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MIDI Primer for DAWLESS - The MIDI Implementation Chart

I feel like Nu-Trix The Synth Guy just took a bullet for me. I've wanted to do a video that really dives into the nerdy technical details of MIDI, but I haven't for many reasons. The chief reason being that I have the attention span of a gnat, and would get bored halfway through the MIDI chart. But Nu-Trix perseveres and prevails!

Video Description:

MIDI Primer for DAWLESS - The MIDI implementation Chart.
MIDI has been around since 1983 and version 2.0 is coming in 2020, MIDI is here to stay! One of the important thing to understand to get the most of your DAWLESS system it the infamous MIDI implementation Chart. When trying to get 2 MIDI devices to interact together, understanding what the capacities and limits of each is crucial.

Get all the details of MIDI on the MIDI association Web Site : https://www.midi.org/

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Reader Comments 3

“Perseveres”; spelled with an s, rather than a c :-)
January 11, 2020  | person dysamoria
On January 11, 2020 - @dysamoria said:
“Perseveres”; spelled with an s, rather than a c :-)

LOL, thanks. English is hard!
On January 11, 2020 - @Tim Webb said:

LOL, thanks. English is hard!

It actually IS! :-D

I sucked at spelling (native speaker of American English) until some time in my 30s. The side-effect of having cleaned up my own spelling (probably from decades of being flagged or corrected by computers, when the tech works at all -looking at you, autocorrect) is that I notice the mistakes of others much more. It’s understandable on blogs. It’s inexcusable in print and professional publications.

Working with tiny text (still not digging the design of this site on iPhone), and touch screen keyboards (also tiny), and utterly unreliable autocorrection and spelling features... it drives me crazy. Depending on what website you’re on, autocorrect might do nothing at all, or actively break correct spelling. Your comment boxes seem to trigger inherent autocorrect bugs, for example. I cannot tap to correct a word that autocorrect chose to ignore for some reason, and autocomplete spontaneously fails to work. I see this on many forums. It’s like Apple don’t use the internet for communication... I sometimes wonder if they use their products at all...
January 12, 2020  | person dysamoria

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