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Broken Place AR by Anthony Burchell

Anthony Burchell released Broken Place AR, an augmented reality app that lets you surround yourself with virtual gear. This looks like it may be a bit rudimentary for readers here, but I wanted to highlight its potential. Pokemon Go got a whole lot of people who didn't play Pokemon to start playing Pokemon. An app like Broken Place may spark a generation's interest in music making, and starting them off on mobile devices!

Broken Place AR App Store Description:

Broken Place AR is an augmented reality music app. Surround yourself in synthesizer and groove box interfaces using your phone as a window into the virtual music space. Broken Place AR brings a new and exciting way to interact with music. Sound manipulation is generative making every experience unique. Even the slightest user input wildly randomizes the groove of sound on every interaction. iOS devices iPhone 6s or newer.

The music interface mechanics have been designed with great care to ensure that only one hand is needed to play. With a click/hold/rotate gesture, users are able to manipulate music parameters mapped to the sound patch. Many more improvements in this pursuit will be released as time goes on.

Version 1.0 brings 2 song patches. Many more are in the works, so stay tuned for updates!

Reader Comments 2

I am an ENORMOUS fan of VR, and we will at some point get a VST host for VR which will let us just scale up whatever software we want and dragit into VR. Over time, vst devs will add VR mode to their VSTs by adding 3D elements for stuff like buttons.

People have been talking about this for a while, but it has not yet come to reality. I would love the hell out of Arturia’s music easel clone in VR... that’s not even mentioning the visualizers and "VJ" stuff you could come up with in a full on VR world. (Dreams for PSVR is going to give us the ability to make our own synths in VR if we are clever enough. (dreams is a full on game engine with music tools and all, Getting VR support sometime 2020.)

Imogen Heap did a concert in VR a year ago, and it was supposedly kinda amazing. Par for the course with Imogen..

Anyways, digital realms are incredibly exciting and people who have an instinctual aversion to this level of tech awesomeness are missing out on something every bit as radical as when games went 3D in the early/mid 90s. It’s a time of tummyrumbling excitement for the nerdliest of us.
December 21, 2019  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
Pop a Dramadine®, strap-in for a 20 minute jam, then take a six hour nap.

This is a fascinating alternative to menu diving-- menu swerving? swiveling? swerveling?

You get lots of GUI on a small screen by being able to pan around the room. And you have a very visceral sense of the organization of elements, 'cuz it's a faux physical rack. I love that you could (in theory) stroll over and enjoy a cup of coffee on some side table while you listen to your track go along. I suppose you could even look at a newspaper with an actual news feed. Weird. But to employ the new catch-phrase in our house, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves."
December 21, 2019  | favorite_border stub

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