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AudioKit L7 by Coda Labs Incorporated & AudioKit

AudioKit and Coda Labs just released AudioKit L7! This is a live looper based on the RC-505 Loop Station. You can record up to 16 loop tracks, and apply up to 8 built-in effects per track. AudioKit L7 arrives with Audiobus and Ableton Link.

AudioKit L7 App Store Description:

L7 is the ultimate live looper for iOS.

Inspired by the Roland Boss RC-505 Loop Station, L7 packs dozens of features previously only found in professional hardware loopers into a sleek, easy to use package with virtually unlimited creative potential.

- Record up to 16 tracks
- 8 effects per track + master effects & input effects
- Pan
- Reverb
- Tremolo
- Tempo delay
- Pitch shift (± 12 semitones)
- Comb filter
- High pass filter
- Low pass filter
- Voicetune with 144 different 
scales, control amount & speed
- Automatically trigger effect changes hands-free
- Variable loop length with auto-stop
- Mute / unmute individual sections of a track
- Overdub tracks
- Save sessions and export to your favorite DAW
- Import audio from any file format (wav, mp3, aiff, m4a, etc.)
- Audiobus compatible
- Sync with other apps using Ableton Link
- Works with most USB audio interfaces
- Best with wired headphones

Red Sky Lullaby tested AudioKit L7 out with a bunch of other apps as the input sources. Embedded here is the official AudioKit demo featuring Bosko Kante and his ElectroSpit talkbox.

Reader Comments 7

No MIDI. Can’t use your AUV3’s. Not itself AUV3. Price is cheap, for now, but I have other loopers that are far more capable. The AutoTune feature might be fun, but I already have AutoTune on iOS, and it rocks.
I think I will pass on this.
Does anyone know if it is Open Source? Because if it is, I would need to reconsider.
December 11, 2019  | person burnalot
I have a hate-hate relationship with loopers and looping generally. I'm not dissing the artists themselves, some artists do wonderful things with looping (Reggie Watts!). And there are useful things that come from it as a training tool. I suppose it has more to do with my attention span, probably.

Seems like there are lots of loopers, so it is not clear whether they all do pretty much the same thing, but with different concepts of GUI. How is this different from Loopy, for example?
December 11, 2019  | favorite_border stub
That’s the thing...attention span. But it IS a genre, which means it will fall in and out of fashion, but it’s not going away.
December 11, 2019  | person burnalot
Just purchased The App. I only played with it a bit but it looks great. Lots to it. Can’t beat the price - a cup of coffee. Loopers are a lot of fun.
December 12, 2019  | person_outline NoOffenseBut
I consider it a donation to the Audiokit project.
I also got this looper to play with
December 14, 2019  | person Trilobyte
Missed the edit window: I DO hope AUv3 is the future for L7, very much so.
December 14, 2019  | person Trilobyte
On December 14, 2019 - @Trilobyte said:
I consider it a donation to the Audiokit project.

That's a good point.
December 16, 2019  | favorite_border stub

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