll sell a few copies after this patch.
February 04, 2020  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
@dysamoria: Ugh... I wish I saw your comment sooner. Thanks!

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