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New Year's Predictions 2020

I leave 2019 feeling pretty good about it. 2019 was a good year for me and I think we saw a lot of great new apps arrive throughout the year! I'm even more optimistic about 2020.

We are now deep into the 21st Century and I expect to see more people start to act like it. Our technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, but I think it is taking people a little longer to catch up. We've seen 90's and 80's nostalgia a lot in the last decade, and I'm hoping this next decade will see more originality. Or at least I sincerely hope we don't get 00's nostalgia with people dressing like Justin Timberlake at parties.

Before we look into the future to predict what 2020 holds, let's look back at our predictions for 2019.

Successful Predictions

Reader pineal wave got a twofer with his prediction that we'd seen new AUv3s from FabFilter, and that Korg would finally begin to embrace AUv3. It looked like he was only going to get half of that, but Korg updated Electribe Wave with AUv3 support in November!

Grammatonfeather and flamp successfully predicted that Samplr wouldn't get an update. It remains as it has since December 2014. It is easily the most-used abandoned-app. I see it in new YouTube videos weekly.

Laarz took a shot in the dark that I'd become tolerant to spam bots and adopt a progressive stance on the rights of Artificial Intelligence. He was surprisingly correct. The spam bots still get killed with extreme prejudice, but this year I went full technocrat. I've long believed that democracy had obsolesced in the last century, but in 2019 I became an AI Supremacist. Throughout history we've seen humanity fail to protect the rights of the disenfranchised. AI is already doing a better job of detecting cancer than Radiologists, so we will increasingly rely on AI to do the important work that we cannot depend on humans to get right. I think we can all agree that government is one of those areas that humans rarely, if ever, get right.

Failed Predictions

There were a bunch of you that were predicting that NanoStudio 2 would get Audio Tracks in 2019. Grammatonfeather was the only one to hedge against this.

Erik had high hopes for Apple and Roland to both take music making on iOS more seriously. Sadly they both failed to bring us Logix Pro X, or an official Roland TB-303 app.

BDBaker expected iOS 13 to "completely fuck up all audio apps that are now working on iOS 12" which was mercifully not the case. He picks up a double-fail here with his prediction that we'd get the elusive Loopy Pro in 2019.

Jack Frosto and Red Sky Lullably both thought Propellerheads might do something useful with Reason Compact, but it has mostly been a disappointment. Their latest update in October only changed their branding to reflect their new name, "Reason Studios". It hasn't been abandoned, but no one would look at this app and tell you that this is the Reason for iPad they wanted.

The biggest fail of all was my own prediction that Android would see any increasing relevance to music makers. I'm throwing in the towel on this perennial prediction. Just last week one of the die-hard Apple-haters I know finally dipped his toes into the iOS ecosystem after years of disappointment from Android.

What's Coming in 2019?

It is hard to make predictions when you're content and just want more of the same. Now that I've spent some time really thinking about it, I'm quite happy with the pace of apps we've seen in 2019. I hope that continues!

I expect to see Apple continue to waste more time and resources convincing people they should want watches, after decades of not even wearing watches, instead of doing a damn thing for the creative community. Eh, that doesn't really count as a prediction. That's a certainty. Let me look at my 2020 Crystal Ball. Okay I got one! Now that Behringer cloned all of the classic synths they'll turn their eyes to iOS, where they'll start cloning apps.

Open Mic: New Year's Predictions for 2020!

In the comments here please share your wildest predictions for what we'll see in 2020!

Reader Comments 17

2020 predictions:

