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touchscaper Update

Rob Jackson released an update to touchscaper that includes a bunch of small fixes. My real reason for posting this is just to show off his latest jam on the app. I don't think any developer has impressed me as much with the jams coming out of his own app.

What's new in touchscaper v1.3.1:

Mostly small fixes and tweaks:

• added arrangement option to stop sequencer at end of section (toggled from go-to button)
• fixed sequencer bug where changing patterns didn't recalculate notes to match first chord change
• fixed bug in simple scene view where you couldn't always delete the first chord
• arrangement beat and bar durations are mutex - hopefully slightly less confusing (could still be better)
• scenes that include arrangements / sequence patterns file size reduced significantly
• max master limiter settings not so severe (4.5dB boost vs 6dB)
• tiny tweaks to master EQ around highs / 18KHz band
• fixed a potential edge case crash in sequencer (hopefully... please let me know if you experience crashes)

Work on MIDI related features is underway, but wanted to get these fixes and tweaks out in the meantime. Hope you're enjoying the app! -Rob

Reader Comments 2

Big fan of the work of this developer!
January 17, 2020  | person_outline Joe
I agree.
I was going to do a Touchscaper video but I can’t outdo Rob here for sure.

I’m really curious with what he’s going to do with midi in this. It could become a powerful AUV3 sequencing tool with the parameters already in the app opened up for midi in and out.
January 18, 2020  | person Stacy Puckett

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