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Jordan Rudess - SAX for Everyone!

Jordan Rudess took a break from being a rock star to play with the SWAM additions coming to GeoShred 5.0.

Video Description:

Happy Namm 2020 everyone! Although I’m far away in Helsinki with Dream Theater today, I’m excited that we are announcing major news for the GeoShred platform! We partnered with @audiomodelingswam to bring you the capability of playing amazing new instruments right inside GeoShred! Come see us at the show for all the juicy details. Namm show- Hall A- Booth 10616. @mofortebizdev This is a #WexWiz production!

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“Really saxy stuff, for those who prefer to blow, even when they suck....”
- Rodimonk Rashan
Fictitious Salesperson
NAAM 2020
January 16, 2020  | person nreyes
Just imagine being locked in an elevator playing this kind of music all night long... Happy Halloween!

Oh, wait - it’s January already. WTH? I wanna get out!!!
January 16, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
@Tim: I don’t think that stub’s comment was so bad that it needed to be deleted. Imho he just said what probably a lot of people were thinking.
But it’s your house, so your rules apply. And I won’t complain ;-)
January 16, 2020  | person_outline Granthafen
On January 16, 2020 - @Granthafen said:
@Tim: I don’t think that stub’s comment was so bad that it needed to be deleted. Imho he just said what probably a lot of people were thinking.
But it’s your house, so your rules apply. And I won’t complain ;-)

There are only 3 rules here. No spam, no being disrespectful of people featured in videos or on each other, and no bigotry. It broke the 2nd one.

It wasn't so bad that it needed a comment from me, but it was pushing the line so I just removed it.
Fair enough.
January 17, 2020  | favorite_border stub
Maybe the busiest playing I saw on iPad ever.
We could discuss the performer's taste (jazz musicians usually are much more diverse and melodic playing medium slow swing), but the instrument delivers.
January 17, 2020  | favorite_border eVr
I think the problem with trying to use a virtual sax to do "jazz sax"-- is that the experience of jazz and the sax are both "compromised".

Honestly, I don't mean any disrespect to the performer in the video. The over-the-top aspects of the background tracks, solo, and the candlelit set compelled me to assume that this was all tongue-in-cheek, and that the performer was in on his own joke. I.e., like the performer might respond by saying, "I know, right?" But, yea, that's presumptuous on my part.

There are many instruments that are cooler when experienced in their original meat-space versions; that are difficult to compress into a keyboard/touch emulation. Sax is up there. That said, the SWAM stuff seems pretty impressive. But it is always on the player to know what things to exploit and what things to avoid in using those kinds of emulators. If you just go for it and play anything, you get a result that can inspire some degree of nausea.
January 18, 2020  | favorite_border stub
I want to use Geoshred as a control surface more and I wish Jordan & moForte would do more videos about connecting it to other ios apps. I tried using the provided Animoog Midi control preset to connect with Animoog but it bizarrely only worked for one octave. I’d love to be able to use the Shredder, which I love, with ifretless instruments but I can’t even work the MIDI presets now.

Geoshred works great with the new Eventide Spring too.
January 19, 2020  | person_outline claude

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