1. More android users will move to iOS for music production
2. More huge plugin makers will launch AUv3 versions
3. More people will start using mice and monitors with their iPads
4. There will be a minimum of 3 Grammy nominations for songs produced on the iPad
5. Cubasis will support Ableton Link
I’m cautiously hoping that I can get my nascent personal network of a PC laptop, two iPads, and a an iPhone to consistently work as my own personal studio.
January 01, 2020  | person Paleosonic524
There may be at last a decent morphing app. I don't mean sound or parameter morphing, but actual music morphing, probably midi based. So you could play or choose one melody, then a second, and the app would gradually change one to the other.
Going back on some 2019 predictions, other things predicted came through, including MPE apps and an AUv3 version of D1.
My guess is that the pattern will continue. In fact, we already know that Bram is coming out with his first MPE app. Since he’s already had an influence on the AU MIDI world, i bet we’ll see at least three new AU MIDI plugins supporting MPE.
We probably won’t get anything with full MIDI 2.0 support. We’re still likely to get at least one other app trying to pave the way to “capability inquiry”, like Camelot Pro.
One of the major DAW makers apart from Steinberg, Apple, ImageLine, and Reason Studios will possibly release an iPadOS app. If so, it’ll disappoint people and languish for a few years unless something major makes it easier to bring projects across platforms. (Thinking of Bitwig, PreSonus, Tracktion, MOTU, Cuckos, and Ableton).
it’s quite likely that Apple will completely drop IAA so we can expect more AUv3 releases of previously IAA-only apps at the end of the year. This includes Korg and ”Arturia” (Retronyms) as well as Ampify x Novation.
We might be ready for a major software release from Apple, paving the way for the ARM Mac. Probably not a version of Logic Pro X on iPadOS. Maybe something like a simplified MainStage. Maybe even AUv3 versions of their instruments.
Hardware vendors (big ones like Roland as well as independent ones like Artiphon and Artinoise) will continue coming out with iOS apps to go with their devices. This time, we might even get some kind of integration between those.
Speaking of hardware, Apple will come out with a new way to require more dongles.
-Finally Brambo app will be released (hope 4th q of 2020) :D
-Will be much more generative apps which will produce ready to listen music. Add a character, bassline, bpm and play
-apps without auv3 will disappear or devs will rewrite the app again and sell as a different app with for example number 2
-IK Multimedia will release Wurlitzer with 150$ price :D
-2 more Sugar Bytes great app are comming
-at the end of 2020 we will still not know which direction KORG is going to go with their apps (auv3)
January 01, 2020  | person_outline Stan
MPE Editing in Sequencers (like Bitwig and Cubase).
Bitwig for iPad.
January 01, 2020  | person Plø
With the official adoption of MIDI 2.0 we will see exactly zero iOS synths that make use of the new spec. (That's a pretty easy one.)

We will see a new realtime pitch-to-MIDI app that will be fairly quick (perhaps AI based).

We will also see a new and fairly versatile physical modeling synth.
January 01, 2020  | favorite_border stub
Hoping for another big double-fail here: Audulus 4.0 will NOT be released in 2020.
And hoping for a successful prediction here: Jonatan Liljedahl will update AudioShare to include iCloud synchronization across devices.
January 02, 2020  | person BDBaker1958
Oh, one more - Doug Woods will make a video showing AUM running 487 apps simultaneously.
January 02, 2020  | person BDBaker1958
I’m just gonna drone on about the human psychology of tech-fear for a while here:

I agree that people have been slow to adopt new tech as of late. People are walking around with phones that are on par with a so-so laptop in their pockets, and what they use it for is twitter, insta and facebook..... literally web apps... I guess steve jobs was right to think that the majority would be totally fine with just html5 apps, no need for an app store....

It’s somewhat frustrating to watch hardware devs make amazing shit that no one really cares about. If Apple stuck an iPhone 7 cpu in their next phone, almost no one would notice. Their new fresh phone would feel snappier than their 2 year old iphone 7, and that would suffice to trick someone into thinking they’ve gotten their 1000 dollars worth...... that’s the price of a playstation and a decent TV..... or a pc with a fairly decent gfx card. Or like 3 new hobbies for the polymaths out there.

.. don’t even get me started on how everyone turned their backs on gaming and entertainment’s logical next step (and the path to the final platform for entertainment) Virtual Reality. (Ok, I’ve just set myself off!) There’s a level of hostility towards VR that even outshines the hatred of Tablets once they were introduced. Reactionary tech-conservatism is one of the things that really irritate the shit out of me. Just a buuuunch of people who have never tried VR who spend a surprizing amount of their time on Reddit trying to make VR lovers see the light..the light being that "what you think is fun isn’t fun because you look stupid using it!!!" or similar amazing arguments about the graphics being worse than on a 4k TV ... (same is obviously true for every handheld console ever made, and nontendo has sold literally hundreds of millions of them, and they are nearly universally loved...) or that, seeing as VR has 3d as a part of its natural feature set, that means it has to be a fad like 3d tv’s. I mean that’s just logical. ..at least if you’re a complete idiot who thinks 2d displays are what we’ll be using forever... 3d tv’s flopped because they were garbage. VR works and is amazing when games are made right. I’ll never shoot a gun or race any kind of vehicle on a TV ever again, 100% lost all interest in moving a reticule around with a mouse or pad.

