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How to Fake the BASSalicious 2 Preset on iOS

YouTuber Andy Honeybone was inspired by the rich sounds of BASSalicious 2's FoundChords preset and tried to recreate it with other iOS apps. He's also sharing the Mozaic script he uses here, called 1-Key Neo-Soul. Andy also posted a video demonstrating a Mozaic script for controlling a hardware Cheetah MS6 synth.

Video Description:

Gospel Musicians' BASSalicious is a monophonic synthesiser but in their YT product demo, there's a preset that gives that neo-soul harmony from 1 finger on the keys. This rich sound inspired me to deconstruct the preset and see how close I could recreate it with other iPad mobile music apps.

As the video shows, I ended up writing a script for the Mozaic Plugin Workshop from Bram Bos that allows an Audio Unit MIDI processor to be created without needing to know about the internals of iOS.

The video features the Kymatica AUM host with BASSalicious sequenced with Victor Porof's Atom Piano Roll, and some beats from 4Pockets' DigiStix again driven by another instance of Atom all playing my take on the line played by Jamal in the product demo.

Then I crossfade (using a second Mozaic script) to replace the sound from BASSalicious with that from the AudioKit D1 driven by the 1-key Neo-Soul Mozaic script and a Moog Model D. See what you think. I'm using the Sonorous D1 preset but any breathy pad sound should work.

I'm also using FAC Bandit 'Il Vecchio Warmer Mix' on DigiStix and Amazing Noises' Limiter on the output. Bryce Hostetler's Tonality Grand Staff is featured to show the tight clustering of the additional notes the 1-Key Neo-Soul script adds to the incoming bass note.

The 1-Key Neo-Soul Mozaic script is available for free download on Patchstorage.com. https://patchstorage.com/1-key-neo-soul/

Reader Comments 4

Now, that was efficient!
Short, effective, interesting, useful…
Sure, it takes more time to put out a good 2 minute vid like this (with associated code) than to record yourself chatting for 20 minutes. To my ear, it’s much more “bang for the buck”.

(Yes, yes… This coming from someone who’ll write long comments just about anywhere… Hey! It takes you way less time to read it than it takes to listen to the equivalent in video. Plus it’s easier to skim and skip around.)
@Enkerli: well actually your comments and the ones from Stub are those that I find most interesting, even (or because) they sometimes are quite long.

But I totally agree that it is much more comfortable to scan a text for relevant information than a video. Video really shines when someone is showing things that are hard or impossible to explain without the ability to demonstrate them.
For simply describing facts text is still unsurpassed - and I won’t even go into the details of providing barrier-free web content...
January 28, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
On January 28, 2020 - @Granthafen said:
@Enkerli: well actually your comments and the ones from Stub are those that I find most interesting, even (or because) they sometimes are quite long.
Awww! Shucks! Thanks!
Makes it all worthwhile.

One of several cool things about @Tim Webb is that he allows us to be our own.

And finds many cool vids. Just wish the proportion of short to long ones were a tad bit higher.
This was truly neat!
January 29, 2020  | person_outline Bram Bos

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