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Les Productions Zvon: A Christmas Fantasy Giveaway

Sound Designer Les Productions Zvon is offering up 5 copies of his Winter themed packs to discchord readers! Comment on this post for a chance to win! Winners will get both Memory Collection 09 and Memory Collection 04. You can hear parts of both in this goofy demo video! You can also buy them for 50% off right now.

Contest closed! Congratulations to SuperFlyEDSguy, Humbuzz, beezer, Nonny Moose, and Rodrigo Fróes!

There's also an example of Memory Collection 09 being processed in QVox.

Video Description:

All the sounds are from Memory Collection 09 - Sounds from Christmas Past / Winter Holidays. This audio montage was made in Cubasis 2.

Screenshots from ads, TV shows and movies featured in Memory Collection packs 04 and 09 are sprinkled over the playback of the sequence. Both have a Christmas theme. Note that the image quality of the source videos is often poor.

MC 04 contains 612 samples (740 MB) from a from Public Domain toy advertisements, TV shows, movies and shorts.
MC 09 contains 1,305 samples (589 MB) from 15 Public Domain TV shows and 29 ads (including 14 toy ads) from the 50's and 60's. Most of TV shows are Christmas or New Year's Eve specials but two were regular episodes.
Both are currently on sale, MC 04 is only $5.00 and MC 09 is $3.50 USD!

These samples can be a lot of fun and can be used not only for the Winter Holidays but also all year round due to the wide variety of the sounds.
They include voice/spoken word/dialogs, sfx/foley and music (Christmas and other).

Visit this page for more info and free demo samples, all MC packs are currently 50% off:


Contest Entries 12

I think My previous comment went wrong, so I’m writing here again. :)
December 23, 2019  | stars Rodrigo Fróes
Ho Ho Ho!
December 23, 2019  | stars Nonny Moose
Sounds good...just cute wnough
December 23, 2019  | stars Humbuzz
December 23, 2019  | person Oxbig6900
Very lo-fi but stylish
December 23, 2019  | favorite_border eVr
Fingers crossed :)
December 23, 2019  | stars SuperFlyEDSguy
Jingle jangle and a ho ho hizzy
These samples are fly and they make me dizzy.
December 23, 2019  | stars beezer
Awesome - thanks for the giveaway! Happy holidays!
December 23, 2019  | favorite_border rdiakur
Chilling and haunting. Goosebumps.
December 23, 2019  | person 888visuals
Lovely. Yes please!
December 23, 2019  | person jimmyp
I like the 1990s look & feel to the Zvon website. It's in keeping with the retro aesthetic. :)
December 23, 2019  | person kidslow
Zvon's collections are always interesting
December 24, 2019  | person bcomnes

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