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5 Apps Musicians Need to Improve

While I focus on apps that make music, Sebastian Ruzycki showcases some apps that make musicians! Or at least help make musicians practice and improve.

Video Description:

In this video I describe what apps I use to help me practice. You do not have to use these specific apps, but these are the apps that work best for me.

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As far as metronomes and tuners go, I am both picky and obsessed, and I have ... um... many.

Available for android and iOS, by far my favorite tuner is:

PitchLab (the iOS version is called PitchLab Guitar Tuner) from Karl Morton-- it is a wonderful, responsive tuner. The unlock includes several very useful modes. Essential!

My my favorite metronomes for Android are:

Metronome Beats Pro from Stonekick- best all-around metronome. Easy to use, feature-packed.

Metronomics from John Nastos -- when you want to hear and learn any tuplet. Very flexible, not especially "pretty" or user friendly, but works great. No tempo change functions for training.

Metronome- keuwl -- free, no ads, has good features. 10ths of a BMP resolution, both in tempo settings, and for BPM changes (speeding up and slowing down).

Tempo (Frozen Ape)- decent feature set, pretty GUI. I like their "Tempo Advance" better, but that version is iOS only.

I don't really have a favorite iOS metronome. I mostly use my Android phone for that. I do have a bunch of metronomes, and they're all just fine. You have to figure out what features you need. I wish Metronome Beats Pro (or similar) was available for iOS. FWIW, I think the LumBeat Drum Machines (like Future Drums) are great metronomes for iOS.
December 07, 2019  | favorite_border stub
On December 07, 2019 - @stub said:
FWIW, I think the LumBeat Drum Machines (like Future Drums) are great metronomes for iOS.
Yeah, a simple drum machine is the only metronome I have ever wanted or needed. Pop in whatever tempo and time I'm working with, throw some kicks on the 1s and away I go. I almost never leave 4/4 territory, so I guess maybe I'd feel differently if I were doing something more complex.
@Tim Webb

That's what's nice about the LumBeat drum machines: super flexible, time-sigs, and beat-divisions (any part, any beat).

Some students need tempo ramps to work on difficult parts. I don't know if you can do that with LumBeat drum machines.
December 08, 2019  | favorite_border stub

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