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touchscaper Update

touchscaper, from Rob Jackson, was updated with improvements to the sequencer, a new massive planet-sized reverb, and new synth sounds.

What's new in touchscaper v1.3.2:

New things:

• Sequencer step accents (tap step indicator button to turn on / off)
• Sequencer shuffle / swing option (activated with dancing people button)
• New HUGE reverb preset (planet icon in fx settings)
• New analog synth sounds - mellow piano, dark and light strings
• New "Suggest chords" from scene edit - includes more complex chord types M7, 6ths etc.

Fixed things:

• Fix for last sequencer step note being cut off abruptly
• Stop button now shows properly when arrangement window minimised
• Fixed issue where sampler sounds sometimes wouldn't load properly initially
• Other small fixes and tweaks

Please note MIDI features (much requested!) in progress - thanks for your patience. Hope you like these updates in the meantime. -Rob

Rob provides some insights into the update and his work on "MIDI Stuff" in the description of a new update demo. As always, the video itself sounds amazing!

Video Description:

While working on MIDI stuff (it's coming, it really is) I added support for simple beat accents and 16th note shuffle. At the moment these are presets, but may be configureable further down the line. This little demo shows accents and shuffle on a straight 16ths note hi-hat pattern - it's a bit easier to hear what's going on that way I think.

After toggling shuffle on and off on a more complex beat, I then I go into a kinda chilled-out dancey doodle which I hope helps showcase that you can get quite a nice feel going on with mid-tempo dance type doodles. It's just me messing about from the half-way point on, basically.

Accents apply to the beat and are turned off and on by tapping the step indicator buttons. Shuffle or "swing" mode is toggled with the dancing couple! Swing - get it? :-)

I've also used a new "JUNO" piano sound and the massive "Planet" reverb, also coming in 1.3.2.

Just doing a bit of final testing - should be available in the next day or so, and MIDI stuff, currently in progress is coming after that, it really is.

Hope you like the new features! Please let me know what you think in the comments.

All recorded direct from touchscaper using the iOS screen recorder. No additional apps or processing.

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