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Roland Zenbeats Update

Roland Zenbeats was updated with SubTracks and a new Dedicated Routing Menu. The update also adds support for their new Roland A-88 MKII keyboard, which allegedly features MIDI 2.0 according to Sonic State.

What's new in Roland Zenbeats v1.1.0:

New Features
SubTracks: Enhanced support for multitimbral/multi-out instrument plugins making
Dedicated Routing Menu: We've moved all track routing options to a new channel strip menu above the fader
Roland A-88MKII Integration: Plug-and-play connectivity with the new Roland A-88MKII MIDI Keyboard Controller

Several bug/crash fixes
Full screen usage on iPad Pro models
iOS Bluetooth Audio Support

Reader Comments 7

Food for thought on that Roland controller.

Sounds like Roland is softlaunching the MIDI-CI part of MIDI 2.0 in the most casual (and possibly most convoluted) way possible.
If they're really going for MIDI 2.0 (and they might, they are Roland and have history in this regard!) I expect a more detailed announcement at NAMM. Just 9 days away!
There is everything so not "zen" about this product.

Mightn't it have been more fun (and honest) if they called it SatanicBeats?
January 07, 2020  | favorite_border stub
“MIDI 2.0 ready” doesn’t mean it has MIDI 2.0, or that it ever will. I hate hardware products being marketed with upgradeability, especially for new standards that are barely extant, because it’s historically an outright lie, or an abysmal and incomplete implementation that is never made right in that product’s lifecycle (because hardware companies are way more interested in selling the next product, not making the current one meet the -usually already shifty- marketing claims that tricked us into buying them in the first place). Been there. Done that.

I bet the hardware only technically supports MIDI 2.0 as a protocol (probably entirely via some MIDI 1.0 backwards compatibility mode), without properly providing any actual high resolution expressivity or control. Hell, even existing MIDI controllers barely provide all 128 steps of the current low-resolution MIDI 1.0 standard, so I can’t see MIDI 2.0 giving us anything new for a very long time.

Don’t forget: even if this thing actually gets a proper MIDI 2.0 implementation, it still needs there to be OTHER THINGS to communicate with, ALSO using MIDI 2.0. What else is there? Does any other hardware or computer software or OS provide the MIDI 2.0 specification? That’s why this thing will probably only ever be used in a MIDI 1.0 backwards-compatible manner.

I’ll keep my eye on these things, but I have zero expectation of MIDI 2.0 being taken up with any speed whatsoever, and even less trust that it will be adopted with any quality effort for a very long time. There isn’t any demand for it, and even some overt hostility toward the few people who do demand it. Most people don’t even see the point of MIDI 2.0, because they think MIDI 1.0 is good enough. Just TRY to get into a FUNCTIONAL conversation with someone on a forum about ACTUALLY USING 14-bit MIDI CC... I predict all you will get are a bunch of people quoting you technical standards about what 14-bit CC is in MIDI 1.0, instead of giving you actual practical examples or instructions on usage. I’ve been through this so many times I have a dogdamned chip on my shoulder about it.
January 08, 2020  | person dysamoria
The iOS and Android app unlocks are now free. Go to the unlock section of the store.
March 31, 2020  | person Bob
I'm liking Zenbeats and am happy we were given the gift of a free unlock. I didn't get it before because I didn't need another DAW, but the live record to timeline from the loop launcher feature is nice and unique to iOS DAWs. I'm finding it overall to have a good and fast work flow with a full feature set. I am sure there are somethings other DAWs do better, but there is a lot that is smoother for me on this one.

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