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LUXE Audio Enhancer by Klevgränd

Klevgränd produkter AB released LUXE Audio Enhancer. A "sound-goodizer" that automatically makes your track sound better to human ears with a little saturation and compression. There is very little user control, but LUXE offers a couple of different algorithms to play with.

LUXE Audio Enhancer App Store Description:

LUXE is an AUv3 effect plugin that compress and saturate an audio signal in a quite subtile but musical way. It's very useful for making a track "fit in the mix" and can be used on anything from a drum bus to a vocal track.

Its only continuous user parameter intelligently controls a set of internal (non-visible) parameters which makes LUXE an easy tool to use for quick results.

The FINESSE algorithm offers an alternate frequency response and adds some edge to the internal saturation module.


User Interface

Amount Slider - Controls how much the algorithm should process the incoming audio.

Algorithm switch - Switches between the LUXE and the FINESSE algorithm

Bypass - Soft bypass of the plugin.


The round shape and the pin indicate how much the incoming audio is altered by the algorithm.

Full documentation available inside the app or at https://klevgrand.se/downloads/luxe-docs/

NOTE! LUXE is an AUv3 plugin that only works in an AUv3 compliant host like Garageband, AUM, Cubasis, Beatmaker 3, Auria etc.

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a timely demo, which starts at 4:50 in this video.

Reader Comments 3

Am I the only one that is thinking “Snake oil?”
January 22, 2020  | person burnalot
On January 22, 2020 - @burnalot said:
Am I the only one that is thinking “Snake oil?”

I bought it and it actually works man, it’s subtle .. but ads a sheen to the mix I like. No snake oil.
January 23, 2020  | person_outline Chris Strobel
On January 23, 2020 - @Chris Strobel said:

I bought it and it actually works man, it’s subtle .. but ads a sheen to the mix I like. No snake oil.

Hey Chris, if you get a moment, can you Dropbox a before and after? If I can hear a difference, I’ll get it.
April 27, 2020  | person burnalot

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