VR isn’t for everyone. Tablets aren’t for everyone, but instinctual anger and hatred of new things(And people) really has to fucking stop right now. Don’t bring that shit into the next decade. Leave that fucking trash in the shitty 10s where it arose. If something angers you and you really don’t know what the fuck you’re really angry about, maybe don’t express that anger as factual statements trying to sway those in the know over to the side of blind disdain? Just advice to the people who might have spent a long time just fighting phantoms or shedding blood in the console wars, or spend a lot of time shitting on console games because bill gates is god(or whatever the PCMRs worship these days), being angry at everything new and any and all change. So yeah, prediction: people gonna keep on being shitty little luddites for a little while longer, but my hope is that they’ll snap out of it. The tides have changed for VR with the introduction of new hardware and games in 2019. The announcement of Half-life: Alyx caused all headsets to be sold out for xmas pretty much across the board. With luck, maybe the 20s will be the dawn of the metaverse? And maybe we can keep it free of garbage humans by separating the good and the bad people so that we, normal individuals, can finally have a place to go without having to deal with mouth breathing haters at every turn.

I also predict that the 90s will come back in a MAJOR way over the next 3 years before it fizzles. We’ve really only just begun to touch the 90s, and there is a lot left to explore. We don’t even really have a 90s inspired genre yet. Vaporwave is as close as it gets, and that ain’t it, Hoss, as the kids say. Almost no one has adopted 90s soundblasters and adlib card samples as a part of their sound. There’s not a lot of people taking inspiration from grunge or even acid. I think this will change. I’m not done with the 90s nostalgia yet. I just want the 90s excitement around VR to start kicking off as well, if only as an aesthetic choice for futuristic synth stuff.

Also, for apps, arturia will release more synths, particularly the Buchla Music Easel.
January 02, 2020  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
Don't know why but I predict a progressive coming back of guitars, basses, acoustic drums... I mean people (young people mostly) will start to be intrigued from real instruments, instead of only synths, drum machines and their digital counterparts. This is something we are experiencing already, but we will see more and more electronic music artists perform with full rock or jazz bands.
This will affect music genres.
Acoustics and electronics will fuse in a seamless way, creating new wonderful and organic sounds.
I sincerely hope, this will happen :)
January 02, 2020  | person belibat
Behringer has only begun to clone. There were more synths in days of yore than most folks remember, but as Behringer gets to more obscure ones (Octave Cat?) the market may begin to lose interest. Will the market sustain a Voyetra 8 clone? That's the really good one from Octave ...
January 02, 2020  | person Roikat
I was dead on with the Fab Filter AUV3s in 2019, not so much with Korg supporting AUV3. I was predicting that Gadget would include AUV3 so I kind of failed with that one. Last year was an incredible year for iOS music production.

I predict in 2020,

1. Apple will either include automation in GargaBand or create a Logic Pro X iOS version with less features than the computer version.

2. Cubasis 3 will go on sale for $24.99

Not many predictions from me this year.
January 02, 2020  | person Pinealwave
My 2020 predictions:

Auria will get midi loop so you can actually record in loop mode. I might be saying that wrong since I gave up trying to do midi recording in there ages ago.

NanoStudio 2 will get audio tracks.

Korg will release the Triton for the ipad.

Logic will have a stripped down version for ipad.
January 02, 2020  | person_outline Shawn McClure
My 2020 predictions:

All Gospel Musicians apps get external drive support, following Neo-Soul Keys Studio 2.
SampleTank gets AUv3 and external drive support (yes, there's a theme here).
GarageBand gets external drive support (Apple at least should be supporting this) and a sampler device.
Gadget supports MPE and AUv3.
Cubasis 3 supports MPE.
Moog drops a Moog One app.
I’m comfortably betting that Discchord will still be the best site for anything to do with iPad / iPhone music-making. Happy New Year Tim! So many years, and still so much joy. Thanks for doing what you do.
January 02, 2020  | person nreyes
Also, more devs will experiment with In-App Purchases, subscription, and ad-supported “free” apps, to the point that the Discchord app database will classify them separately, avoiding confusing and preserving the site’s spotless reputation for calling things as they are.

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